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Leader pool
While some events and diplomatic options may give leaders, the most common way to get leaders is to recruit them from the leader pool. There is one pool for each type of leader, other than Rulers, who cannot be recruited directly. The default size of the pool is 3, but this can be increased by the {{iconify|Meritocracy}} or {{iconify|Pooled Knowledge}} civics.
A leader can be recruited from the pool for a base cost of 200 {{iconify|energy credits}}., modifier by the following:{| class="mildtable"! Source! Cost|-| {bonus table{iconify|Eager}} leader recruitment costtrait| {{green|collapse=yes-50%}}|-| {{icon|eager}} Newboot leader trait| {{green|-50%}}|-| {{iconify|Adaptive Bureaucracy|24px}} technology| {{green|-20%}}|-| {{icon|policy}} ''Selected Lineages'' Leader Enhancement policy| {{red|+50%}}|-| {{icon|policy}} ''Capacity Boosters'' Leader Enhancement policy| {{red|+100%}}|}
When a leader is recruited, a replacement in the leader pool is generated immediately. Thus, it is possible (though potentially expensive) to "re-roll" leaders in the pool by recruiting and immediately dismissing leaders. Alternatively, leaders in the pool are replaced automatically after 10 years.
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