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War Doctrine: right icons
|- id="Hit and Run"
| '''Hit and Run'''
| {{icon|ship speeddisengagement chance}} {{green|+33%}} Combat Disengagement Chance<br>{{green|-25%}} Emergency FTL Damage Risk
| ''A superior foe can be gradually whittled down by repeated hit and run attacks. The killing blow is delivered only when the odds are favorable.''
|- id="No Retreat"
| '''No Retreat'''
| {{icon|ship speeddisengagement chance}} {{red|+100%}} Disengagement Chance Reduction<br>{{icon|ship speed}} {{red|+50%}} Emergency FTL Jump Cooldown<br>{{icon|fire rate}} {{green|+33%}} Fire Rate
| {{icon|Militarist}}{{icon|Fanatic Militarist}} Militarist or {{iconify|Gestalt Consciousness}}
| ''Our ships are expected to fight to the bitter end. We will tolerate no withdraws, no retreats, no routs. For our fleet there is only victory or death. Not one step back!''
Halfop, ck3beta