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Ancient Relics

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| id= JWrLBKcuzfEslyHQoGde68| description= Stellaris: Ancient Relics story pack, a sneak peak with feature breakdown by Stellaris' game director Daniel "Grekulf" Moregård and Niklas "Blondie" Johansson.
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'''Ancient Relics''' is the 4th [[DLC#Expansions|story pack]] for Stellaris. It was announced on 2019-05-14<ref>Forum, [[forum:1177086|Stellaris: Ancient Relics Announcement Trailer]], 2019-05-14</ref> and is to be released on 2019-06-04<ref>Forum, [[forum:1182646|Stellaris: Ancient Relics - Release Information]], 2019-06-04</ref>. The story pack is accompanied by the free 2.3 patch.
== Expansion features ==

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