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Technology cost: Updated with the 2.2 mechanics tried into Administrative Capacity
== Technology cost ==
As a game progresses, research option choices will begin to include progressively more advanced and correspondingly more expensive technologies.
Each technology has a ''base cost'' associated with it which scales in relation to that applies as long as an empire does not exceed its Administrative Capacity. Once that happens the empire's size - number research cost will be increased by {{red|0.3%}} for each point of colonized planets and owned systemsexceeded Administrative Capacity.
This means that while overall an empire's research capabilities will increase with additional planets and systems, it will do so with increasingly diminishing returns for every new addition; Meaning, a larger empire will have to invest more resources than a smaller one to gain the same tech. This allows for empires of a somewhat differing size to keep a "relative" technological parity.
Research cost is formulated as follows:
<math>\text{Research cost} = \text{Base cost}\, \cdot\, \left(1\, +\, 0.01\, \cdot\, \text{Owned systems}\, +\, 0.05\, \cdot\, \text{Owned colonies} \right)</math>
; Example
An empire is researching {{icon|Global Energy Management|21px}} Global Energy Management (750 base cost). Aside from its home system, it owns 2 other systems and 1 colony.
<math>\text{Research cost} = 750\, \cdot\, \left(1\, +\, 0.01\, \cdot\, 2\, +\, 0.05\, \cdot\, 1\right) =\, 802.5</math>
Note that an empire's capital does ''not'' count towards the total number of owned colonies or systems in the formula.
== Research progress ==
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