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Ancient Relics

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Free features: Updated free features to include content from Jamie's post here:
== Free features ==
 * <small> ''Prior Content Relic Rework: Many things from previous game content have been reworked to use the new Relics system. Among several others, you can gain the Isolated Contingency Core or the Prethoryn Brood Queen as symbols of your triumph. * Sector Redesign and Automation: Sectors have been greatly improved in 2.3, allowing the player more control over how and where they are formed, as well as giving more robust automation tools to let them run themselves if you want to focus on the bigger picture. * Planet Designation: You can now choose to manually set a planet designation (Agri-World, Forge World, etc), focusing production on different resource outputs. There is now a shared automated development stockpile that you can pay in to and allow planets to set their own build orders. * Megastructure Improvements: Habitats gain different effects based on the type of celestial body they inhabit. Ring Worlds gain specialized, highly efficient districts. * Other Stuff** 2.3 is now a 64 Bit application. Support for 32 Bits is deprecated, but you can roll back to 2.2.7 if you want to be addedplay on such hardware.** Precursors no longer spawn in a pre-selected pie slice of the galaxy** Added a menu option at game start to disable Caravaneer fleets if you don''</small>t want those sweet, sweet deals** Added a randomize button when renaming planets** Rogue Servitors can now build a variant of leisure districts on habitats to entertain their bio-trophies in space
== Dev diaries ==

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