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Beginner's guide

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Planetary Development
=== Planetary Development ===
A newly colonized planet will have a weak production as the population of the planet will be low, and thus the output will be low. A planet’s population will grow over time and the growth rate can be boosted with edicts, technology, decisions, and buildings. All pops must have a job or they will become unemployed, thus contributing to higher crime, lower stability, and an increased usage of planetary resources. Jobs are created through creating generator/mining/agriculture districts and/or creating buildings in an available building slot that is unlocked at higher populations.With regards to generator/mining/agriculture districts, they produce the same number as jobs as housing whereas City districts produce more housing than jobs (5 housing, 1 job) to provide housing for pops to work buildings etc (though this is effected affected by Traditions, Ethics and Policies). It is recommended to grow a colony's population as quickly as possible all the while making sure the pops needs are met, such as employment, housing, and amenities. One strategy a player might use is resettling pops from the player's homeworld to the new colony to boost the initial population. As with most things in Stellaris, this will give a boost but also comes with a price. Resettling costs energy credits to do and your homeworld can get a growth de-buff from the pops leaving. Additionally, a player should be sure that the new colony has the housing, jobs, and amenities to support the influx of new pops. Bottom line is, the more pops the more production. Take care of your pops.
=== Maintaining a strong military ===
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