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[[File:L-Cluster.png|thumb|320px|L-Cluster outside of a Huge-sized elliptical galaxy]]
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Some Black Hole systems are home to L-Gates. These heavily modified [[FTL#Gateways|gateways]] cannot be activated without with the {{iconify|Gateway Activation|24px}} technology. Upon first encountering one, the L-Cluster entry will be added to the Situation Log, requiring the collection of 7 L-Gate Insights. Insights can be obtained from investigating anomalies, defeating certain enemies, researching the rare L-Gate Insight repeatable {{iconify|Voidcraft}} technology or asking the [[Spaceborne_aliens#Curators|Curator Order]] for an insight every decade ({{red|-5000}} {{iconify|Energy}}).
Once 7 L-Gate Insights have been collected, the technology {{iconify|L-Gate Activation|24px}} will become available for research. The empire will have to own a system with an L-Gate before it can access the L-Cluster. Finally, a [[Events#Special_projects|special project]] will be added to activate the L-Gate, taking 180 days for a science ship to open the gate.

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