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Species rights

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Undo revision 40929 by Kami-sama (talk) - This information is incorrect, as there are two such jobs that battle thralls cannot do: Colonist and Overseer. Reverting to correct information.
* {{iconify|Utopia}} DLC
* Not {{iconify|Gestalt Consciousness}}
| Battle Thralls have no bonuses to resource production, but make excellent soldiers for local Armies. They cannot perform {{iconify|Ruler}} or {{iconify|Specialist}} Jobs except those that create {{icon|defense army}} Defense Armies, with the exception of working as Duelists, Enforcers, and Soldiers.
''Battle thralls are weaponized serfs, often trained from birth in the martial arts and conditioned for absolute obedience. In exchange for unquestioning military service, they are granted much more autonomy than other slaves and can be employed in a greater variety of jobs.''

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