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Chor's Compass: Exact time for reliquary cooldown. Search events\caravaneer_events.txt for "lootboxed_recently" for script details.
The Caravaneer Citadel in this System acts as the return point for the caravan fleets and an intergalactic Casino. Should the station be destroyed but at least one caravan fleet still be alive, they will ask to re-establish it in a random uncolonized system claimed by an empire, as close to their original one as possible. If the empire accepts it will lose control of the system but gain {{green|+5%}} {{iconify|Trade Value}}.
The Caravaneers use a unique resource called '''CaravanCoinz''', which can be bought in bulks of 8k, 12k and 26k with {{iconify|Energy Credits}}. The options are equally efficient. Those can be used to either play Slots or open a Reliquary. Reliquaries restock approximately every one and a half years (it's slightly closer to 17 months)500 days.
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