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Alternatives to terraforming
It is possible to terraform inhabited planets if you have the technology {{icon|Ecological Adaptation|24px}} Ecological Adaptation. Doing so gives a -20% happiness penalty to the planet.
== Cost reduction ==
The World Shaper [[Traditions#Ascension_Perks|Ascension Perk]] doubles the terraforming Speed.
'''{{iconify|Terraforming gases|26px}}''' and '''{{iconify|Terraforming liquids|26px}}''' both reduce the energy credit cost of terraforming by {{green|-25%}} each, stacking for a {{green|-50%}} cost reduction. Ruler trait {{iconify|World Shaper}} decreases terraforming cost by a further {{green|-15%}}. Finishing the Prosperity [[Tradition]] cuts the cost by another {{green|-33%}}, for a total possible cost reduction of up to 98%.
== Alternatives to terraforming ==

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