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Species rights

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Military service
== Military service ==
Military Service determines a species' right to join the police or military and whether or not they can become commanding officersmilitary leaders.(Bio Trophies are exempt)
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! Type
! EffectEffects
! Notes
! Description
|- id="Full Military Service"
| '''Full Military Service'''
| Species can * Can produce [[Armies]], [[or take {{iconify|Soldier}} or {{iconify|Enforcer}} Jobs* Can produce Admirals and Generals]] and [[Admirals]]
* Cannot grant to aliens if {{icon|Xenophobe}}{{icon|Fanatic Xenophobe}} Xenophobe.
|- id="Soldiers Only"
| '''Soldiers Only'''
| Species can only * Can produce [[Armies]]or take {{iconify|Soldier}} or {{iconify|Enforcer}} Jobs* Cannot produce Admirals and Generals
| ''They make excellent soldiers - but command is better left to others.''
|- id="Exempt"
| '''Exempt'''
| Species cannot * Cannot produce military [[Leaders]], be used in [[Armies]], or take the enforcer {{iconify|Soldier}} or soldier job.{{iconify|Enforcer}} Jobs* Cannot produce Admirals and Generals
| ''They serve better away from the battlefield.''
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