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Habitats: sites
Artificial planets in all but name, habitats have a {{iconify|planet size}} of 6 to work coupled with {{green|70%}} {{iconify|habitability}} for all species. Its appearance is dependent on the builders' empire appearance. The constructed habitat still requires [[colonization]].
Habitats may be built over any world except a moon or asteroid. It doesn't matter if the world is colonized, but they can't be built alongside an existing mining or research station. (You can disband/dismantle the station to make the site available.) Habitats have a unique set of Districts distinct from normal planetary ones. Up to 3 Districts are shared among all Habitats, with a fourth one being available if the Habitat is built above a planet with a resource deposit. Generator Districts are available for energy deposits, Mining Districts are available for mineral and alloy deposits (which are added as a rare feature to the habitat), and research districts become available for any celestial bodies that provide research boosts. The districts are only capped by the maximum amount of districts for that station (6 or 8, see below). Habitats built above a strategic resource allow building a Crystal Mine, Gas Extraction Well, or Mote Harvesting Trap to exploit them.
The project takes {{red|5}} years to complete and costs a total of {{red|200}} {{iconify|influence}} and {{red|3000}} {{iconify|alloys}}. Unlike other megastructures habitats do not require a construction site and are finished in one go by the construction ship.

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