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Species identity
== Species identity ==
At galaxy generation species are divided into species phenotype archetype groups, parent species and sub-species.
Species phenotype archetype groups are composed of species with similar observable characteristics, including its morphology or physical form and structure, its developmental processes and its biochemical and physiological properties.
There are, at the moment, 9 different species groups. In Stellaris, species phenotype archetype group focus only on external characteristics and does not get into more biological details.
A parent species is the first spawned species of its kind (a ''kind'' is defined by its species portrait and name). A sub-species is created when a pop modification template is applied to a parent species or another sub-species and is considered to be the same species for the purposes of xenophobia, xenophilia and species rights.
Species within the same phenotype archetype group will be less affected by xenophobia and xenophilia, with the effect increasing if they share the same portrait.
== List of species archetypes ==
Halfop, ck3beta

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