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Diplomatic Stance
! Effects
! Requirements
! style="width:35%" | Description
|- id="Cooperative"
| [[File:Diplomatic stance cooperative.png]] '''Cooperative'''
* {{icon|diplomatic weight}} {{green|+25%}} Diplomatic Weight
| ''This empire will attempt to find common ground and negotiate with other empires in the name of friendship.''
|- id="Expansionist"
| [[File:Diplomatic stance expansionist.png]] '''Expansionist'''
* {{icon|spaceport build cost}} {{green|-10%}} Outpost Build Cost
| ''This empire seeks to grow peacefully, but has no specific diplomatic focus.''
|- id="Isolationist"
| [[File:Diplomatic stance isolationist.png]] '''Isolationist'''
* {{icon|administrative cap}} {{green|+15%}} Administrative Capacity
| ''This empire wishes to be left alone to their own affairs.''
|- id="Belligerent"
| [[File:Diplomatic stance belligerent.png]] '''Belligerent'''
* {{icon|war exhaustion}} {{green|-10%}} War Exhaustion Gain
| ''This empire will attempt to bully weaker empires into submission to their will.''
|- id="Supremacist"
| [[File:Diplomatic stance supremacy.png]] '''Supremacist'''
* {{icon|diplomatic weight}} {{green|+100%}} Diplomatic Weight from Fleet Power
| ''This empire demands that all will bow before them.''
|- id="Mercantile"
| [[File:Diplomatic stance mercantile.png]] '''Mercantile'''
* {{icon|diplomatic weight}} {{green|+25%}} Diplomatic Weight from Economy
| ''This empire desires the facilitation of trade above all else.''
|- id="Purification"
| [[File:Diplomatic stance withdrawn.png]] '''Purification'''
| {{iconify|Fanatic Purifiers}} civic
| ''This empire believes that enemies exist solely to be destroyed, and that they are the ones chosen to do so.''
|- id="Hunger"
| [[File:Diplomatic stance rest.png]] '''Hunger'''
| {{iconify|Devouring Swarm}} civic
| ''This empire hungers and consumes.''
|- id="Extermination"
| [[File:Diplomatic stance recompiling.png]] '''Extermination'''
| {{iconify|Determined Exterminator}} civic
| ''This empire's purpose is to destroy all biological life.''
|- id="Dormant"
| [[File:Diplomatic stance isolationist.png]] '''Dormant'''
| Fallen Empire
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