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Fallen empire

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Guardians of the Galaxy
=== Guardians of the Galaxy ===
When an endgame Crisis occurs a Fallen Empire can awaken after 5 years with the declared goal of ending said crisisCrisis. If one of them has already awakened before the crisisCrisis, they will become guardians as soon as the crisis starts. Guardians have protecting the galaxy as their sole goal. If the Empire awakened before the crisis they will stop their vassalization plans and attempt to rally the galaxy insteadas well. Only one Guardian Awakening can occur.  Guardians of the Galaxy will always agree to form or join a Federation no matter what opinion they held before the awakening.Once the Crisis has been defeated the Guardian empire will leave the current Federation and become a regular empire. The chances for a Guardian Awakening are the following:* 60% chance either the Enigmatic Observers or the Keepers of Knowledge awaken.''The * 15% chance for any both Fallen Empire to Empires awaken . If only one of them is rolled outside of moddable code, as such no details about the chances can be givenpresent it will awaken alone.* 25% chance neither Fallen Empire awakens.''
Only the Enigmatic Observers, Keepers of Knowledge, and Ancient Caretakers can become Guardians. The Holy Guardians or the Militant Isolationists will never awaken as guardians and should they have awakened before the crisis, they will continue with their domination plan instead.
* Crisis Fighter ({{green|+50}} {{iconify|Opinion}})
* No modifier
Once the crisis has been defeated the Guardian empire will leave the current Federation and become a regular empire.
The Ancient Caretakers will not awaken as Guardians if the Prethoryn Scourge or Extradimensional Invaders crisis occurs. However they are guaranteed to awaken if the Contingency crisis occurs and will in that case activate right after the sterilization hubs come online. This happens independently from the Guardian awakening mechanics, making it possible for another up to three Fallen Empire Empires to awaken as well, resulting in two guardian empires appearing.
=== Upstart awakening ===
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