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Fallen empire

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<section begin=intro/>[[File:Enigmatic Observers.png|320px|right|thumb|Enigmatic Observers finishing a battlecruiser]]
[[Fallen empire]]s are vestigial remnants of millennia old, extremely powerful empires that have become chronically stagnant and decadent over the ages.
== Sleeping Empires ==
All Fallen Empires begin the game in Sleeping status. Despite their complete development and immense power, the Fallen Empires will remain passive, staying in their borders and will not do anything unless provoked. They have the [[File:Civic lethargic leadership.png|24px]] Lethargic Leadership and [[File:Civic empire in decline.png|24px]] Empire In Decline [[civics]], which prevents them from colonizing and conquering worlds or building new ships. However they will get new fleets yearly through an event if their Fleet Power is low and they are at peace (8 Battlecruisers and 10 Escorts).
Unlike other AI empires - which require the completion of a special research project before communication is established - Fallen Empires will instantly contact empires who unwittingly enter their space, seemingly having been aware of the empire before it left its home system.
| Random {{iconify|Engineering}} technology
| {{iconify| Scion Origin}} origin
| Random {{iconify|Physics}} technology
| {{iconify| Scion Origin}} origin
| Random {{iconify|Society}} technology
| {{iconify| Scion Origin}} origin
| 3000 {{iconify|Alloys}}
| {{iconify| Scion Origin}} origin
| 4000 {{iconify|Alloys}}
| {{iconify| Scion Origin}} origin
| 5000 {{iconify|Alloys}}
| {{iconify| Scion Origin}} origin
| 3000 {{iconify|Consumer Goods}}
| {{iconify| Scion Origin}} origin
| 4000 {{iconify|Consumer Goods}}
| {{iconify| Scion Origin}} origin
| 5000 {{iconify|Consumer Goods}}
| {{iconify| Scion Origin}} origin
| Level 7 Fallen Empire leader
| {{iconify| Scion Origin}} origin
| 1 battlecruiser and 3 escorts
| {{iconify| Scion Origin}} origin
== Awakened Empires ==
If sufficiently provoked, a Fallen Empire might awaken and turn into an Awakened Empire. Awakened Empires stop being passive and make a bid to dominate the galaxy or defend it from a Crisis (based on the form of Awakening). Awakened Empires have considerable technological and starting resource advantages even compared to mid- or late-game empires, and thus their awakening can have drastic consequences for a game in progress but can also make them one of the best guardian forces in the galaxy.
Decadence is a mechanic affecting Awakened Empires to prevent them from establishing a permanent hegemony over weaker empires. 20 years after a Fallen Empire has awakened it will start to accumulate Decadence. Decadence increases in increments of 2 and has a 0.5% chance to increase each month for each planet the Awakened Empire or its subjects possesses. Once Decadence reaches 100 it imparts the following penalties:
* {{red|-66%}} Job Resource Production
* x2 Vassal opinion penalty for having less fleet power than all of them combined
* {{red|-25%}} Ship Weapon Damage, Ship HP and Shield HP (stacks with any penalties caused by resource shortages, if present)
* {{red|+100%}} Vassal opinion penalty for having less fleet power than all of them combined
=== Guardians of the Galaxy ===
* The game reaches end game year, they are not at war, and their total combined Fleet Power is above 40k.
* A default empire is getting too strong (above 50k Fleet Power with all fleets combined) or has conquered a Fallen Empire world.
* This awakening can only happen once.* It cannot happen if a Guardian of the Galaxy No other Fallen Empire has already awakened.
* The event has a MTTH of 50 years modified as following:
** x0.5 if a default empire has more the 75k Fleet Power with all fleets combined.
** x0.1 if a default empire owns a formerly Fallen Empire-controlled world.
** If there is more than one Fallen Empire in the game, the time is multiplied by the number of Fallen Empires (it is unclear if that includes no longer existing ones). This offsets the increased chance for one of them to awaken due to higher total numbers.
Note that because having a fleet power above 75k is essentially prerequisite to conquering a Fallen Empire's world(s), doing so effectively reduces the MTTH of any fallen empire awakening to 25 years.
Every empire near an The Awakened Empire will receive have the {{red|Imperious}} attitude towards any nearby empire and send a request for the empire to become a subjecttheir unique Subject type. Refusing the request will add {{red|-200}} {{iconify|Opinion}} towards the Awakened Empire and cause them to declare war shortly afterwards. 
{| class="wikitable"
! Awakened Empire !! Original Fallen Empire !! Subject !! Can become Guardians
| Benevolent Interventionists
| Enigmatic Observers
| Signatory: No diplomatic autonomy, purges or slavery , but the Benevolent Interventionists will join the war should subjects be attacked
| {{icon|yes}}
If the Doctrinal Enforcers defeat a Sleeping Empire in war, they will change the Sleeping Empire's ethics to {{iconify|Fanatic Spiritualist}}, causing them to turn into a Holy Guardians Sleeping Fallen Empire.
If an empire owns the [[File:R severed head.png|24px]] Head of Zarqlan Relic they will have enough {{iconify|Opinion}} to refuse becoming a Dominion without risking war. Likewise, they can colonize Holy Worlds without angering the Holy Guardians.
==== War in Heaven ====
* Join the Second Awakened Empire
* Pick neither side
* Subject empires or of both regular and Awakened empires will always follow their Overlord
Choices and AI Weighting:
Shortly after the War in Heaven starts the president of the most powerful Federation will be offered the chance to rename their Federation into the ''League of Non-Aligned Powers''. If the empire refuses the president of the next most powerful Federation will be offered the option.
If all Federation presidents refuse then each month the independent, Non-Genocidal empire that has the most Fleet Power and is at peace with the Awakened Empires will be offered the chance to form a ''League of Non-Aligned Powers'' Federation. If the empire refuses the next most powerful empire will be offered the option. If the empire accepts a level 3 Federation will be created.
If an AI empire is offered to form the ''League of Non-Aligned Powers'' Federation there is a 99% chance it will accept.
After the leader has been picked all independent Empires, including those that declined leadership before, are offered one chance to join the Federation. Afterwards, joining requires the usual Federation Diplomacy approaches. Empires that are Rivals of the Federation president are not offered to join. Members of the League of Non-Aligned Powers get a temporary {{green|+200}} {{iconify|Opinion}} to and from each other.
Empires that are {{icon|fanatic purifiers}}{{icon|devouring swarm}}{{icon|determined exterminator}} genocidal or have the Metalheads personality will never choose to become the leader or join the Federation.
=== Holy War ===
If an empire seals or destroys a Holy World with a Colossus the Holy Guardians will always awaken and declare a war of subjugation. This type of awakening occurs completely independently of other circumstances, and can therefore take place at any time under any circumstances (such like as during a War in Heaven). Aside from the war against the defiler the Awakened Holy Guardians will act like normally awakened Doctrinal Enforcers and try to dominate the galaxy.
== Ancient Caretakers ==
| '''Inoculations'''
| {{icon|Happiness}} {{red|-5%}} Happinessif not Xenophobe<br>{{icon|Happiness}} {{red|-10%}} Happiness if Xenophobe
| {{icon|Happiness}} {{red|-20%}} Happiness<br>{{icon|Growth Time}} {{red|-10%}} Pop Growth Speed<br>{{icon|Leader Lifespan}} {{red|-10}} years Leader Lifespan
| {{icon|Growth Time}} {{green|+5%}} Pop Growth Speed<br>{{icon|Leader Lifespan}} {{green|+10}} years Leader Lifespan
== Technology ==
[[File:Evt fallen empire awakens.png|400px|right|thumb|Enigmatic Observers fleet]]
Fallen Empires start with all standard, rare and dangerous [[technology]] options already researched, including all technologies limited by ethics, as well as with ten levels in most repeatable technology and five levels in the rest. They also possess a unique Dark Matter Reactor and Deflector which can be reverse engineered and are the second-best deflectors and best reactor available in the game. They do not, however, have any of the special technologies that are only available through reverse engineering, from Leviathans or from special events. Also they are usually explicitly exempt for any and all of the Crisis Faction Spawn checks.
| '''Keepers of Knowledge'''
| [[File:Planet city.png|24px]] Font Front of Knowledge (20)
| [[File:Planet gaia.png|24px]] The Archives (15)
| Without {{iconify|Megacorp}} or {{iconify|Ancient Relics}} conquering Font of Knowledge is the only way to gain an Ecumenopolis.
| [[File:Planet gaia.png|24px]] The Core (25)<br>[[File:Planet gaia.png|24px]] Boundary (12)
| {{icon|unknown}} 2 habitable Shielded Worlds<br>{{icon|unknown}} 1 uninhabitable Shielded World
| Each Shielded World has an associated special project to lower the shield with different possible outcomes.<br>The Shallash unique system can only spawn next to their borders.
| '''Ancient Caretakers'''
=== Ships ===
Fallen Empires do not use the standard ship types that are used by normal empires. Instead, they have Escorts, Battlecruisers and Titans. None of the values of those ship fully conform to any player buildable ships. They may also construct Colossi.
== Strategy ==
General rules:
* Each empire prefers a specific set of weapons that might be tied to the ethics they have. Ships should be tailored to an empire's specific loadout, to maximize effectiveness. While an awakened Fallen Empire can build new ships, it will not redesign them.
* They start with 10 levels of every repeatable technology, but do not seem to research more - when awakened they will, but often taking upwards of 1000 months for a single extra repeatable. Do not try to out-tech them unless you are really far ahead.
* Their planets are heavily fortified and require massive invasions to occupy. Orbital bombardment is not essentially mandatory to conquer the worlds without an option as the planets are protected by shield generators and most army strange of their armies are protected by fortresses2k+. An empire with access to the [[Colossus]] can use the Neutron Sweep to clear out the inhabitants and then recolonize the planet, although since this will cost you the unique buildings it is likely not the best idea.
* Fallen Empire fleets are far more powerful than the diplomacy menu or fleet power counter might suggest. Their fleets can easily destroy enemies twice more powerful. Before declaring war on Fallen Empires, consider the possibility of losing most, or even all, of your assault fleets. Because of that, other players in multiplayer or powerful AIs will most likely declare war on you during your war with a Fallen Empire, so either leave some of your fleets behind or build up significant starbase defenses.
* Unless you have a massive fleet power advantage, it is not advisable to fight in a star system in which a Fallen Empire has a Citadel unless you have already defeated and weakened their fleets. Fallen empires fight very aggressively, providing plenty of opportunities to fight them in your territory and in star systems of your preference.
There are several ways of fighting an Awakened Empire, depending on your position when they awaken.
The strongest empires can actually stand a chance of facing an awakened Fallen Empire head-on and defeating them in one go. Your long-term goal has to be to acquire as much territory as possible, in particular that of the still sleeping Fallen Empires to acquire their massive resource income and their technology before moving on to open war against the Awakened Empire. Be advised that any system they capture means an additional starbase they might build to reinforce their fleets quicker more quickly and allow large fleets.
Also keep in mind that you can use '''Containment''' casus belli (which will lead to a Total War) against an Awakened Empire regardless of what ethics you have. Use it if you feel confident.
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