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Fallen empire

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Restored the table showing the awakened empire's subject types.
The Awakened Empire will have the {{red|Imperious}} attitude towards any nearby empire and send a request for the empire to become their unique Subject type. Refusing the request will add {{red|-200}} {{iconify|Opinion}} towards the Awakened Empire and cause them to declare war shortly afterwards.
{| class="wikitable"
! Awakened Empire !! Original Fallen Empire !! Subject !! Can become Guardians
| Benevolent Interventionists
| Enigmatic Observers
| Signatory: No diplomatic autonomy, purges or slavery, but the Benevolent Interventionists will join the war should subjects be attacked
| {{icon|yes}}
| Doctrinal Enforcers
| Holy Guardians
| Dominion: Pay 25% of {{iconify|Energy}} and {{iconify|Minerals}} income and ethics shift towards {{iconify|Fanatic Spiritualist}} if not {{iconify|Gestalt Consciousness}}
| {{icon|no}}
| Watchful Regulators
| Keepers of Knowledge
| Satellite: Pay 33% of {{iconify|Research}} Production and outlaw AI
| {{icon|yes}}
| Jingoistic Reclaimers
| Militant Isolationists
| Thrall: Cannot build new starbases and must pay 25% of {{iconify|Energy}} and {{iconify|Minerals}} income but can declare wars on other Thralls
| {{icon|no}}
If the Doctrinal Enforcers defeat a Sleeping Empire in war, they will change the Sleeping Empire's ethics to {{iconify|Fanatic Spiritualist}}, causing them to turn into a Holy Guardians Fallen Empire.

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