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Celestial body

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=== Special habitable planets ===
Special habitable worlds can only be spawned in certain systems but any empire that meets the requirements can terraform a regular habitable world into a special one. All of them have either very high or very low {{iconify|habitability}}. Some of them can become the empire homeworld if a certain origin is picked for the empire. All of them have either very high or zero Habitability and most of them feature fixed Habitability, meaning that Habitability cannot be reduced by effects such as traits.
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! Terraforming methods
! Pop effects
! width=4840% | Notes
|- id="Gaia"
| [[File:Planet gaia.png]] || Gaia
| [[File:Origins life seeded.png]] Life-Seeded
| [[File:ap world shaper.png|30px]] World Shaper ascension perk<br> [[File:Decision resort colony.png|30px]] Nu-Baol Life-Seeding decision
| {{icon|habitability}} {{green|100%}} Fixed Habitability<ref>{{icon|habitability}} {{green|100%}} Fixed Habitability means that all species will have {{green|100%}} Habitability, ignoring any Habitability reduction effects like {{iconify|Nonadaptive}}.</ref><br>{{icon|happiness}} {{green|+10%}} Organic Pop Happiness<br>{{icon|happiness}} {{green|+10%}} Lithoid Pop Happiness<br>{{icon|pop resource output}} {{green|+10%}} Resources from Jobs
| Gaia Worlds tend to have positive modifiers and no negative ones. Most DLCs add at least one system with a Gaia world but a few can be found in all versions:
* A system called Wenkwart will always spawn in the galaxy. It contains size 19 Gaia world called Wankward Artem with a unique planet modifier.
| {{icon|habitability}} {{green|100%}} Fixed Habitability if species is {{iconify|Hive-Minded}}<br>{{icon|habitability}} {{red|0%}} Fixed Habitability if otherwise<br>{{icon|pop resource output}} {{green|+10%}} Resources from Jobs
* All normal planetary features are removed. Number of resource districts no longer limited by features. Planetary Prospecting decision disabled.
* Hive District effects are doubled on Hive Worlds.
|- id="Machine"
* {{iconify|Mechanical}} species
* {{iconify|Machine}} Unit species
* {{iconify|Cybernetic}} species, and Planet owner is {{iconify|Driven Assimilator}}
{{icon|pop resource output}} {{green|+10%}} Resources from Jobs<br>{{icon|housing usage}} {{green|-10%}} Pop Housing Usage
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