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Federation projects
=== Federation projects ===
Once 60 years pass, if a Federation reached at least level 2 and is at peace its president may be offered the choice to start a joint project with the other Federation members. The joint project lasts 10 years and requires each member to individually complete a special project. If not even a single members completes it the joint project will fail and the Federation will gain {{red|-50}} {{iconify|Cohesion}}.
* {{iconify|Galactic Union}} and {{iconify|Research Cooperative}} Federations have as objective studying a space aurora. Each member will be given a special project above its capital starbase that requires a science ship with a level 2 or higher scientist and requires 200 {{iconify|Physics}} Research. Completing the special projects brings a choice but its effects are purely visual. The project is complete after 3 years or when every member finishes the special project.
** If all members participated the Federation will gain {{green|+30}} {{iconify|Cohesion}} and each member will gain {{green|+10%}} {{iconify|Physics}} and {{green|+5%}} {{iconify|Society}} Research Research for 10 years
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