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Archaeological sites
== Archaeological sites ==
[[File:Archaeology Site.png|thumb|320px|Archaeology Site]]
Archaeological Sites are areas where remains on of ancient civilizations have been preserved relatively intact. That can be discovered on survey, generated at game start or discovered a few years after a planet is colonized. Each time a planet is surveyed there is a 1.25% chance of an archaeology site being discovered.
A site can have 1-6 Chapters in addition to an introduction Chapter. Each Chapter has its own narrative and rewards and has to be unlocked before it becomes visible. Chapters are unlocked via Excavation. As long as an Archaeological Site is within an empire's borders that empire can task a Science Ship to excavate the site. The duration of an Excavation is determined by the Archaeological Site's Difficulty rating and can be reduced by {{green|-25%}} if the Scientist on the Science Ship has the {{iconify|Archaeologist}} trait. As the Scientist goes through excavations, it will roll a dice and add modifiers to the result, with the following formula:
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