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=== Housing ===
Housing represents the living space available for pops to live comfortably. Housing is primarily provided by districts, with city districts giving more housing than their resource-focused alternatives. Each pop requires 1 unit of housing by default but the housing demands of individual pops can change due to a variety of factors. If the number of pops exceeds the amount of housing it will cause {{iconify|stability}} to drop by <math>40 * \frac{\text{missing housing}}{\text{total housing required}} </math> and a flat {{yellow|+50}} planet emigration push.
As a rule of thumb, each resource district exactly pays for itself in terms of housing, while the pops that work building jobs need city districts (or housing buildings) for their housing, though the capital building provides some buffer before cities are needed. This applies equally to ecumenopolises. The {{iconify|Agrarian Idyll}} civic gives extra housing to resource districts, allowing the empire to house its pops working building jobs mostly via resource districts.

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