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6 July 2022

 m   22:51  File:UI planet planetary features.png diffhist 0 CaesarVincens talk contribs Current for 3.4
 m   22:50  File:UI traditions.png diffhist 0 CaesarVincens talk contribs Current to 3.4
     22:08  Beginner's guide‎‎ 2 changes history +3,302 [CaesarVincens‎ (2×)]
22:08 (cur | prev) +364 CaesarVincens talk contribs Updating page version and tips
21:54 (cur | prev) +2,938 CaesarVincens talk contribs Updating and formatting
 m   21:19  Unique systems diffhist +261 Chapter Serf talk contribs →‎Sanctuary: A small note about the Sanctuary System Tag: Visual edit
     20:16  Subject empire diffhist +49 CaesarVincens talk contribs Formatting and minor changes
     19:49  User talk:CaesarVincens‎‎ 2 changes history +469 [Kami-sama‎; CaesarVincens‎]
19:49 (cur | prev) +221 CaesarVincens talk contribs →‎Beginner's guide
13:35 (cur | prev) +248 Kami-sama talk contribs →‎Beginner's guide: new section
N    19:33  Terraforming speed diffhist +49 SirBlackAxe talk contribs #REDIRECT Terraforming#Cost reduction & speed (added missing redirect for terraforming speed icon) Tag: New redirect
     19:24  FTL diffhist -56 2604:F580:14D:6600:58BC:7900:309A:6DAD talk Per the origin of these is not known, so we shouldn't imply they are artificial. Tag: Visual edit
     18:22  ID diffhist +42 talk →‎Modifiers Tag: Visual edit
     16:58  Colonization diffhist -110 2601:240:D200:F49:DDE5:3446:16DA:97AE talk Xeno pops (or any pops for that matter) no longer have a unity cost. Tag: Visual edit
 m   13:35  Ketling diffhist -1 MatikTheSeventh talk contribs Changed redirect target from Unique systems#Junk Rattlings to Unique systems#Junk Ratlings Tags: Redirect target changed Visual edit: Switched
     05:54  Achievements diffhist +12 Midships Friend talk contribs →‎Base game Tags: Mobile edit Mobile web edit
     02:57  Easter eggs diffhist +3,892 Hairy Dude talk contribs copy edit / corrections etc. (Much of this is "inspiration" rather than "reference" – Stellaris is an original work, just with many influences)

5 July 2022

     22:59  Beginner's guide diffhist +3,480 CaesarVincens talk contribs Updating section, adding subject empire sub-section
     22:12  Easter eggs diffhist +5 Hairy Dude talk contribs →‎Government: leading colon for indentation is invalid markup
 m   21:10  Developer diaries diffhist +10 SolSys talk contribs →‎Videos
 m   21:04  Stellaris diffhist +1,666 SolSys talk contribs videos
     20:20  Society research‎‎ 2 changes history -713 [SirBlackAxe‎; CaesarVincens‎]
20:20 (cur | prev) -737 CaesarVincens talk contribs Fix tech name column sortability and iconifying
06:45 (cur | prev) +24 SirBlackAxe talk contribs →‎Statecraft Tag: Visual edit
 m   20:18  Main Page/news diffhist +21 SolSys talk contribs
     20:17 Upload log SolSys talk contribs uploaded a new version of File:News item.png(Patch 2022-06-29)
     20:05  Template talk:Icon‎‎ 3 changes history +1,414 [Wanderer312‎; SolSys‎;‎]
20:05 (cur | prev) +1,203 SolSys talk contribs →‎Missing Icon Requests
00:55 (cur | prev) +17 Wanderer312 talk contribs →‎Missing Icon Requests
00:54 (cur | prev) +194 talk →‎Missing Icon Requests
     13:44  Situations‎‎ 3 changes history +203 [‎; Deemedrol‎ (2×)]
13:44 (cur | prev) +179 talk Add a flag description to an event Tag: Visual edit
09:12 (cur | prev) +40 Deemedrol talk contribs →‎Event situations: Added the type of army that invades the colony. Tag: Visual edit
08:56 (cur | prev) -16 Deemedrol talk contribs →‎Event situations: Changed the Unusual Snow situation, edited the unity upkeep of option 1 and fixed minor spelling errors. Tag: Visual edit
     09:54  Edicts‎‎ 3 changes history 0 [Kami-sama‎ (3×)]
09:54 (cur | prev) 0 Kami-sama talk contribs fix attempt part 3
09:54 (cur | prev) 0 Kami-sama talk contribs fix attempt part 2
09:54 (cur | prev) 0 Kami-sama talk contribs fix attempt part 1
N    06:24  Administrative Offices diffhist +46 SirBlackAxe talk contribs #REDIRECT Buildings#Administrative_Offices Tag: New redirect
 m   05:49  Holdings diffhist -3 Valkoinen talk contribs Fixed orbital assembly complex cost. Tag: Visual edit
 m   01:14  Federation diffhist +87 Valkoinen talk contribs Fixed possible confusion regarding Hegemony. The Resource from Jobs *does not affect the President* Tag: Visual edit

4 July 2022

     23:34  Species rights diffhist -5 talk Changed icon to uniform one Tag: Visual edit
     17:48  Situations diffhist +2,003 Hairy Dude talk contribs copy edit, corrections
 m   16:50  Template:Icon/b diffhist +15 Hairy Dude talk contribs plural for convenience
     16:49  Template:Icon/doc‎‎ 3 changes history -6 [Hairy Dude‎ (3×)]
16:49 (cur | prev) +19 Hairy Dude talk contribs →‎Jobs: plural for convenience
16:34 (cur | prev) -45 Hairy Dude talk contribs →‎Modifiers: same modifier
16:33 (cur | prev) +20 Hairy Dude talk contribs →‎Modifiers: add name of modifier as in game
     14:37  Policies diffhist +160 Hairy Dude talk contribs →‎Purge: when purge is allowed regardless of setting
     09:46  Edicts‎‎ 2 changes history +3,948 [SirBlackAxe‎; Kami-sama‎]
09:46 (cur | prev) -68 Kami-sama talk contribs Image is not obsolete. The preview is. Click on the image and you'll see the newer version I've uploaded long ago. Yeah it frustrates me too that they update so slow...
07:31 (cur | prev) +4,016 SirBlackAxe talk contribs Added anchor ids. Clarified that subsidies apply to job categories, not specific jobs. Linked anomalies. Living Metal Mega-Construction requires Living Metal tech.
     07:57  Society research diffhist +312 SirBlackAxe talk contribs →‎Statecraft: Spiritualists get Heritage Sites and Local Hypercommunication now. Removed obsolete Proclamation Broadcasts tech. Linked unlocks. Expertise: Statecraft now uses correct icon.
N    07:35  Executive Retreat diffhist +40 SirBlackAxe talk contribs #REDIRECT Holdings#Executive Retreat Tag: New redirect
N    07:34  Xeno-Outreach Agency diffhist +43 SirBlackAxe talk contribs #REDIRECT Holdings#Xeno-Outreach Agency Tag: New redirect
N    07:33  Alpha Hub diffhist +33 SirBlackAxe talk contribs #REDIRECT Buildings#Alpha Hub Tag: New redirect
N    07:33  Vault of Acquisitions diffhist +45 SirBlackAxe talk contribs #REDIRECT Buildings#Vault of Acquisitions Tag: New redirect
N    07:32  Forge Subsidies diffhist +36 SirBlackAxe talk contribs #REDIRECT Edicts#Forge Subsidies Tag: New redirect