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Planetary Rework Diaries[edit]

There are four parts to Le Guin's (2.2) Planetary Rework Diaries:

Stellaris Dev Diary #121 - Planetary Rework (part 1 of 4) -

Stellaris Dev Diary #122 - Planetary Rework (part 2 of 4) -

Stellaris Dev Diary #123 - Planetary Rework (part 3 of 4) -

Stellaris Dev Diary #124 - Planetary Rework (part 4 of 4) -

However with 2.2.6 we also have additonal changes so it may be best to wait for those changes before doing the work to update this wiki page.

They allude to the polish here -

Including the 2.2.6 release notes (for the build released at the time of writing here): ---

- UI

  • Added missing modifier icons for mote harvesting traps and extractors, also updated old icon
  • Added a bunch of shortcuts to the planet view
  • Added shortcut "U" to upgrade starbase platforms button
  • Added shortcuts for upgrade "U" and trade route "T" buttons in starbase interface
  • Strategic resources summary on the top bar will now show in red to let you know if any are in deficit
  • Fixing devastation progress bar reaching 100% and disappearing
  • Fixed so that unemployment by strata icons are properly displayed and have a working tooltip
  • Rogue Servitor complex drone output bonus from each Bio-Trophy was not being displayed due to lack of decimals showing, this is fixed


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