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The sentinels[edit source]

Looks like this has changed in 3.0, the choices are now (as a fan puri, fan xeno and mili) 'Put their minds to work on science' (presumably this is the research option, doing an ironman run so idk what this gives) and 'Modify the Evermore to entertain the masses' (This is similar to 'Cheap Thrills', it gives +5% consumer goods and +5% happiness empire-wide). Both issue special projects named 'Repurposing the Evermore'. Also, instead of the sentinels killing all the pops, when the last pop dies you get given one pop who 'survived by hiding in the forest' and the sentinels 'hide underground' (but the armies stay there). This means the planet remains yours. There's a lot more event chain stuff, looks like the 2.8 event chain happens as well? Might be a bug/oversight though, I got a double reward

in the last point theres one choice missing

  • take 300 unity
  • take planet buff

and missing:

  • get access to a new special project called "replicate the evermore"

— Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 10:58, 8 April 2020‎ (CEST)

Multiple Ending(s?) Beyond Random as described[edit source]

Deja Vu Dig at least has had the alternate ending for me that it turns out that the dig team had originally made the shaft, which collapses on them, and the lead scientist gained "traumatized" as a trait as a consequence. I'm curious if any other events have such alternate endings. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 07:47, 31 August 2020‎ (CEST)

Duplicates[edit source]

  • Fossilized Jellyfish = Dotted archipelago
  • Sky glow hymn = beautiful bubble

probably more — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 01:06, 25 May 2021‎ (CEST)

Thanks for your report. – Lillebror (talk) 10:16, 27 May 2021 (UTC)

Ah that would be my bad, apologies i will help in the fixing of my mistakes and will double check the names in the upcoming sites that still need to be updated/added. – Jack (talk) 15:10, 28 May 2021 (CEST)

The spawning rate for archeological sites[edit source]

The chance that a site will spawn is 1/81 (5/405) normally for a player but the rate is divided by 5 if you've discovered a site in the last 1800 days, or if you're the AI. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 22:52, 26 May 2021‎ (CEST)

Site ID Reference[edit source]

Archaeological sites info taken from files "00_base_game_arc_sites.txt" and ancient_relics_arcsite_events_2.txt".

In-Game Name ID
Strange Asteroid asteroid_vault_1
Planetary Machinery planetary_mechanocalibrator
Ruins it_was_aliens_site
Ancient battle site ancient_battle_site
Mutant Fossils mutation_vats
City Of Bones city_of_bones
Subterranean Hollows the_host
Frozen Complex site_hidden_lab_a
Ruined Star System site_ruins_of_shallash
Relic Rails relicrails_digsite
Chthonic Siren leylines_digsite
The Endless Expanse endless_expanse_digsite
Ix Belen endless_expanse_digsite_2
Desiccated site_fumongus_dig
Seeds of Destruction site_rage_sage_dig
Message in the Canopy site_transformation_dig

Archaeological sites info taken from files "01_precursor_arc_sites.txt" and "???.txt".

In-Game Name ID
Abandoned Colony Ruins zroni_digsite_1
Zroni Minor Colony zroni_digsite_2
Zroni Minor Colony zroni_digsite_3
Zroni Minor Colony zroni_digsite_4
Zroni Major Colony zroni_digsite_5
Zron zroni_digsite_6
Grunur Ruins grunur_digsite_1
The Barren baol_digsite_1
The Shattered baol_digsite_2
The Silenced baol_digsite_3

Archaeological sites info taken from files "02_ancient_relics_arc_sites.txt" and "???.txt".

In-Game Name ID
Ruined World omnirelic_site
Asteroid Blast Door site_command_center
Fossilized Remains site_hunting_ground
Ancient Tomb site_zarqlan
Moon Base site_minigalaxy_1
Abandoned Ecumenopolis site_minigalaxy_2
Gas Giant Structure site_star_petal
Robot Debris site_robot_debris
Crashed Starship site_freighter_crash
Moon Bump site_moon_bump
The Echoes Inside site_echoes_inside
Target From Orbit site_target_from_orbit
Hole in the Ground site_shot_into_the_ground
Too Angled site_cut_to_fit
Déjà Vu Dig site_deja_vu_dig
Trench World site_trench_world
Any Other Rock site_ebb_and_flow
Beautiful Bubble site_sky_glow_hymn
Get Inside site_warmer_climates
Anyone Home? site_phoenix_collective
The Grand Herald site_grand_herald
Beneath the Waves site_hive_coral
Get to the Bottom site_orbital_rain
Dotted Archipelago site_fossilized_jellyfish
Popular Rock site_popular_rock
Strange Flows site_strange_flows
Never Forget site_lost_moments
Message in the Dust site_lesser_messenger
Whispers in the Stone lithoids_digsite
Kleptomaniac Rats rubricator_digsite
Hiddem Worlds oracle_digsite
The Sentinels sentinels_digsite
The Library site_the_library
Ruined Station site_percussive_maintenance
One Last Hope site_polaris_seed_vault
Weapons Cache site_tombworld_weapon_cache

Archaeological sites info taken from files "03_federations_arc_sites.txt" and "???.txt". (Gateway origin and On the Shoulders of Giants Origin)

In-Game Name ID
From Gateway Sent site_from_gateway_sent
Ex Gravitas site_ex_gravitas
Something Waiting site_something_waiting
Buried Deep site_buried_deep
In Memoriam site_in_memoriam
The Last Stand site_the_last_stand
Dark Secret site_dark_secret
Benign Cover-Up site_benign_cover_up
Bury The Hatchet site_bury_the_hatchet

Archaeological sites info taken from files "04_leviathans_arc_sites.txt" and "???.txt".

In-Game Name ID
The Broken Gates broken_world_digsite

Archaeological sites info taken from files "05_humanoids_arc_sites.txt" and "???.txt".

In-Game Name ID
Homeworld Excavation clone_army_digsite

– Jack (talk) 23:30, 15 September 2021 (CEST)

3.1 New Archaeological sites?[edit source]

So I don't know if this is a new site form 3.1, or if the precursor sites haven't been updated from a previous patch but after testing the new plantoid stuff yesterday I encountered a site not on the list here, "Desiccated" that involved five chapters, and after the fifth chapter seemingly ended with no reward, a few days/months later in game a mycelial network activated on the planet giving me a +1 codebreaking spy fungous emeshed in subspace and spying on all the fungi bits across the galaxy linked to it. About 3 decades in game later I encountered an anomaly on another planet that involved some of the spores from that network that were stronger than the ones on the planet the dig had been located, and the anomaly enabled a research project to change my empire mycelial network bonus to +1 codebreaking and +10 base intel. Things I do not know, if this fungal network dig is triggerable only by a civic I had (radiotropic + idyllic bloom) or a plant/fungal empire as a hidden part of the LEM patch effort to spruce up plantoid DLC?

I didn't have an account, and have never edited this wiki so I didn't feel comfortable adding, but I did post over on reddit screen shots of the archaeological dig along with the screen shots of the two options from the event that followed the fifth chapter, and screenshots of the anomaly that occurred decades after as a reply in the same post. I've included the link here in case any of that is helpful for you guys updating the site. I have the file save, so if there's more information about the intervening chapters of the site I think the rewards were all generic minor artifacts but I can screenshot more if needed. You guys do amazing work. (Knowing external links can be problematic, I broke up the link to the reddit page where i posted the screenshots, by inserting spaces. If this is still problematic I can try to get the shots to you another way if you need, this is the only tool I had on hand?

https: //www. reddit. com/r/Stellaris/comments/poilex/dessicated_stellaris_archeological_excavation/

UPDATE 9/15 I've found an additional archeology site not listed here or reddit that I can determine called, "The Library" After finishing the chain of excavation, I given a reward option between a killer bacterium modifier to increase my army damage and collaboration damage, or on the alternative to grant the planet an 8/8/8 research bonus to all three schools. Either way a "Remnant of a Remnant" situation log event is created that points to a distant system. I've yet to finish this Situation event because the bloody location is far off and surrounded by unknowns but I've again included a spaced link to what images I've taken of the archeological even and eventually if I find out the situation "Remnant of a Remnant" I'll include information there. In case of any of this is empire dependent, I'm using the same empire and civics as listed above for the Desiccated site. All DLCS bought, with 3.1 patched.

https: //www. reddit. com/r/Stellaris/comments/poy6la/the_library_possible_new_stellaris_31/

Yes there ware 5 new archaeology sites added with the LEM update, none of them have been added to the list just yet, but will be added in time, thank you for the info, most of the info on the wiki comes from the config files from the game, but appreciate the effort – Jack (talk) 22:40, 15 September 2021 (CEST)