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This is the documentation page for Template:Bonus table.
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The template produces a table of bonuses. It has an integrated versioning by {{SVersion}}.

The types of modifiers are divided as detailed in the table below:

Column Tag Covers
Population pop Ethics and Species traits
Governance g Authority, Civics, Traditions & Ascension perks, Empire edicts and Leader traits
Planet pl Planetary modifiers, Planetary edicts, Buildings and Spaceport modules
Technology t Technology


  • Bonus can be applied with the following syntax:
{{bonus table|Modifier_Name}}
  • If the table is big, it is advised to use the collapse function as follows:
{{bonus table|Modifier_Name|collapse=yes}}
{{bonus table|governing ethics attraction|collapse=yes}}


Mod pop government ethic attraction.png Population Governance Planet Technology
  • Capital.png Capital World
  • Menu icon edicts.png Social Engineering
  • Loyalty circuits.png Loyalty Circuits
  • Trait primitive.png Serviles
  • "Recently Liberated" modifier
  • Ap one vision.png One Vision
  • "Boon of the Shroud" modifier
  • Module Orbital Mind Control Laser
  • Menu icon edicts.png Reeducation Campaigns
  • Pm natural beauty.png Valiant Citizens
  • Fanatic Spiritualist.png Fanatic Spiritualist
  • Conformists.png Conformists
  • Menu icon edicts.png Information Quarantine
  • "Happiness (positive)" modifier
  • Civic exalted priesthood.png Exalted Priesthood
  • Leader trait psionic chosen one.png Chosen One
  • Building Habitat Administration
  • Building Symbol of Purity
  • Spiritualist.png Spiritualist
  • Building Empire Capital-Complex
  • Building Planetary Administration
  • Building Planetary Capital
  • Muutagan.png Muutagan Crystals
  • Satramene.png Satramene Gas
  • Leader trait psionic leader.png Psychic
  • Building Ministry of Benevolence
  • Building Ministry of Culture
  • Menu icon edicts.png Spiritual Unity
  • Building Loop Institute
  • Building Psi Corps
  • Building Reassembled Ship Shelter
  • "Distance from Capital" modifier (per distance unit)
  • Ghost Signal Ghost Signal
  • "Managed by Sector" modifier
  • Deviants.png Deviants
  • "Base" modifier
  • "Happiness (negative)" modifier
  • Pm atmospheric aphrodisiac.pngPm frame 1.png Atmospheric Aphrodisiac
  • Ghost Signal Ghost Signal (2)
  • Pm atmospheric hallucinogen.pngPm frame 2.png Atmospheric Hallucinogen
  • Pm nationalist corruption.png Terror Victims
  • Ghost Signal Ghost Signal (3)
  • "Curse of the Shroud" modifier
  • "Shroud-Deviance" modifier
  • Ghost Signal Ghost Signal (4)
  • Ghost Signal Ghost Signal (5)
  • Pm nationalist corruption.png Terror Victims (Severe)
  • "Shroud-Deviance (planet)" modifier

Available tables

Note: The individual research bonus tables - Engineering research, Physics Research, Society research - are incomplete by themselves and require the inclusion of the unified Research.png research table for a complete list.

Bonus tables
Mod planet building cost mult.png building cost
Mod country admin cap add.png core sector systems
Engineering research engineering output
Mod pop government ethic attraction.png governing ethics attraction
Influence.png influence
Mod leader age.png leader lifespan
Mod country leader pool size.png leader pool size
Mod leader influence cost.png leader recruitment cost
Physics Research physics output
Mod num tech alternatives add.png research alternatives
Research.png research output
Mod country all tech research speed.png research speed
Society research society output
Mod country starbase capacity mult.png starbase capacity