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This is the documentation page for Template:Icon.
When it is viewed directly, links using variables may appear broken; do not replace these with hardcoded page names or URLs.

This template can be used for embedding icons in the Stellaris wiki, thus making them more colorful, easy to read and standardized. The available icons link to the concept they represent.


The first parameter is the identifier for the icon. It has no default value and is always required.
The second parameter is the width of the icon. It is optional. The default value is 24px.


{{icon|identifier}}} or {{icon|identifier|width}}
Insert the relevant identifier in the above syntax. The available identifier can be found in the table below.
{{icon|militarist}}} will generate Militarist.png.

Note: The default width for most modifier icons is 28px, while the rest are at 52px (buildings, modules, technology, avatars).

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List of available icons



ste, stellaris Stellaris.png
utp, utopia Utopia.png
apc, apocalypse Apocalypse.png
mgc, megacorp MegaCorp.png
fed, federations Federations
nem, nemesis Nemesis.png
lev, leviathans Leviathans.png
snd, synthetic dawn Synthetic Dawn.png
dst, distant stars Distant Stars.png
anr, ancient relics Ancient Relics.png
pln, plantoids DLC plantoids species pack.png
hum, humanoids DLC humanoids species pack.png
lit, lithoids Lithoids.png
nec, necroids Necroids.png
aqu, aquatics Aquatics.png
check Situation log tick.png
no No.png
time Time
unknown Unknown.png
yes Yes.png
agenda Agenda
archaeology Icon archaeology.png
archaeology site Archaeology map icon.png
ascension perk Ap slot available.png
building Building
component Component
edict Menu icon edicts.png
edict capacity Edict capacity.png
empire capital Empire Capital
election Election vote share.png
envoy Envoy.png
faction Menu icon factions.png
feature Feature
job Pop job.png
living standards Species right living standards.png
planet Planet.png
policy Menu icon policies.png
political power Mod pop political power.png
pop Pop.png
ship class Ship class
starbase Spaceport 1.png
starbase capacity Mod country starbase capacity mult.png
tile blocker Tile Blocker.png
tile blocker removal TB Removal.png
trade protection Trade protection.png
tradition Menu icon traditions.png
slot a auxiliary Auxiliary
slot c core Core
slot g guided Guided
slot h hangar Hangar
slot l large Large
slot m medium Medium
slot pd point defense Point defense
slot s small Small
slot t titan Titan
slot wd world destroyer World destroyer
slot xl extra large Extra large
ruler Pop cat ruler.png
specialist Pop cat specialist.png
worker Pop cat worker.png
slave Pop cat slave.png
Job purge.png
assimilation Pop cat assimilation.png
complex drone Pop cat complex drone.png
menial drone Pop cat simple drone.png
Leader Class
ruler leader Ruler.png
governor Governor.png
admiral Admiral.png
general General.png
scientist Scientist.png


Basic resources
alloys Alloys.png
consumer goods Consumer goods.png
enc, energy, energy credits Energy.png
eng, engineering, engineering output, engineering research Engineering research
food Food.png
inf, influence Influence.png
min, minerals Minerals.png
phy, physics, physics output, physics research Physics Research
research Research.png
soc, society, society output, society research Society research
unity Unity.png
Strategic resources
strategic resources Menu icon strategic resource.png
dark matter Dark Matter.png
exotic gases Exotic gases.png
living metal Living Metal.png
minor artifact,
minor artifacts
Minor artifacts.png
nanites Nanites.png
rare crystals Rare crystals.png
volatile motes Volatile motes.png
zro Zro.png
Planet values
amenities Amenities.png
crime, deviancy Job criminal.png
devastation Devastation.png
housing Housing.png
stability Stability.png
Other resources
diplomatic weight Diplomatic weight.png
encryption Mod found encryption key.png
market fee Navbar icons market.png
trait point Trait Point
menace Menace.png


favor Trade cat favor.png
independence Diplomacy integrating.png
insult Message insult.png
opinion Diplomacy opinion.png
relative power Relative power icon.png
trade, trade deal Diplomatic trade icon.png
trade attractiveness Mod country trade attractiveness.png
closed borders Diplomacy closed borders.png
commercial pact Diplomacy commercial pact.png
defensive pact Diplomacy defensive pact.png
guarantee independence Diplomacy guarantee.png
migration treaty Diplomacy migration pact.png
non-aggression pact Diplomacy non aggression pact.png
research agreement Diplomacy research agreement.png
rival Diplomatic rival mutual icon.png
rivalry Diplomacy rivalry.png
infiltration Spy network.png
intel Intel.png
intel level full Intel level full.png
manipulation Op cat manipulation.png
sabotage Op cat sabotage.png
subterfuge Op cat subterfuge.png
cohesion Federation cohesion.png
federation Diplomacy federation.png
federation associate Diplomatic embassy.png
galactic union Federation default.png
hegemony Hegemony
martial alliance Federation military.png
research cooperative Federation research.png
trade league Federation trade.png
Galactic Community
galactic community GalacticCommunity mainButton single.png
divinity of life Resolution robots bad.png
ecological protection Resolution ecological protection.png
industrial development Resolution industrial development.png
mutual defense Resolution mutual defense.png
rules of war Resolution rules of war.png
the greater good Resolution greater good.png
integrate Diplomacy being integrated.png
overlord Diplomacy hasvassal.png
protectorate Diplomacy isprotectorate.png
satrapy Diplomacy issatrapy.png
support independence Diplomacy support independence.png
tributary, subsidiary Diplomacy istributary.png
vassal Diplomacy isvassal.png
casus belli Diplomacy status casus belli holder.png
defender, defensive Diplomacy war 2.png
force ideology Diplomacy force ideology.png
war Diplomacy war.png
warscore Mod war economy offensive.png


Defense armies
defense army,
defense armies
Army defense.png
Assault armies
assault army,
assault armies
Army assault.png
clone army,
clone armies
Army clone.png
gene warrior army,
gene warrior armies
Army gene warrior.png
psionic army,
psionic armies
Army psionic.png
rebel army,
rebel armies
Army rebel.png
slave army,
slave armies
Army slave.png
undead army,
undead armies
Army undead.png
xenomorph army,
xenomorph armies
Army xenomorph.png
Orbital Bombardment
light bombardment
Bombardment light.png
limited bombardment
Bombardment limited.png
armageddon bombardment
Bombardment armageddon.png
raiding bombardment
Raiding bombardment.png
javorian pox Bombardment full.png


administrative cap Mod country admin cap add.png
amenities add Mod planet amenities add.png
amenities mult Mod planet amenities mult.png
anomaly discovery chance Mod ship anomaly generation chance.png
anomaly research speed Mod ship anomaly research speed.png
available envoys Available envoys
base intel level Mod add base country intel.png
building cost Mod planet building cost mult.png
planetary build speed,
building build speed
Mod planet building build speed mult.png
claim influence cost Mod country influence gain mult.png
clear blocker cost Mod planet clear blocker cost mult.png
clear blocker speed Mod planet clear blocker speed mult.png
clear blocker time Mod planet clear blocker time mult.png
colony development speed Mod planet colony development speed.png
consumer goods cost Mod pop consumer goods mult.png
diplo weight mult,
diplomatic weight mult
Mod diplo weight mult.png
diplo weight economy mult Diplomatic weight from economy
diplo weight naval mult Diplomatic weight from fleet power
diplo weight technology mult Diplomatic weight from technology
district cap Mod planet max districts add.png
subject power penalty Mod country subject power penalty.png
ethic shift, ethics divergence Mod pop ethic shift.png
ethics shift chance Mod pop ethics shift speed.png
edict capacity add,
edict cap add
Mod country edict cap add.png
edict cost Mod country edict cost.png
edict duration Mod country edict length mult.png
empire sprawl penalty Mod empire size penalty mult.png
fleet command limit Mod navy size add.png
fleet size Fleet Size.png
food output Mod food produces mult.png
governing ethics attraction Mod pop government ethic attraction.png
housing add Mod planet housing add.png
housing mult Mod planet housing mult.png
leader experience gain Mod leader species exp gain.png
leader lifespan Mod leader age.png
leader pool size Mod country leader pool size.png
leader recruitment cost Mod leader influence cost.png
leader level cap,
leader skill levels
Leader skill levels.png
maximum rivalries Maximum rivalries
megastructure build speed Mod megastructure build speed.png
migration attraction Mod planet immigration pull mult.png
migration time Mod pop migration time.png
military production Mod ship speed mult.png
monthly hull regeneration Mod ship auto repair add.png
monthly influence add Monthly influence
monthly influence mult Monthly influence
monthly unity add Monthly unity
monthly unity mult Monthly unity
naval capacity Mod navy size add.png
piracy risk Piracy risk.png
planet border extrusion Planet border extrusion.png
research speed Mod country all tech research speed.png
research speed (engineering) Research speed (Engineering)
research speed (physics) Research speed (Physics)
research speed (society) Research speed (society)
resettlement cost Mod pop resettlement cost mult.png
research alternatives Mod num tech alternatives add.png
resource storage capacity Mod country resource max add.png
rivalry influence gain Diplomacy rivalry.png
sensor range Mod planet sensor range mult.png
shield hit points Mod ship shield hp mult.png
spaceport build cost Mod country spaceport cost mult.png
spaceport module cost Mod spaceport module cost mult.png
starbase capacity add Mod country starbase capacity add.png
starbase influence cost Mod country starbase influence cost mult.png
starbase upgrade cost Mod starbase upgrade cost.png
starbase upgrade speed Mod starbase upgrade time mult.png
starvation Mod pop food req.png
survey speed Mod ship science survey speed.png
terraforming cost Mod country terraforming cost.png
terraforming speed Mod country terraform speed mult.png
trade value add Mod trade value add.png
trade value mult Mod trade value mult.png
trust cap Trust cap
trust growth Trust growth
unrest Unrest.png
war exhaustion Mod country war exhaustion.png
Modifiers (planet)
building slot, building slots Mod planet max buildings add.png
crime add Mod planet crime add.png
crime mult Mod planet crime mult.png
emigration push,
emigration push mult
Emigration push
emigration push add Emigration push
habitability Mod habitability.png
immigration pull,
immigration pull mult
Immigration pull
immigration pull add Immigration pull
max agriculture districts Mod district farming max.png
max districts Mod planet max districts add.png
max generator districts Mod district generator max.png
max mining districts Mod district mining max.png
planet capacity Mod planet carry cap add.png
planet size Planet Size.png
stability add,
planet stability add
Mod planet stability add.png
Modifiers (pops)
alloys from jobs Alloys from jobs
automatic resettlement chance Mod planet resettlement unemployed mult.png
consumer goods from jobs Consumer goods from jobs
food consumption Mod pop food req.png
pop amenities usage Mod pop amenities usage mult.png
pop consumer goods upkeep Pop consumer goods upkeep
pop growth speed Mod pop growth speed.png
pop growth reduction Pop growth reduction
habitability pop Mod pop environment tolerance.png
happiness Mod pop happiness.png
biological pop happiness Biological pop happiness
lithoid pop happiness Lithoid pop happiness
mineral consumption,
mineral upkeep
Mineral consumption
pop decline speed Mod pop decline speed.png
pop enc Mod resource energy mult.png
pop eng Pop resource engineering research mult.png
pop food Pop resource food mult.png
pop housing usage,
housing usage
Pop housing usage
pop min Mod resource minerals mult.png
pop phy Pop resource physics research mult.png
pop soc Pop resource society research mult.png
pop resource output,
resources from jobs
Mod pop resource output.png
pop growth from immigration Pop growth from immigration
pop assembly speed Pop assembly speed
robot resource output Robot resource output.png
robot upkeep Mod pop robot upkeep mult.png
slave food output Slave food output.png
slave mineral output Slave mineral output.png
slave pop resource output Mod planet jobs slave produces mult.png
Modifiers (army)
army build speed Mod army build speed mult.png
army collateral damage Mod army collateral damage mult.png
army cost Mod planet army build cost mult.png
army damage Mod army damage mult.png
army health Mod army health.png
army morale Mod army morale.png
army upkeep Mod army upkeep mult.png
Modifiers (ships)
combat speed Combat speed
disengagement chance Mod ship disengagement.png
ship accuracy Mod ship tracking add.png
ship armor Mod ship armor mult.png
ship build speed Mod ship build speed mult.png
ship cost Mod starbase shipyard build cost mult.png
ship evasion Mod ship evasion mult.png
ship fire rate, ship attack speed Mod ship fire rate mult.png
ship health Mod ship hull mult.png
ship hull,
ship hull points
Mod ship hull mult.png
ship hull regen Mod ship hull regen.png
ship repair speed Mod ship build speed mult.png
ship shield Mod ship shield hp mult.png
ship speed Mod ship speed mult.png
ship tracking Mod ship tracking add.png
ship upgrade cost Ship upgrade cost.png
ship upkeep Mod ship upkeep mult.png
sublight speed Mod ship speed mult.png
weapons damage Mod ship weapon damage.png
armor damage (unrecognized string “armor damage” for Template:Icon)
hull damage (unrecognized string “hull damage” for Template:Icon)
shield damage (unrecognized string “shield damage” for Template:Icon)
weapons range Mod ship weapon range mult.png
Modifiers (general)
armor Armor
attack speed Attack speed
cooldown shots Cooldown shots.png
cost Cost
damage Damage
defense platform build cost Defense platform build cost
defense platform hull points Defense platform hull points
defense platform damage Defense platform damage
duration, speed Duration
evasion Evasion
fire rate Mod ship fire rate mult.png
health Health
maximum damage Maximum damage.png
minimum damage Minimum damage.png
maximum windup Maximum windup.png
minimum windup Minimum windup.png
power Power
shield Shield
special Special
tracking Tracking
upkeep Upkeep


Basic habitability traits
alpine preference Trait pc alpine preference.png
arctic preference Trait pc arctic preference.png
arid preference Trait pc arid preference.png
continental preference Trait pc continental preference.png
desert preference Trait pc desert preference.png
ocean preference Trait pc ocean preference.png
savannah preference Trait pc savannah preference.png
tropical preference Trait pc tropical preference.png
tundra preference Trait pc tundra preference.png
Exotic habitability traits
ai world preference Trait pc ai preference.png
gaia world preference Trait pc gaia preference.png
habitat preference Trait pc ring preference.png
hive world preference (unrecognized string “hive world preference” for Template:Icon)
machine world preference Trait pc ai preference.png
relic world preference Trait pc ai preference.png
ring world preference Trait pc ring preference.png
tomb world preference Trait pc nuked preference.png
Biological species traits
adaptive Adaptive.png
agrarian Agrarian.png
bioadaptability Bioadaptability.png
brain slug host Trait brainslugged.png
charismatic Charismatic.png
clone soldier Trait clone soldier.png
clone soldier ascendant Trait clone soldier ascendant.png
clone soldier descendant Trait clone soldier descendant.png
communal Communal.png
conformists Conformists.png
conservationist Conservationist.png
cybernetic Trait cybernetic.png
decadent Decadent.png
deviants Deviants.png
enduring Enduring.png
extremely adaptive Extremely Adaptive.png
fleeting Fleeting.png
hive-minded Hive-minded.png
industrious Industrious.png
ingenious Ingenious.png
intelligent Intelligent.png
latent psionic Trait psionic species.png
limited regeneration Limited Regeneration.png
natural engineers Natural Engineers.png
natural physicists Natural Physicists.png
natural sociologists Natural Sociologists.png
necrophage Trait necrophage.png
nomadic Nomadic.png
nonadaptive Nonadaptive.png
numistic administration Leader trait nuumismatic administration.png
quarrelsome Trait quarrelsome.png
survivor Trait survivor.png
psionic Trait psionic species.png
quick learners Quick Learners.png
rapid breeders Rapid Breeders.png
repugnant Repugnant.png
resilient Resilient.png
sedentary Sedentary.png
slow breeders Slow Breeders.png
slow learners Slow Learners.png
social pheromones Social Pheromones.png
solitary Solitary.png
strong Strong.png
talented Talented.png
thrifty Thrifty.png
traditional Trait traditional.png
venerable Venerable.png
very strong Very Strong.png
wasteful Wasteful.png
weak Weak.png
Uplifted species traits
conservative Trait primitive.png
earthbound Trait primitive.png
irradiated Irradiated
natural intellectuals Trait primitive.png
proles Trait primitive.png
serviles Trait primitive.png
starborn Trait primitive.png
unlifted Trait uplifted.png
somewhat uplifted Trait uplifted.png
uplifted Trait uplifted.png
Advanced traits
delicious Delicious.png
erudite Erudite.png
fertile Fertile.png
nerve stapled Nerve Stapled.png
robust Robust.png
Botanic species traits
budding Trait plantoid budding.png
phototrophic Trait plantoid phototrophic.png
radiotrophic Trait plantoid radiotrophic.png
Lithoid species traits
lithoid Trait lithoid.png
gaseous byproducts Trait lithoid gaseous byproducts.png
scintillating skin Trait lithoid scintillating.png
volatile excretions Trait lithoid volatile excretions.png
Robotic species traits
machine Machine unit.png
mechanical Trait mechanical.png
robot (obsolete) Trait robotic 1.png
droid (obsolete) Trait robotic 2.png
bulky Bulky.png
custom-made Custom made.png
domestic protocols Domestic protocols.png
double-jointed Double jointed.png
durable Durable.png
efficient processors Efficient processors.png
emotion emulators Emotion emulators.png
enhanced memory Enhanced memory.png
harvesters Harvesters.png
high bandwidth High bandwidth.png
high maintenance High maintenance.png
learning algorithms Learning algorithms.png
logic engines Logic engines.png
loyalty circuits Loyalty circuits.png
luxurious Luxurious.png
mass-produced Mass produced.png
power drills Power drills.png
propaganda machines Propaganda machines.png
repurposed hardware Repurposed hardware.png
recycled Recycled.png
streamlined protocols Streamlined protocols.png
superconductive Superconductive.png
uncanny Uncanny.png
Generic Leader traits
adaptable Leader trait adaptable.png
arrested development Leader trait arrested development.png
brain slug host leader (unrecognized string “brain slug host leader” for Template:Icon)
chosen one Leader trait psionic chosen one.png
cyborg Leader trait cyborg.png
eager Leader trait eager.png
erudite leader Erudite
increased lifespan Leader trait resilient.png
newboot Leader trait eager.png
psychic Leader trait psionic leader.png
resilient leader Resilient
rigid programming Leader trait stubborn.png
stubborn Leader trait stubborn.png
substance abuser Leader trait substance abuser.png
synthetic Trait robotic 3.png
Unused leader trait icons
chemicals Leader trait chemicals.png
financial Leader trait financial.png
food leader Leader trait food.png
invader Leader trait attacker.png
reluctant Leader trait reluctant.png
ship leader Leader trait ship.png
Ruler traits
hive mind (trait) Hive Mind
machine intelligence ruler Machine unit.png
architectural sense Trait ruler architectural sense.png
battleship focus Trait ruler battleship focus.png
champion of the people Trait ruler champion of the people.png
charismatic ruler Charismatic
corvette focus Trait ruler corvette focus.png
cruiser focus Trait ruler cruiser focus.png
deep connections Trait ruler deep connections.png
destroyer focus Trait ruler destroyer focus.png
expansionist Trait ruler expansionist.png
explorer Trait ruler explorer.png
eye for talent Trait ruler eye for talent.png
fertility preacher Trait ruler fertility preacher.png
fleet organizer Leader trait fleet organizer.png
fortifier Trait ruler fortifier.png
from the ranks Trait ruler from the ranks.png
frontier spirit Trait ruler frontier spirit.png
home in the sky Trait ruler home in the sky.png
industrialist Trait ruler industrialist.png
investor Trait ruler investor.png
logistic understanding Trait ruler logistic understanding.png
military pioneer Trait ruler military pioneer.png
recruiter Trait ruler recruiter.png
reformer Trait ruler reformer.png
space miner Trait ruler space miner.png
warlike Leader trait aggressive.png
world shaper World shaper
Governor traits
agrarian upbringing Leader trait agrarian upbringing.png
ai-aided design Leader trait ai aided design.png
amplifier Leader trait bureaucrat.png
analytical Leader trait intellectual.png
architectural interest Leader trait architectural interest.png
army veteran Leader trait army veteran.png
bulldozer Leader trait environmental engineer.png
bureaucrat trait Leader trait bureaucrat.png
corrupt Leader trait corrupt.png
enclave trader Leader trait enclave trader.png
environmental engineer Leader trait environmental engineer.png
intellectual Leader trait intellectual.png
iron fist Leader trait iron fist.png
merchant of numa Leader trait nuumismatic priest.png
mindfulness Leader trait bureaucrat.png
nanite entity Leader trait psionic chosen one.png
oracle Leader trait oracle.png
retired fleet officer Leader trait retired fleet officer.png
righteous Leader trait righteous.png
warbot tinkerer Leader trait hammer.png
waste management specialist Leader trait waste management specialist.png
Scientist traits
archaeologist Leader trait archaeologist.png
carefree Leader trait carefree.png
cataloguer Leader trait roamer.png
curator Leader trait curator.png
custom ai assistant Leader trait custom AI assistant.png
expertise: biology Biology.png
expertise: computing Computing.png
expertise: field manipulation Field Manipulation.png
expertise: industry Industry.png
expertise: materials Materials.png
expertise: military theory Military Theory.png
expertise: new worlds New Worlds.png
expertise: particles Particles.png
expertise: propulsion Propulsion.png
expertise: psionics Psionics.png
expertise: statecraft Statecraft.png
expertise: voidcraft Voidcraft.png
maimed Leader trait maimed.png
maniacal Leader trait maniacal.png
meticulous Leader trait meticulous.png
paranoid Leader trait paranoid.png
roamer Leader trait roamer.png
sapient ai assistant Leader trait sentient AI assistant.png
sentient ai assistant (obsolete) Leader trait sentient AI assistant.png
spark of genius Leader trait lightbulb on.png
towel-bearer Leader trait scroll.png
traumatized Leader trait traumatized.png
Admiral traits
aggressive Leader trait aggressive.png
ascendant clone army admiral Trait clone soldier ascendant.png
caravan counter Leader trait enclave trader.png
cautious Leader trait cautious.png
clone army admiral Trait clone soldier.png
cybrex databases Leader trait aggressive.png
descendant clone army admiral Trait clone soldier descendant.png
dimensional stutter Leader trait ship.png
dragonslayer Leader trait glory seeker.png
engineer Leader trait engineer.png
ethereal Leader trait ship.png
fleet logistician Leader trait fleet logistician.png
foredoomed to a rendezvous (unrecognized string “foredoomed to a rendezvous” for Template:Icon)
gale speed Leader trait gale speed.png
hell's heart Leader trait hells heart.png
hive affinity Leader trait aggressive.png
lethargic Leader trait lethargic.png
maintenance loop Leader trait fleet logistician.png
mercenary warrior admiral Leader trait mercenary warrior.png
nervous Leader trait nervous.png
scout Leader trait scout.png
sentinel training Leader trait sentinel.png
the great khan Leader trait great khan.png
trickster Leader trait trickster.png
unstable code base Leader trait nervous.png
unyielding Leader trait unyielding.png
void hunter Leader trait ship.png
General traits
armchair commander Leader trait armchair commander.png
army logistician Leader trait army logistician.png
butcher Leader trait butcher.png
charismatic leader Charismatic
demoralizer Leader trait demoralizer.png
erratic morality core Leader trait erratic morality core.png
glory seeker Leader trait glory seeker.png
mercenary warrior general Leader trait glory seeker.png
parts cannibalizer Leader trait parts cannibalizer.png
restrained Leader trait restrained.png


Planet types
ai world Planet ai.png
alpine Trait pc alpine preference.png
arctic Trait pc arctic preference.png
arid Trait pc arid preference.png
continental Trait pc continental preference.png
desert Trait pc desert preference.png
ecumenopolis Planet city.png
gaia world Planet gaia.png
habitat Planet habitat.png
hive world Planet infested.png
infested world (unrecognized string “infested world” for Template:Icon)
machine world Planet ai.png
nanite world (unrecognized string “nanite world” for Template:Icon)
ocean Trait pc ocean preference.png
relic world Planet nuked.png
ring world Planet ringworld.png
savannah Trait pc savannah preference.png
shielded world (unrecognized string “shielded world” for Template:Icon)
shrouded world Shrouded World
tomb world Planet nuked.png
tropical Trait pc tropical preference.png
tundra Trait pc tundra preference.png

Planet modifiers
asteroid belt Pm asteroid belt.pngPm frame 1.png
asteroid impacts Pm asteroid impacts.pngPm frame 2.png
atmospheric aphrodisiac Pm atmospheric aphrodisiac.pngPm frame 1.png
atmospheric hallucinogen Pm atmospheric hallucinogen.pngPm frame 2.png
bleak Pm bleak.pngPm frame 1.png
carbon world Pm carbon world.pngPm frame 1.png
chthonian planet Pm chthonian planet.pngPm frame 1.png
exceptional quality minerals Pm ultra rich.pngPm frame 1.png
extensive moon system Pm extensive moon system.pngPm frame 1.png
hazardous weather Pm hazardous weather.pngPm frame 2.png
high gravity Pm high gravity.pngPm frame 2.png
high quality minerals Pm mineral rich.pngPm frame 1.png
holy world Pm consecrated worlds.pngPm frame 3.png
Planet modifiers
hostile fauna Pm dangerous wildlife.pngPm frame 2.png
irradiated pm Pm irradiated.pngPm frame 3.png
low gravity Pm low gravity.pngPm frame 2.png
lush Pm lush.pngPm frame 1.png
natural beauty Pm natural beauty.pngPm frame 1.png
poor quality minerals Pm mineral poor.pngPm frame 3.png
strong magnetic field Pm strong magnetic field.pngPm frame 1.png
terraforming candidate Pm planet from space.pngPm frame 1.png
tidal locked Pm tidal locked.pngPm frame 3.png
titanic life Pm titanic life.pngPm frame 1.png
unstable tectonics Pm unstable tectonics.pngPm frame 3.png
weak magnetic field Pm weak magnetic field.pngPm frame 3.png
wild storms Pm wild storms.pngPm frame 2.png
agriculture district District farming.png
city district District city.png
generator district District generator.png
hive district District hive.png
industrial district District industrial.png
mining district District mining.png
nexus district District nexus.png
Ecumenopolis arcologies
factory arcology (unrecognized string “factory arcology” for Template:Icon)
foundry arcology (unrecognized string “arcology” for Template:Icon)
leisure arcology (unrecognized string “arcology” for Template:Icon)
residential arcology (unrecognized string “residential arcology” for Template:Icon)
sanctuary arcology (unrecognized string “arcology” for Template:Icon)
Habitat districts
astro-mining bay (unrecognized string “astro-mining bay” for Template:Icon)
habitation district District hab housing.png
industrial habitat district (unrecognized string “industrial habitat district” for Template:Icon)
leisure district (unrecognized string “leisure district” for Template:Icon)
trade district (unrecognized string “trade district” for Template:Icon)
reactor district (unrecognized string “reactor district” for Template:Icon)
research district (unrecognized string “research district” for Template:Icon)
Ring World segments
agricultural segment (unrecognized string “agricultural segment” for Template:Icon)
city segment District city.png
commercial segment District hab commercial.png
generator segment (unrecognized string “generator segment” for Template:Icon)
hive segment District hive.png
industrial segment (unrecognized string “industrial segment” for Template:Icon)
nexus segment (unrecognized string “nexus segment” for Template:Icon)
research segment (unrecognized string “research segment” for Template:Icon)

Technology fields

industry Industry.png
materials Materials.png
rocketry Propulsion.png
voidcraft Voidcraft.png
computing Computing.png
field manipulation Field Manipulation.png
particles Particles.png
biology Biology.png
military theory Military Theory.png
new worlds New Worlds.png
psionics Psionics.png
statecraft Statecraft.png


authoritarian Authoritarian.png
egalitarian Egalitarian.png
materialist Materialist.png
militarist Militarist.png
pacifist Pacifist.png
spiritualist Spiritualist.png
xenophile Xenophile.png
xenophobe Xenophobe.png
gestalt consciousness Gestalt consciousness.png
Ethics (Fanatic)
fanatic authoritarian Fanatic Authoritarian.png
fanatic egalitarian Fanatic Egalitarian.png
fanatic materialist Fanatic Materialist.png
fanatic militarist Fanatic Militarist.png
fanatic pacifist Fanatic Pacifist.png
fanatic spiritualist Fanatic Spiritualist.png
fanatic xenophile Fanatic Xenophile.png
fanatic xenophobe Fanatic Xenophobe.png


democratic Auth democratic.png
oligarchic Auth oligarchic.png
dictatorial Auth dictatorial.png
imperial Imperial
hive mind Auth hive mind.png
machine intelligence Auth machine intelligence.png
corporate Auth corporate.png
calamitous birth Origins lithoid.png
clone army origin Clone Army
common ground Origins common ground.png
doomsday Origins doomsday.png
galactic doorstep Origins gateway.png
hegemon Hegemon
life-seeded Origins life seeded.png
lost colony Origins lost colony.png
mechanist Origins mechanist.png
necrophage origin Origins necrophage.png
on the shoulders of giants Origins one the shoulders of giant.png
post-apocalyptic Origins post apocalyptic.png
prosperous unification Origins default.png
remnants Origins remnant.png
resource consolidation Origins resource consolidation.png
scion Origins scion 1.png
shattered ring Origins shattered ring.png
syncretic evolution Origins syncretic evolution.png
tree of life Origins tree of life.png
void dwellers Origin void dwellers.png
NPC Origin
elder race Origins elder race.png
enlightened Origins enlightened.png
separatists (unrecognized string “separatists” for Template:Icon)
khanate successor Origins khan successor.png
hegemon subordinate (unrecognized string “hegemon subordinate” for Template:Icon)
Civics (regular)
agrarian idyll Civic agrarian idyll.png
aristocratic elite Civic aristocratic elite.png
barbaric despoilers Civic barbaric despoilers.png
beacon of liberty Civic beacon of liberty.png
byzantine bureaucracy Civic byzantine bureaucracy.png
catalytic processing Civic catalytic processing.png
citizen service Civic citizen service.png
corporate dominion Civic corporate dominion.png
corvée system,
corvee system
Civic corvee system.png
cutthroat politics Civic cutthroat politics.png
death cult Civic death cult.png
diplomatic corps Civic diplomatic corps.png
distinguished admiralty Civic distinguished admiralty.png
efficient bureaucracy Civic efficient bureaucracy.png
environmentalist Civic environmentalist.png
exalted priesthood Civic exalted priesthood.png
fanatic purifiers Civic fanatic purifiers.png
feudal society Civic feudal realm.png
free haven Civic free haven.png
functional architecture Civic functional architecture.png
imperial cult Civic imperial cult.png
idealistic foundation Civic idealistic foundation.png
idyllic bloom Civic idyllic bloom.png
inward perfection,
inwards perfection
Civic inwards perfection.png
masterful crafters Civic crafters.png
merchant guilds Civic merchant guilds.png
memorialists Civic memorialist.png
meritocracy Civic meritocracy.png
mining guilds Civic mining guilds.png
nationalistic zeal Civic nationalistic zeal.png
parliamentary system Civic parliamentary system.png
philosopher king Civic philosopher king.png
pleasure seekers Civic pleasure seekers.png
police state Civic police state.png
reanimators Civic reanimated armies.png
shadow council Civic shadow council.png
shared burdens Civic shared burdens.png
slaver guilds Civic slaver guilds.png
technocracy Civic technocracy.png
warrior culture Civic warrior culture.png
galactic sovereign Civic galactic sovereign.png
Civics (gestalt consciousness)
Hive Mind
ascetic Civic ascetic.png
catalytic processing hive Civic hive catalytic processing.png
devouring swarm Civic devouring swarm.png
divided attention Civic divided attention.png
empath Civic empath.png
idyllic bloom hive Civic hive idyllic bloom.png
memorialist hive Civic hive memorialist.png
natural neural network Civic natural neural network.png
one mind Civic one mind.png
pooled knowledge Civic pooled knowledge.png
strength of legions Civic strength of legions.png
subspace ephapse Civic subspace ephapse.png
subsumed will Civic subsumed will.png
terravore Civic devouring swarm.png
Machine Intelligence
catalytic processing machine Civic machine catalytic processing.png
constructobot Civic machine builder.png
delegated functions Civic machine delegated functions.png
determined exterminator Civic machine terminator.png
driven assimilator Civic machine assimilator.png
factory overclocking Civic machine factory overclock.png
introspective Civic machine introspective.png
maintenance protocols Civic machine maintenance protocols.png
memorialist machine Civic machine memorialist.png
ota updates Civic machine ota updates.png
rapid replicator Civic machine replication.png
rockbreakers Civic machine rockbreakers.png
rogue servitor Civic machine servitor.png
static research analysis Civic machine predictive analysis.png
unitary cohesion Civic machine unitary cohesion.png
warbots Civic machine warbots.png
zero-waste protocols Civic machine zero-waste protocols.png
Civics (corporate)
brand loyalty Civic brand loyalty.png
catalytic processing corporate Civic corporate catalytic processing.png
corporate death cult Civic death cult corporate.png
corporate hedonism Civic corporate hedonism.png
criminal heritage Civic criminal heritage.png
franchising Civic franchising.png
free traders Civic free traders.png
gospel of the masses Civic gospel of the masses.png
indentured assets Civic indentured assets.png
mastercraft inc. Civic corporate crafters.png
media conglomerate Civic media conglomerate.png
naval contractors Civic naval contractors.png
private military companies Civic private military companies.png
private prospectors Civic private prospectors.png
public relations specialists Civic public relations specialists.png
ruthless competition Civic ruthless competition.png
trading posts Civic trading posts.png
adaptability Tradition icon adaptability.png
diplomacy tradition
discovery Discovery
domination Domination
expansion Expansion
harmony Harmony
mercantile tradition Mercantile
prosperity tradition Prosperity
subterfuge tradition Tradition icon subterfuge.png
supremacy Tradition icon supremacy.png
synchronicity Tradition icon synchronicity.png
unyielding tradition (unrecognized string “unyielding tradition” for Template:Icon)
versatility tradition
Ascension Perk
arcology project Arcology Project
become the crisis Become the Crisis
colossus project Colossus Project
consecrated worlds Consecrated Worlds
defender of the galaxy Defender of the Galaxy
engineered evolution Ap engineered evolution.png
enigmatic engineering Enigmatic Engineering
eternal vigilance Eternal Vigilance
evolutionary mastery Evolutionary Mastery
executive vigor Executive Vigor
galactic contender Galactic Contender
galactic force projection Galactic Force Projection
galactic wonders Galactic Wonders
grasp the void Grasp the Void
hive worlds Hive Worlds
imperial prerogative Imperial Prerogative
interstellar dominion Interstellar Dominion
machine worlds Machine Worlds
master builders Ap master builders.png
mastery of nature Ap mastery of nature.png
mind over matter Ap mind over matter.png
nihilistic acquisition Ap nihilistic acquisition.png
one vision Ap one vision.png
shared destiny Ap shared destiny.png
synthetic age Ap synthetic age.png
synthetic evolution Ap synthetic evolution.png
technological ascendancy Technological Ascendancy
the flesh is weak Ap the flesh is weak.png
transcendence Ap transcendence.png
transcendent learning Transcendent Learning
universal transactions Ap universal transactions.png
voidborne, voidborn Ap voidborn.png
ap world shaper World Shaper
xeno-compatibility, xeno compatibility Ap xeno compatibility.png


administrator Job administrator.png
executive Job executive.png
high priest Job priest.png
merchant Job merchant.png
noble Job noble.png
science director Job researcher.png
artificer Job artificer.png
artisan Job artisan.png
bureaucrat Bureaucrat
catalytic technician Job foundry.png
chemist Job chemist.png
colonist Job colonist.png
culture worker Job culture worker.png
death chronicler Job death chronicler.png
death priest Job death priest.png
duelist Job duelist.png
enforcer Job enforcer.png
entertainer Job entertainer.png
gas refiner Job gas refiner.png
manager Job manager.png
medical worker,
healthcare worker
Job healthcare.png
Job foundry.png
necromancer Job necromancer.png
necrophyte Job apprentice.png
priest Priest
researcher Job researcher.png
roboticist Job roboticist.png
telepath Job telepath.png
translucer Job translucer.png
clerk Job clerk.png
crystal miner Job crystal miner.png
farmer Job farmer.png
gas extractor Job gas extractor.png
miner Job miner.png
mortal initiate Job mortal initiate.png
mote harvester Job mote harvester.png
prosperity preacher
Prosperity Preacher
scrap miner Job miner.png
soldier Job soldier.png
technician Job technician.png
Complex Drone
artisan drone Job artisan.png
brain drone Brain Drone
calculator Job researcher.png
catalytic drone Job foundry.png
chemist drone
Job chemist.png
chronicle drone Job death chronicler.png
coordinator Job coordinator.png
crystal mining drone Job crystal miner.png
evaluator Job evaluator.png
fabricator Job foundry.png
foundry drone,
alloy drone
Job foundry.png
gas extraction drone Job gas extractor.png
hunter-seeker drone,
patrol drone
Job patrol drone.png
lensing drone, translucer drone Job translucer.png
mote harvesting drone Job mote harvester.png
refinery drone,
gas refiner drone
Job gas refiner.png
replicator Job replicator.png
spawning drone Job spawning drone.png
synapse drone Job synapse drone.png
Menial Drone
agri-drone Job farmer.png
maintenance drone Job maintenance drone.png
mining drone Job miner.png
tech-drone, technician drone Job technician.png
warrior drone Job soldier.png
grid amalgamated Job organic battery.png
livestock Job livestock.png
servant Job servant.png
slave overseer
Job enforcer.png
slave toiler
Job primitive laborer.png
bio-trophy Bio-Trophy
cave cleaner Job miner.png
cave cleaner drone Job miner.png
corrupt drone Job criminal.png
criminal Job criminal.png
deviant drone Job criminal.png
dimensional portal researcher Job researcher.png
dimensional portal drone,
dimensional portal researcher gestalt
Job researcher.png
gas plant drone Job gas refiner.png
gas plant engineer Job gas extractor.png
nemma miner Job miner.png
nemma mining drone Job miner.png
odd factory drone Job foundry.png
odd factory worker Job foundry.png
purging Job purge.png
scavenger Scavenger
scavenger drone Job miner.png
subterranean contact drone (unrecognized string “subterranean contact drone” for Template:Icon)
subterranean liaison officer,
underground trade worker
Job foundry.png
transmuter Job foundry.png
transmuter drone Job foundry.png
unemployed Job default.png
Fallen Empire
acolyte farm, acolyte of the plow Job farmer.png
acolyte mine, acolyte of the hammer Job miner.png
acolyte generator, acolyte of the hyperspanner Job technician.png
acolyte artisan, acolyte of the workshop Job artificer.png
archivist Job fe archivist.png
augur, augur of the shroud Job priest.png
maintenance bot
Job maintenance drone.png
guardian bot
Job soldier.png
hedonist Job fe hedonist.png
overseer fallen
Job administrator.png
protector Job enforcer.png
sky cardinal Job priest.png
xeno-keeper Job culture worker.png
xeno-ward Job fe xeno ward.png
bureaucrat, primitive bureaucrat Bureaucrat
cleric, primitive priest Job priest.png
primitive priest 2 Job priest.png
feudal noble, primitive noble Job noble.png
hunter-gatherer Job hunter.png
laborer, primitive laborer Laborer
peasant Job farmer.png
pre-sapient Job hunter.png
primitive farmer Job farmer.png
primitive miner Job miner.png
primitive technician Job technician.png
scholar, primitive researcher Job researcher.png
primitive researcher 2
Job researcher.png
warrior, primitive warrior Job hunter.png
bureaucrat, primitive bureaucrat Bureaucrat
primitive warrior 2
Job soldier.png


Weapon Types
energy weapons Combat stat damage energy.png
explosive weapons Combat stat damage explosive.png
kinetic weapons Combat stat damage kinetic.png
Laser Weapons
ship red laser small Ship part laser 1 small.png
ship blue laser small Ship part laser 2 small.png
ship uv laser small Ship part laser 3 small.png
ship x-ray laser small Ship part laser 4 small.png
ship gamma laser small Ship part laser 5 small.png
Starbase Modules
transit hub Transit Hub


javorian pox sample R pox sample.png


reassembled ship shelter Building colony shelter.png
planetary administration Building capital.png
planetary capital Building major capital.png
system capital-complex Building system capital.png
deployment post Deployment Post
administrative array Building machine capital 1.png
planetary processor Building machine capital 2.png
primary nexus Building machine capital 3.png
hive core Building hive core.png
hive nexus Building hive nexus.png
agri-processing complex Building agri processing complex.png
agricultural zone Building hab agri bay.png
alien toy factory Building ancient factory.png
alien zoo Building alien zoo.png
ancient clone vat (unrecognized string “ancient clone vat” for Template:Icon)
art monument Building zanaam obelisk.png
autochthon monument Building autochthon monument.png
autonomous fabricators Building ancient factory.png
auto-curating vault Building autocurating vault.png
basic hydroponics farm Building basic farm.png
basic mine Building basic mine.png
basic science lab i Building basic science lab 1.png
betharian power plant Building betharian power plant 1.png
biolab i Building biolab 1.png
biolab ii Building biolab 2.png
biolab iii Building biolab 3.png
biolab iv Building biolab 4.png
citadel of faith Building citadel of faith.png
clone vats Building clone vats.png
cyto-revitalization center Building clinic.png
dark matter power plant Building dark matter power plant.png
dragonslayer monument Building religious monument.png
energy grid Building power hub 1.png
energy nexus Building power hub 2.png
engineering facility i Building engineering facility 1.png
engineering facility ii Building engineering facility 2.png
engineering facility iii Building engineering facility 3.png
engineering facility iv Building engineering facility 4.png
ether drake shrine Building zanaam obelisk.png
fortress Building fortress.png
gaia seeder phase 1 n/a
gaia seeder phase 2 n/a
gaia seeder phase 3 n/a
gaia seeder final phase n/a
galactic stock exchange Building galactic stock exchange.png
gene clinic Building clinic.png
great pyramid Building great pyramid.png
habitat administration Building hab capital.png
heritage site Building heritage site.png
hive synapse Building zanaam obelisk.png
holotemple Building holotemple.png
hydroponics farm i Building hydroponics farm 1.png
hydroponics farm ii Building hydroponics farm 2.png
hydroponics farm iii Building hydroponics farm 3.png
hydroponics farm iv Building hydroponics farm 4.png
hydroponics farm v Building hydroponics farm 5.png
hypercomms forum Building hypercomms forum.png
loop institute Building akx worm 2.png
machine park[note 1] Building primitive farm.png
matter replicator Building matter replicator.png
military academy Building military academy.png
mineral purification plants Building mineral processing plant 1.png
mineral purification hubs Building mineral processing plant 2.png
mining network i Building mining network 1.png
mining network ii Building mining network 2.png
mining network iii Building mining network 3.png
mining network iv Building mining network 4.png
mining network v Building mining network 5.png
ministry of benevolence Building ministry benevolence.png
mutant landfill Building hive ruins.png
neuro-electric amplifier Building neuro electric amplifier.png
odd factory Building primitive factory.png
omega alignment Building akx worm 3.png
particle accelerator Building primitive factory.png
plague research station Building primitive farm.png
paradise dome Building paradise dome.png
physics lab ii Building physics lab 2.png
physics lab i Building physics lab 1.png
physics lab iii Building physics lab 3.png
physics lab iv Building physics lab 5.png
plague memorial Building religious monument.png
planetary shield generator Building shield generator.png
power plant i Building power plant 1.png
power plant ii Building power plant 2.png
power plant iii Building power plant 3.png
power plant iv Building power plant 4.png
power plant v Building power plant 5.png
primitive factory Building primitive factory.png
primitive farms Building primitive farm.png
psi corps Building hab laboratory module.png
research institute Building institute.png
sacred nexus Building sacred nexus.png
slave processing facility Building slave processing.png
spiral-feed power hub Building akx worm 1.png
stronghold Building stronghold.png
symbol of purity Building symbol purity.png
temple Building temple.png
underground vault[note 2] Building primitive farm.png
visitor center Building visitor center.png
war factory Building war factory.png
  1. Called "Underground Vault" in game. This icon refers to the non-empty vault building.
  2. Refers to the abandoned vault.


active countermeasures Tech pd tracking 1.png
adaptive bureaucracy Tech adaptive bureaucracy.png
adaptive combat algorithms Tech adaptive combat algorithms.png
administrative ai Tech administrative ai.png
administrative efficiency Tech repeatable improved core planet cap.png
advanced afterburners tech Advanced Afterburners
advanced mineral purification Tech mineral purification 2.png
advanced railguns tech Advanced Railguns
advanced shields tech Tech shields 4.png
advanced strike craft Tech strike craft 3.png
afterburners tech Afterburners
automated exploration protocols Tech automated exploration.png
aggressive conditioning Tech repeatable improved army damage.png
ai-controlled colony ships Tech cryostasis 1.png
amoeba breeding program Tech amoeba strike craft 1.png
antimatter missiles tech Antimatter Missiles
antimatter power Tech antimatter power.png
applied quantum physics Tech physics 2.png
applied superconductivity Tech repeatable improved tile energy output.png
arc emitters tech Arc Emitters
armored torpedoes tech Armored Torpedoes
artificial dragonscales Tech dragon armor.png
artificial moral codes Tech artificial moral codes.png
ascension theory Tech ascension theory.png
assembly algorithms Tech repeatable reduced building time.png
assembly patterns Tech assembly pattern.png
atmospheric filtering Tech colonization 2.png
atmospheric manipulation Tech atmospheric manipulation.png
autocannons tech Autocannons
automated curation algorithms Tech autocurating vault.png
autonomous mining drones Tech space mining 4.png
battleships tech Tech battleships.png
betharian refining Tech mine betharian.png
binary motivators Tech robomodding points 1.png
biodiversity studies Tech society 1.png
biomechanics Tech biomechanics.png
bio-reactor tech Tech bio reactor.png
blue crystal capacitors Tech blue crystal weapon 1.png
blue lasers tech Tech lasers 2.png
capacitor fields tech Tech aura shield recharger.png
capacity boosters tech Tech capacity boosters.png
carrier operations Tech strike craft 1.png
cell revitalization Tech repeatable improved leader life span.png
centralized command Tech centralized command.png
ceramo-metal materials Tech ship armor 2.png
chemical thrusters tech Tech thrusters 1.png
climate transformation Tech climate restoration.png
cloning Tech cloning.png
cloud lightning conduits Tech space cloud weapon 1.png
coilguns tech Tech mass drivers 2.png
cold fusion power Tech cold fusion power.png
colonial bureaucracy Tech colonial bureaucracy.png
colonial centralization Tech colonial centralization.png
combat training Tech combat training.png
communication protocols Tech repeatable improved sector cap.png
consecration fields Tech sacred nexus.png
construction templates Tech construction templates.png
corps of engineers Tech space defense station improvement.png
corvettes tech Tech corvettes.png
cross-model standardization Tech robomodding points 1.png
cruisers tech Tech cruisers.png
crystal-infused plating tech Tech crystal armor 1.png
crystal-forged plating tech Tech crystal armor 2.png
curator archeology lab tech,
curator archaeology lab tech
Tech archeology lab.png
curator exploration lab tech Tech curator lab.png
cyto-revitalization Tech frontier health.png
dangerous wildlife removal Tech tb dangerous wildlife.png
dark matter deflectors Tech enigmatic deflector.png
dark matter drawing Tech mine dark matter.png
dark matter power Tech enigmatic power core.png
dark matter propulsion Tech dark matter propulsion.png
databank uplinks Tech databank uplinks.png
deep core mining Tech mining 2.png
deep sinkhole removal Tech tb deep sinkhole.png
deflectors tech Tech shields 1.png
dense jungle removal Tech tb dense jungle.png
destroyers tech Destroyers
devastator torpedoes tech Tech torpedoes 3.png
disruptors tech Disruptors
doctrine: armada battle formation Tech doctrine fleet size 5.png
doctrine: command matrix Tech doctrine command matrix.png
doctrine: fleet support Tech doctrine navy size 1.png
doctrine: fluid fleet templates Tech doctrine fleet size 4.png
doctrine: interstellar warfare Tech doctrine fleet size 3.png
doctrine: reactive formations Tech doctrine fleet size 2.png
doctrine: refit standards Tech doctrine refit standards.png
doctrine: space combat Tech doctrine fleet size 1.png
doctrine: strange loop Tech akx worm 2.png
droids tech Droids
durasteel materials Tech ship armor 4.png
dyson sphere tech Dyson Sphere
eco simulation Tech eco simulation.png
ecological adaptation Tech ecological adaptation.png
eco-integration studies Tech colonization 5.png
enigmatic decoder tech Tech enigmatic decoder.png
enigmatic disruption field tech Tech enigmatic disruption field.png
enigmatic encoder tech Tech enigmatic encoder.png
entropic recursion Tech akx worm 1.png
epigenetic triggers Tech epigenetic triggers.png
ethical equations Tech ethical equations.png
exotic materials labs Tech basic science lab 2.png
extended combat algorithms Tech combat computers 2.png
extraction patterns Tech repeatable improved tile mineral output.png
extradimensional weaponry Tech extradimensional weapon 1.png
field modulation Tech power plant 2.png
fission power Tech fission power.png
flash coolant Tech repeatable weapon type energy fire rate.png
focused arc emitters tech Focused Arc Emitters
focusing arrays Tech repeatable weapon type energy damage.png
fortified core layers Tech repeatable improved military station health.png
flak artillery tech Flak Artillery
flak battery tech Flak Battery
frequency tuning Tech space whale weapon 1.png
fusion missiles tech Fusion Missiles
fusion power Tech fusion power.png
galactic ambitions Tech galactic ambitions.png
galactic administration Tech galactic administration.png
galactic bureaucracy Tech galactic bureaucracy.png
galactic campaigns Tech galactic campaigns.png
galactic markets Tech galactic markets.png
gamma lasers tech Tech lasers 5.png
gauss cannons tech Tech mass drivers 5.png
gene banks Tech gene banks.png
gene crops Tech gene crops.png
gene seed purification Tech gene seed purification.png
gene tailoring Tech gene tailoring.png
genetic healthcare Tech frontier health.png
genetic resequencing Tech genetic resequencing.png
genome mapping Tech genome mapping.png
geothermal fracking Tech mining 1.png
giga cannon tech Tech mass accelerator 2.png
global energy management Tech power hub 1.png
gravitic sensors tech Tech sensors 2.png
gravitational analysis Tech repeatable reduced building cost.png
green crystal capacitors Tech green crystal weapon 1.png
heat recyclers Tech repeatable weapon type strike craft fire rate.png
heritage sites Tech heritage site.png
high-density munitions Tech repeatable weapon type kinetic damage.png
high-energy capacitors Tech power plant 1.png
holographic casts Tech alloys 1.png
holographic rituals Tech holographic rituals.png
hostile environment adaption Tech colonization 3.png
hull integrity Tech repeatable improved ship health.png
hydroponics Tech hydroponics.png
hyper shields tech Tech shields 5.png
hyperlane breach points Tech hyper drive 2.png
hyperspace slipstreams Tech hyper drive 3.png
hyperspace travel Tech hyper drive 1.png
interlinked support systems Tech pd tracking 2.png
interstellar campaigns Tech interstellar campaigns.png
interstellar fleet traditions Tech interstellar fleet traditions.png
improved deflectors tech Tech shields 2.png
improved strike craft Tech strike craft 2.png
interplanetary expeditionary forces Tech assault armies.png
ion disruptors tech Ion Disruptors
ion thrusters tech Ion Thrusters
impulse thrusters tech Impulse Thrusters
industrial base Tech basic industry.png
jump drive tech Tech jump drive 1.png
kinetic battery tech Kinetic Battery
kinetic artillery tech Kinetic Artillery
living metal tech Living Metal
loader efficiency Tech repeatable weapon type kinetic fire rate.png
local hypercommunication Tech hypercomms forum.png
long-range mineral scanners Tech space mining 2.png
marauder missiles tech Tech missiles 5.png
mass drivers tech Tech mass drivers 1.png
massive glacier removal Tech tb massive glacier.png
matter compression Tech repeatable improved armor output.png
mechanized mining Tech mechanized mining.png
mega cannon tech Tech mass accelerator 1.png
mega-engineering Tech mega engineering.png
metacognitive faith Tech transcendent faith.png
micro-replicators Tech micro replicators.png
miniature containment fields Tech space science 2.png
mineral cutting beams Tech space mining 3.png
mineral isolation Tech mining 3.png
mineral purification Tech mineral purification 1.png
miniaturized pre-igniters Tech repeatable weapon type explosive fire rate.png
mining drone lasers tech Tech mining drone weapon 1.png
morphogenetic field mastery Tech morphogenetic field mastery.png
mountain range removal Tech tb mountain range.png
multi-dimensional analysis Tech space science 5.png
multi-dimensional studies Tech basic science lab 3.png
nanite assemblers Tech robomodding points 2.png
nanite mineral probes Tech space mining 5.png
nanite repair system tech Tech nanite repair system.png
nanite transmutation Tech nanite transmutation.png
nano-vitality crops Tech nano vitality crops.png
nanocomposite materials Tech ship armor 1.png
nanomechanics Tech engineering 1.png
nano-circuit assembly Tech luxuries 1.png
nano-separators Tech alloys 2.png
new worlds protocol Tech colonization 1.png
nerve dampeners Tech repeatable improved army health.png
neural implants Tech neural implants.png
neutron torpedoes tech Tech energy torpedoes 2.png
neutronium materials Tech ship armor 5.png
noxious swamp removal Tech tb noxious swamp.png
nuclear missiles tech Tech missiles 1.png
nutrient replication Tech nutrient replication.png
orbital energy conversion Tech solar panel network.png
offworld construction Tech space construction.png
omega theory Tech akx worm 3.png
particle lances tech Particle Lances
phase disruptors tech Phase Disruptors
planetary defenses Tech planetary defenses.png
planetary government Tech planetary government.png
planetary power grid Tech power hub 2.png
planetary signal boosters Tech repeatable improved planet sensor range.png
planetary shields Tech planetary shield generator.png
planetary unification Tech planetary unification.png
plasma accelerators tech Plasma Accelerators
plasma cannons tech Plasma Cannons
plasma throwers tech Plasma Throwers
plasma thrusters tech Plasma Thrusters
plasteel materials Tech ship armor 3.png
powered exoskeletons Tech powered exoskeletons.png
precognition interface Tech precognition interface.png
predictive algorithms Tech pd tracking 3.png
probability theory Tech probability theory.png
proclamation broadcasts Tech repeatable improved edict length.png
proton torpedoes tech Tech energy torpedoes 1.png
psi jump drives Tech psi jump drive 1.png
psionic shields tech Psionic Shields
psionic theory Tech psionic theory.png
quantum probes Tech space science 3.png
quantum theory Tech physics 1.png
quicksand basin removal Tech tb quicksand basin.png
quantum destabilizer tech Quantum Destabilizer
quantum energy states Tech power plant 3.png
quantum field manipulation Tech power plant 4.png
quantum missiles tech Quantum Missiles
railguns tech Railguns
red crystal capacitors Tech red crystal weapon 1.png
red lasers tech Red Lasers
regenerative hull tissue tech Regenerative Hull Tissue
replicator kiosks Tech luxuries 2.png
ring world tech Ring World
ripper cannons tech Ripper Cannons
robotic workers Tech robotic workers.png
science nexus tech Tech science nexus.png
scientific method Tech basic science lab 1.png
scourge missiles Tech scourge missile 1.png
secrets of life Tech society 3.png
selected lineages tech Selected Lineages
self-assembling components Tech self assembling components.png
self-aware colony ships Tech cryostasis 2.png
sentry array tech Tech sentry array.png
shield capacitors Tech shield rechargers 1.png
shield harmonics Tech repeatable improved shield output.png
shields tech Shields
sociocultural history Tech cultural heritage.png
space torpedoes tech Space Torpedoes
space-time theory Tech physics 3.png
specialized combat computers Tech combat computers 1.png
standardized battleship patterns Tech battleship build speed.png
standardized cruiser patterns Tech cruiser build speed.png
stimulant diet Tech repeatable improved slave mineral output.png
stormfire cannons tech Stormfire Cannons
subdermal stimulation Tech subdermal stimulation.png
subspace sensors tech Subspace Sensors
superfluid materials Tech engineering 3.png
supersolid materials Tech engineering 2.png
swarm spawning pools Tech swarm strike craft 1.png
swarmer missiles tech Swarmer Missiles
synapse interceptors Tech repeatable weapon type strike craft fire damage.png
synchronized defenses tech Synchronized Defenses
synchronized firing patterns Tech repeatable improved military station damage.png
synthetic personality matrix Tech synthetic leaders.png
synthetic thought patterns Tech synthetic thought patterns.png
synthetics tech Synthetics
tachyon lances tech Tech energy lance 2.png
tachyon sensors tech Tech sensors 4.png
talent acquisition Tech repeatable reduced leader cost.png
targeted gene expressions Tech gene expressions.png
telepathy Tech telepathy.png
terrestrial sculpting Tech terrestrial sculpting.png
the collective self Tech collective self.png
the living state Tech living state.png
thermodynamic yield control Tech repeatable weapon type explosive damage.png
toxic kelp removal Tech tb toxic kelp.png
transgenic crops Tech repeatable improved tile food output.png
uv lasers tech Tech lasers 3.png
vitality boosters Tech vitality boosters.png
volcano removal Tech tb volcano.png
whirlwind missiles tech Tech swarmer missiles 2.png
xeno relations Tech diplomacy 2.png
xenobiology Tech society 2.png
xenology Tech alien life studies.png
x-ray lasers tech Tech lasers 4.png
yellow crystal capacitors Tech yellow crystal weapon 1.png
xeno outreach Tech diplomacy 1.png
xeno supremacy Tech diplomacy 3.png
xeno zoo tech Tech xeno zoo.png
yurantic crystal mining Tech mine rare crystals.png
zero-g laboratories Tech space science 1.png
zero-g refineries Tech space mining 1.png
zero point power Tech zero point power.png
zro distillation Tech mine zro.png


obelisk of zanaam Building monolith.png replaced in patch 1.3
hyper-entertainment forum Building hab cultural center.png removed with patch 1.5
monument to purity Building ancient archives.png removed with patch 1.5
virtual combat arena Building hab laboratory module.png removed with patch 1.5
betharian power plant i Building betharian power plant 1.png removed with patch 1.5
betharian power plant ii Building betharian power plant 1.png removed with patch 1.5
betharian power plant iii Building betharian power plant 1.png removed with patch 1.5
betharian power plant iv Building betharian power plant 1.png removed with patch 1.5
royal gardens Building hab agri bay.png removed with patch 1.5
mineral processing plant i Building mineral processing plant 1.png renamed with patch 1.5
mineral processing plant ii Building mineral processing plant 2.png renamed with patch 1.5
power hub i Building power hub 1.png renamed with patch 1.5
power hub ii Building power hub 2.png renamed with patch 1.5
frontier clinic Building clinic.png remamed with patch 1.8
frontier hospital Building clinic.png remamed with patch 1.8
basic power plant Building basic power plant.png removed with patch 2.0
mineral silo Building matter replicator.png removed with patch 2.0
paradise dome tech Tech paradise dome.png removed with patch 1.5
alien visitor centers Tech visitor center.png removed with patch 1.5
frontier collectives Tech frontier collectives.png removed with patch 1.5
frontier commissars Tech frontier commissars.png removed with patch 1.5
frontier initiatives Tech frontier initiatives.png removed with patch 1.5
frontier traditions Tech frontier traditions.png removed with patch 1.5
hyper-entertainment forum tech Tech hyper entertainment forum.png removed with patch 1.5
manifest destiny Tech manifest destiny.png removed with patch 1.5
propaganda transmissions Tech repeatable improved starbase capacity.png removed with patch 1.5
purity campaigns Tech purity campaigns.png removed with patch 1.5
virtual combat simulations Tech virtual combat arena.png removed with patch 1.5
xeno diplomacy Tech xeno diplomacy.png removed with patch 1.5
xeno integration Tech xeno integration.png removed with patch 1.5
symbols of unity Tech symbol unity.png removed with patch 1.6
frontier health Tech frontier health.png remamed with patch 1.8
frontier hospital tech Tech frontier health.png remamed with patch 1.8
climate restoration Tech climate restoration.png remamed with patch 1.8
advanced mineral processing Tech mineral purification 2.png removed with patch 2.2
advanced spaceport Tech spaceport 4.png removed with patch 2.0
arctic colonization Tech arctic colonization.png removed with patch 1.3
arid colonization Tech arid colonization.png removed with patch 1.3
continental colonization Tech continental colonization.png removed with patch 1.3
deep space installations Tech space defense station 3.png removed with patch 1.3
deep space outposts Tech space defense station 1.png removed with patch 2.0
deep space stations Tech space defense station 2.png removed with patch 2.0
desert colonization Tech desert colonization.png removed with patch 1.3
engos vapor refining Tech exotic gases.png removed with patch 2.2
enigmatic deflectors Tech enigmatic deflector.png removed with patch ??
enigmatic power generation Tech enigmatic power core.png now a modifier
gaia creation Tech gaia creation.png removed with patch 2.0
galactic benevolence Tech galactic benevolence.png removed with patch 1.5?
garanthium mining Tech mine garanthium.png removed with patch 2.2
global research initiative Tech global research initiative.png removed with patch ??
hyperlane mapping Tech hyperlane mapping.png removed with patch 2.0
improved spaceport Tech spaceport 2.png removed with patch 2.0
lythuric gas refining Tech lythuric gas.png removed with patch 2.2
mineral processing Tech mineral purification 1.png removed with patch 2.2?
neutronium extraction Tech mine neutronium.png removed with patch 2.2
orbital sensor arrays Tech orbital sensor array.png removed with patch 2.0?
ocean colonization Tech ocean colonization.png removed with patch 1.3
orillium extraction Tech mine orillium.png removed with patch 2.2
pitharan dust refining Tech volatile motes.png removed with patch 2.2
satramene refining Tech mine satramene.png removed with patch 2.2
self-aware logic Tech self aware logic.png removed with patch ??
sentient ai Tech sentient ai.png removed with patch ??
sentient combat simulations Tech combat computers 3.png removed with patch ??
sentient resource management Tech repeatable improved leader cap.png removed with patch ??
spaceport tech Tech spaceport 1.png removed with patch 2.0?
subspace wormholes Tech wormhole generation 1.png removed with patch 2.0
teldar crystal mining Tech mine teldar.png removed with patch 2.2
tropical colonization Tech tropical colonization.png removed with patch 1.3
tundra colonization Tech tundra colonization.png removed with patch 1.3
uplink miniaturization Tech improved databank uplinks.png removed with patch ??
warp drive ramscoops Tech warp drive 3 copy.png removed with patch 2.0
warp field stabilizers Tech warp drive 2.png removed with patch 2.0
warp travel Tech warp drive 1.png removed with patch 2.0
will to power Tech will to power.png removed with patch ??
wormhole calibration matrix Tech wormhole generation 2.png removed with patch 2.0
wormhole containment fields Tech wormhole stabilization.png removed with patch 2.0
xeno outreach Tech diplomacy 1.png removed with patch ??
xeno supremacy Tech diplomacy 3.png removed with patch ??
xeno zoo tech Tech xeno zoo.png removed with patch 2.2
precious metals Precious Metals.png removed with patch 1.1
alliance Diplomacy alliance.png removed with patch 1.3
construction time Mod planet building time mult.png replaced by 'Building Build Speed' with patch 1.5
pioneering terminal Spaceport module pioneering terminal.png removed with patch 1.5
anomaly fail risk Mod ship anomaly fail risk.png removed with patch 2.1
careful Leader trait careful.png removed with patch 2.1
adjacency Adjacency.png removed with patch 2.2
empire leader capacity Mod country leader cap.png removed with patch 2.2
reanimated armies Civic reanimated armies.png renamed 'Reanimators' with patch 3.1
android army,
android armies
Army robotic.png
army potential Army potential.png
elite guard army,
elite guard armies
Army assault.png
machine army,
machine armies
Army assault m.png
machine defense army,
machine defense armies
Army defense m.png
robotic army,
robotic armies
Army robotic.png
head researcher Job researcher.png renamed 'Science Director'
alien migration attraction Mod pop growth from immigration.png
robot build speed Mod pop assembly speed.png
growth time Mod pop growth speed.png renamed with patch 1.6
growth speed Mod pop growth speed.png
slavery tolerance Mod planet jobs slave produces mult.png

Obsolete resource buildings and spaceport modules (removed with patch 1.3)

lythuric atmospheric manipulator Building lythuric manipulator.png
garanthiumworks Building garanthiumworks.png
teldar plant Building teldar plant.png
orillium explosives factory Building orillium factory.png
pitharan fertilizer plant Building pitharan plant.png
engos habitation station Building engos plant.png
Spaceport modules
garanthium forge Garanthium Forge.png
engos refinery Engos Refinery.png
orillium plant Orillium Plant.png
teldar ammunition factory Teldar Ammunition Factory.png
satramene atmospheric dispenser Satramene Atmospheric Dispenser.png
pitharan refinery Pitharan Refinery.png
dark matter reactor Dark Matter Reactor.png
neutronium forge Neutronium Forge.png
neutronium fission plant Neutronium Forge.png
living metal armory Living Metal Armory.png
lythuric gas refinery Lythuric Gas Refinery.png

Obsolete ethics (replaced in patch 1.5)

collectivist Collectivist.png
individualist Individualist.png
fanatic collectivist Fanatic Collectivist.png
fanatic individualist Fanatic Individualist.png

Obsolete governments (reworked in patch 1.5)

ai overlordship AI Overlordship.png
awakened ascendancy Awakened Ascendancy.png
democratic utopia Democratic Utopia.png
despotic empire Despotic Empire.png
despotic hegemony Despotic Hegemony.png
direct democracy Direct Democracy.png
divine mandate Divine Mandate.png
enlightened monarchy Enlightened Monarchy.png
fragmented nations Fragmented Nations.png
illuminated technocracy Illuminated Technocracy.png
indirect democracy Indirect Democracy.png
irenic democracy Irenic Democracy.png
irenic monarchy Irenic Monarchy.png
irenic protectorate Irenic Protectorate.png
machine consciousness AI Overlordship.png
martial democracy Martial Demarchy.png
martial empire Martial Empire.png
mega corporation Mega Corporation.png
military dictatorship Military Dictatorship.png
military junta Military Junta.png
military order Military Dictatorship.png
military republic Military Republic.png
moral democracy Moral Democracy.png
neural network administration AI Overlordship.png
ordered stratocracy Ordered Stratocracy.png
peaceful bureaucracy Peaceful Bureaucracy.png
pirate codex Pirate Codex.png
plutocratic oligarchy Plutocratic Oligarchy.png
primitive feudalism Primitive Feudalism.png
science directorate Science Directorate.png
stagnant ascendancy Stagnated Ascendancy.png
star empire Star Empire.png
subconscious consensus Subconscious Consensus.png
theocratic oligarchy Theocratic Oligarchy.png
theocratic republic Theocratic Republic.png
transcendent empire Transcendent Empire.png
transcendent oligarchy Transcendent Oligarchy.png
transcendent republic Transcendent Republic.png

Obsolete army attachments (removed with patch 2.0)

Army attachments
clone commandos Attachment genetic.png
commissar squads Attachment slaves.png
hunter-killer drone swarms Attachment mechanical.png
neo-concrete fortifications Attachment shield.png
psi warriors Attachment special forces.png
xeno cavalry Attachment xeno.png

Obsolete spaceport modules (removed with patch 2.2)

battleship assembly yards Battleship Assembly Yards.png
corvette assembly yards Corvette Assembly Yards.png
crew quarters Crew Quarters.png
cruiser assembly yards Cruiser Assembly Yards.png
destroyer assembly yards Destroyer Assembly Yards.png removed with patch 2.0 -->
engineering bay Sb shipyard.png
fleet academy Fleet Academy.png
laser defense module Laser Defense Module.png
missile defense module Sb missile battery.png
navigator's guild Sb listening post.png
observatory Observatory.png
orbital hydroponic farms Sb hydroponics bay.png
orbital mind control laser Sb disruption field generator.png
projectile defense module Sb gun battery.png
solar panel network Solar Panel Network.png
synchronized defenses Sb target uplink computer.png

Obsolete strategic resources (removed with patch 2.2)

Army attachments
aldar crystals Aldar Crystals.png
alien pets Alien Pets.png
betharian stone Betharian.png
lythuric gas Lythuric.png
muutagan, muutagan crystals Muutagan.png
neutronium ore Neutronium.png
orillium ore Orillium.png
pitharan dust Pitharan.png
riggan, riggan spice Riggan Spice.png
satramene gas Satramene.png
teldar crystals Teldar.png
terraforming gases Terraform Gases.png
terraforming liquids Terraform Liquids.png
xuragel Xuran.png
yurantic, yurantic crystals Yurantic.png