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This template displays a planet modifier icon with a green, yellow or red frame.


Parameter Description Default Status
1 To specify the planet modifier file empty required
2 To specify the planet modifier frame:

1 = green; 2 = yellow; 3 = red; as in the script files

1 required
3 planet modifier name empty optional
w To specify the size of the planet modifier file 60px optional


  1. {{Planet modifier|pm_archaeology|3}} will display: Pm archaeology.pngPm frame 3.png
  2. {{Planet modifier|Pm_crime|3|Criminal Underworld}} will display: Pm crime.pngPm frame 3.png Criminal Underworld
  3. {{Planet modifier|Pm_machine_sapience|2|w=24px}} Zen World will display: Pm machine sapience.pngPm frame 2.png Zen World