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This template can be used to generate icons for traditions.

Tradition images can be found here: Category:Tradition_icons


Parameter Description Required Default
image Image file optional Tradition parameter_1 parameter_2.png
1 Tradition tree required none
2 Tradition name
  • Determines the icon image if not overridden by the image parameter
  • If set to tree, the phrase "tradition tree" will be appended to the image hovertext and iconify text (if applicable)
optional none (Uses the tradition tree image instead)
3 Format
  • icon = x24px, no text
  • iconify = x24px, text
  • <num>px = <num>px, no text
optional no resize, no text



Expansion tradition tree

Expansion tradition tree Expansion tradition tree

{{tradition|expansion|Galactic Ambition}}
Galactic Ambition

{{tradition|expansion|Galactic Ambition|icon}}
Galactic Ambition

{{tradition|expansion|Galactic Ambition|iconify}}
Galactic Ambition Galactic Ambition

{{tradition|expansion|Galactic Ambition|iconify|image=unknown.png}}

Galactic Ambition Galactic Ambition