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This article has been verified for the current PC version (2.8) of the game.

Terraforming is the act of changing the planet classification of a celestial body in order to make it more habitable for the empire's species. The base technologies requires significant Society Research society research to unlock and each terraforming project requires significant investments of Energy Credits.png Energy and time.

Terraforming requirementsEdit

Terraforming is started via a button in Planet Detail view. The world must be surveyed and within your borders. Only habitable worlds, and Barren Worlds that have the rare "Terraforming Candidate" modifier, can be terraformed. The expansion planner screen can be used to find these rare candidates.

It is possible to terraform inhabited planets if you have the   Ecological Adaptation technology. Doing so gives a -20%   happiness penalty to the planet for the duration of the procedure.

Original climate New climate Requirements   Cost   Years
    Cold     Cold   Terrestrial Sculpting technology 2000 5
    Dry     Dry
    Wet     Wet
    Cold     Dry or     Wet 5000 10
    Dry     Cold or     Wet
    Wet     Cold or     Dry
Any   Gaia   World Shaper ascension perk 7500
Any   Machine   Machine Worlds ascension perk 10000 20
Any   Hive   Hive Worlds ascension perk
  Machine Any   Climate Restoration technology 10000
  Hive Any
  Tomb Any
  Barren     Dry   Climate Restoration technology and   Terraforming Candidate modifier 5000 10
  Barren     Wet 10000 15
  Barren     Cold 15000 20
  Frozen Barren     Cold 5000 10
  Frozen Barren     Wet 10000 15
  Frozen Barren     Dry 15000 20
  Nanite     Dry 1000 1
  Nanite     Wet 1000 1
  Nanite     Cold 1000 1

Ecumenopolis worlds are created via decisions rather than terraforming. They must be inhabited but pops do not suffer a happiness penalty during the process.

The following planet modifiers are always removed when terraforming a planet:

  •   Bleak
  •   Irradiated
  •   Hazardous Weather
  •   Hostile Fauna
  •   Wild Storms

If the planet is being terraformed into a   Machine or   Hive world the following modifiers are also removed:

  •   Atmospheric Hallucinogen
  •   Atmospheric Aphrodisiac
  •   Lush
  •   Natural Beauty

When and if terraforming a planet to Hive or Machine World, keep in mind that all planetary features, excluding a few rare ones that give access to rare resources, will always be removed.

Cost reduction & speedEdit

Terraforming cost can be affected by the following:

Source Cost Speed
  World Shaper ascension perk -25% -
  Secrets of the Baol empire modifier -15% -
  Ecological Protection resolution 4 +25% -
  Ecological Protection resolution 5 +100% -
  Shallarian Terraforming Knowledge empire modifier [1] -10% +20%
  Terraforming Gases edict - +50%
  World Shaper ruler trait - +25%