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Type Effects Principles Description
Auth hive mind.png Hive Mind
  • Influence.png +1 Monthly Influence
  • Unity.png +25% Monthly Unity
  • Mod habitability.png +10% Habitability
  • Mod pop growth speed.png +25% Growth Speed
  • Must use Auth hive mind.png Collective Consciousness authority
  • Can use the Full Orbital Bombardment policy
  • Hive Mind rulers are Immortal
  • Hive-Minded Pops are not affected by happiness and will not join factions
  • Hive-Minded Pops cannot survive in non-Hive Mind empires
  • Non-Hive-Minded Pops cannot survive in Hive Mind empires
  • Must use AI Outlawed policy
  • Can not follow Psionic or Synthetic Ascension Paths
  • Can genetically modify species to become Hive-Minded if Biological Ascension Path is completed
We reach into the void.

The vast expanse becomes us.

Collective Consciousness

Type Effects Description
Auth hive mind.png Collective Consciousness
  • Requires Utopia.png Utopia DLC
  • Requires the Hive-minded.png Hive-Minded ethic
  • No Heir
  • No Election
  • No Factions
  • Ruler is immortal

The Hive sees all.
Hive minds operate as a single organism more than as a state. The population has no free will, and act as an extension of the Hive Mind itself - much like the limbs of a body.
When cut off from the Mind, these drones become comatose and eventually wither and die. Any free individuals on planets owned by the Mind are attacked and killed on sight, as any immune system would deal with a foreign agent.

Devouring Swarm

Civic Effects Description
Civic devouring swarm.png Devouring Swarm
  • Cannot engage in Diplomacy with other species!
  • Xeno Pops will always be eaten and have no effect on Menu icon traditions.png Tradition cost).
  • Gains Society research from eating Xeno pops.
  • +10% Mod ship hull mult.png Ship Hull Points
  • +0.5% Mod ship auto repair add.png Monthly Hull Regeneration
  • +40% Mod army damage mult.png Army damage
  • +20% Biology.png Biology Research Speed
  • −100% Menu icon traditions.png Tradition cost from Xeno Slaves

Our Hive Mind exists only to consume and grow stronger. We will collect all available bio-matter and evolve to consume the galaxy!