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Deposit features

These planetary features determine the number of District and Districts and Strategic Resource buildings the planet can support. Gaia planets are more likely to have features that unlock Strategic Resource buildings or grant a higher number of Districts.

Agriculture Districts Mod district farming max.png Generator Districts Mod district generator max.png Mining Districts Mod district mining max.png Crystal Mines Mod building crystal mines max.png Gas Extraction Wells Mod building gas extractors max.png Mote Harvesting Traps Mod building mote harvesting traps max.png Betharian Power Plant Mod building betharian power plant max.png Alien Zoo Mod building xeno zoo max.png
  • D boggy fens.png Boggy Fens
  • D bountiful plains.png Bountiful Plains
  • D forgiving tundra.png Fair Tundra
  • D green hills.png Green Hills
  • D lichen fields.png Lichen Fields
  • D nutritious mudland.png Nutritious Mudlands
  • D rugged woods.png Rugged Woods
  • D arid highlands.png Arid Highlands
  • D hot springs.png Hot Springs
  • D mineral fields.png Mineral Fields
  • D veiny cliffs.png Ore-Veined Cliffs
  • D crystalline caverns.png Crystalline Caverns
  • D bubbling swamp.png Bubbling Swamp
  • D dust caverns.png Dust Caverns
  • D betharian deposit.png Betharian Fields
  • D alien pets deposit.png Isolated Valley
  • D fertile lands.png Fertile Lands
  • D fungal caves.png Fungal Caves
  • D great river.png Great River
  • D lush jungle.png Lush Jungle
  • D frozen gas lake.png Frozen Gas Lake
  • D rushing waterfalls.png Rushing Waterfall
  • D searing desert.png Searing Desert
  • D prosperous mesa.png Prosperous Mesa
  • D ore rich caverns.png Ore-Rich Caverns
  • D crystal forest.png Crystal Forest
  • D crystal reef.png Crystal Reef
  • D fuming bog.png Fuming Bog
  • D dust desert.png Dust Desert
No.png No.png
  • D black soil.png Black Soil
  • D fungal forest.png Fungal Forest
  • D marvelous oasis.png Marvelous Oasis
  • D teeming reef.png Teeming Reef
  • D tropical island.png Tropical Island
  • D geothermal vent.png Geothermal Vents
  • D tempestous mountain.png Tempestuous Mountain
  • D underwater vent.png Underwater Vents
  • D rich mountain.png Rich Mountain
  • D submerged ore veins.png Submerged Ore Veins
No.png No.png No.png No.png No.png

Earth features

Earth will always feature 9 unique planetary features instead of randomized ones. Their description also reveals part of humanity's history before the events of Stellaris.

Feature Effects Description
D city.png Delhi Sprawl Mod district generator max.png +2 Max Generator Districts Lakshmi Commerce Tower was the tallest building on Earth for the better part of the 22nd century, and its unique shape remains an iconic feature of the Delhi skyline.