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A non-capital building has the following base tile outputs:

  • Power Plant: 5 Energy Credits.png energy
  • Farm: 5 Food.png food (2.5 Energy Credits.png upkeep)
  • Mine: 5 Minerals.png minerals (2.5 Energy Credits.png upkeep)
  • Lab: 6 total Research.png research (2.5 Energy Credits.png upkeep)

One might say that at base, 1.5 energy is equal to 1 mineral. Though the effective gap diminishes as pop bonuses increase.

Planet uniques

  • Cyto-Revitalization Center is a good deal on the research and unity alone.
  • Clone Vats is a bit short with only 4 total research.
  • Military Academy, same.
  • Planetary Shield Generator has competitive research, though upkeep is more than baseline.
  • Slave Processing Facility has enough planet effect, provided of course there are slaves.
  • Paradise Dome produces well enough.
  • Visitor Center is a bit short.
  • Symbol of Purity, same.
  • Hive Synapse has enough planet effect.