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I'm not saying it's never justifiable, just that it rarely is.

Method of analysis

The comparison I will make is this: is it better to:

  • Put a building on a specialized planet without a tile bonus?
  • Or on a non-specialized planet with a tile bonus?

Energy Credits.png Energy

Unjustifiable to specialize away from tile bonuses the vast majority of the time.

  • An Energy Grid produces the same base Energy Credits.png Energy as a Power Plant II, and doesn't even cost any more Minerals.png Minerals. Likewise, the Energy Nexus produces the same energy as a Power Plant IV, and costs less. There is no reason to put down a Power Plant before an Energy Grid/Nexus---and therefore, it provides no advantage to specialization.
  • Even a +1 tile bonus on a Energy Nexus or Power Plant IV will outweigh the 15% planetary edict---especially considering it's base energy and so will not be diluted by other bonuses.
  • The Pursuit of Profit tradition gives +2 Unity.png Unity to Energy Grid/Nexus; at this point, I would recommend building one even without a tile bonus.
  • The one major exception is specializing Habitats, which may make it more desirable to use regular planets for other production.

Minerals.png Minerals

More justifiable to specialize into overall, but still not great to specialize away from:

  • The Mineral Processing Plant produces 1 less base than the comparable Mining Network, and costs 0.5 Energy Credits.png Energy more maintenance. So I would figure it would take ~2 bonus Minerals.png Minerals from tiles to break even. But that's still not a lot.
  • Some nice planet modifiers are out there which may make minerals more attractive.
  • Even after the nerf, the Mineral Silo is an intriguing option, effectively producing up to 4 Minerals.png Minerals while costing no maintenance, as well as increasing mineral storage. Probably not worth it most of the time given tile bonus difficulties, but you might run into a favorable configuration.
  • Again, after spamming habitats, specializing minerals for normal planets may be an option.

Food.png Food

Not that many planet bonuses out there, and with empire-wide Food sharing, you don't even have to put your growth planet (if you make one) on your Food planet. Just go for the tiles.

Research.png Research

Again, not that many planet bonuses out there, so little reason to specialize into.

Tile bonuses are nice, but in the late game Habitats are better. It would take a +3 tile to equal a Habitat tile.