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The Origin represents the background of a species before it unified itself into an empire.

Origin Effects Requirements Description DLC
Galactic Doorstep Start with a dormant Gateway in the home system This civilization has a dormant gateway in their home system - potential technological benefit, or a looming menace?
Lost Colony Another empire with the same species will exist somewhere in the galaxy
Prosperous Unification
  • Pop.png Start with 4 additional Pops
  • District city.png Start with 2 additional Districts
A stable planetary unification has allowed this civilization to prosper and grow.
Calamitous Birth
  • D crater.png Start with a Massive Crater Planetary Feature
  • Menu icon ship designer.png Can build Meteorite Colony Ships
Lithoid species Not native to their "Homeworld", these Lithoids arrived there when a meteorite slammed into the planet and killed off most of its native life. Lithoids.png
  • Tech powered exoskeletons.png Start with the Powered Exoskeletons technology researched
  • Tech robotic workers.png Start with the Robotic Workers technology researched
  • Pop.png Start with 8 robot Pops
  • Mod pop robot upkeep mult.png -5% Robot Upkeep
Materialist.png Materialist or Fanatic Materialist.png Fanatic Materialist
Not Gestalt consciousness.png Gestalt Consciousness
This society has been preoccupied with the idea of metallic automatons since the early Steam Age. Although many said it could not be done, the first true robots left the assembly lines long before even rudimentary space flight was achieved. Utopia.png
Syncretic Evolution Pop.png Start with 12 Pops being of another species Utopia.png
Tree of Life
  • D huge tree.png Start with a Tree of Life Planetary Feature
  • Disastrous effects if control of the homeworld is lost
Auth hive mind.png Hive Mind
Not Civic devouring swarm.png Devouring Swarm
This Hive evolved in a symbiotic relationship with a vast Tree. The Tree grants them many benefits, but its loss would cripple them. Utopia.png
Resource Consolidation Planet ai.png Homeworld is a Machine World Synthetic Dawn.png
  • Planet gaia.png Homeworld is a size 25 Gaia world with Strategic Resource Planetary Features
  • Trait pc gaia preference.png Start with Gaia World Preference
Not Auth machine intelligence.png Machine Intelligence This society has evolved in a paradise, possibly designed just for them. Apocalypse.png
  • Planet nuked.png Homeworld is a Tomb World
    Trait survivor.png Pops have the Survivor trait
Not Auth machine intelligence.png Machine Intelligence Baptized by nuclear fire, this society has faced total annihilation - and survived. Devastated yet unbroken, they have rebuilt civilization from the ashes of the old world. Apocalypse.png
Common Ground
  • Tradition diplomacy the federation.png Start as the Federation tradition
  • Diplomacy federation.png Start as the president of a Galactic Union Federation with two members with similar ethics
Not Civic fanatic purifiers.png Fanatic Purifiers Federations
  • Planet barren.png Homeworld will explode in 64 years
  • Planet barren.png Valuable resources from the homeworld boost production on the surface
  • Planet barren.png No guaranteed habitable planets will spawn near the home system
This civilization's homeworld is highly unstable, and it is only a matter of time before it explodes. Their only hope is to seek refuge elsewhere before it is too late. Federations
  • Tradition diplomacy the federation.png Start as the Federation tradition
  • Diplomacy federation.png Start as the president of a Hegemony Federation with two members with similar ethics
Not Civic fanatic purifiers.png Fanatic Purifiers Federations
On the Shoulders of Giants Home system has an Archaeological Site related to a mysterious benefactor Not Gestalt consciousness.png Gestalt Consciousness Due to some unknown past, this civilization have hidden boons in their solar system, placed there by a mysterious benefactor. Federations
Remnants Planet nuked.png Homeworld is a Relic World Federations
Scion Diplomacy isvassal.png Start as a subject of a Fanatic Materialist.png Fanatic Materialist or Fanatic Spiritualist.png Fanatic Spiritualist Fallen Empire Federations
Shattered Ring
  • Planet ringworld.png Homeworld is a Ring World segment
  • Planet ringworld.png Can repair the other segments
Void Dwellers
  • Planet habitat.png Start on a Habitat orbiting the destroyed homeworld
  • Tech habitat.png Start with the Orbital Habitats technology researched
  • Pops have the Void Dweller trait

Galactic Community

Once an empire has established communications with half of the other empires in the galaxy the Galactic Community will be formed. Any empire who established communications with a member empire will be able to join the Galactic Community. Member empires can leave the Galactic Community if they seek to escape sanctions or resolutions that negatively impact them.


Resolutions are laws passed by the Galactic Community Senate. Any member of the Galactic Community can propose a Resolution at any time, which is then added the proposal list. Each member can only have one Resolution in the list. Once a Senate session is over the proposed Resolution with the highest Diplomatic Weight will become the subject of the next session.

When a Resolution is in session and is being voted on, empires can support, oppose or abstain. Supporting or opposing a Resolution will add an empire’s Diplomatic Weight to either side. A Resolution will pass if the Diplomatic Weight in favor of the Resolution is higher than the amount opposing it.

Commerce and Industry

Resolution Modifiers Desctiption
Buzzword Standardization
  • +10% Diplomatic Weight from Economy
  • Trade value.png +5% Trade Value
  • +5% Bureaucrat Upkeep
We have to enable our enterprises to work seamlessly with one another. Streamlining strategic communications empowers our agents, making hitting key performance metrics easier.
Leveraged Privateering
Underdeveloped System Utilization
Holistic Asset Coordination
Profit Maximization Engines
Regulatory Facilitation

Politics and Culture

Resolution Effects Desctiption
Charter of the Worker's Rights Trade value.png +5% Trade Value It is only right for us to codify the rights of the worker and protect them from common abuses.
Form Galactic Council

Environment and Technology

Resolution Effects Desctiption
Natural Sanctuaries
Advanced Xenostudies

complete this when you know the name

Resolution Effects Desctiption
Guardian Angels Act
Military Readiness Act

Galactic Council

The Galactic Council can be created by passing the Form Galactic Council Resolution and made up of the member empires with the highest Diplomatic Weight. Galactic Council members can Veto the current Resolution in session as well as declare a proposed Resolution an emergency and put it into session immediately.

federations -> new sections

Federation level

A Federation gains experience by having a positive Cohesion, and loses it by having a negative Cohesion.

Negative experience will cause a Federation to drop a level, which will remove that level's Perks in a few months.

Federation laws

Federation Centralization

Federation Centralization determines what other laws are available and is limited by the current Federation level.

Type Effects Required level
Minimal 1
Low 2
Medium 3
High 4
Very High 5

Fleet Contribution

Fleet Contribution determines how much Mod fleet size add.png Naval Capacity is transferred from Federation members to the Federation Fleet.

Type Mod fleet size add.png Transferred Naval Capacity Required Centralization
None 0 (no Federation Fleet) 1
Low 10% 2
1 if Hegemony or Martial Alliance
Medium 20% 3
2 if Hegemony or Martial Alliance
High 30% 4
3 if Hegemony or Martial Alliance

Succession Type

Succession Type determines how the Federation President is chosen once the Succession Term is up.

Type Effects Requirements
Diplomatic Weight

Federation types

The Federation type represents the principle upon which a Federation is created and provides different modifiers and perks to its member empires.

Type Modifiers Creation requirements
Galactic Union Diverse Ethics impose a 50% smaller penalty to Federation Cohesion None
Trade League Menu icon policies.png Trade Policy is changed to Trade League Civic merchant guilds.png Merchant Guilds civic or Auth corporate.png Corporate authority
Research Cooperative Diplomacy research agreement.png Free and automatic Research Agreements with all members Materialist.png Materialist or Fanatic Materialist.png Fanatic Materialist
Martial Alliance Mod leader species exp gain.png +100 Ship Starting Experience
Mod leader species exp gain.png +100 Army Starting Experience
Mod ship build speed mult.png +25% Ship Build Speed
Militarist.png Militarist or Fanatic Militarist.png Fanatic Militarist
Hegemony Members cannot leave the Federation without the President's approval. Its refusal grants the member a special Wargoal. Authoritarian.png Authoritarian or Fanatic Authoritarian.png Fanatic Authoritarian

Federation perks

Planetary features -> unique features -> new entries

Feature Planets Effects Description
D huge tree.png Tree of Life Tree of Life Origin homeworlds
  • Housing.png +10 Housing
  • Mod pop growth req.png +15% Pop Growth Speed
  • Pop resource society research mult.png +10% Society Research from Jobs
  • Mod district farming max.png +4 Max Agriculture Districts
  • Mod pop food req.png 4 Food Upkeep
The Great Tree has sheltered and supported the Hive for untold generations.
D crater.png Massive Crater Calamitous Birth Origin homeworlds
  • Mod pop growth req.png +25% Pop Growth Speed
  • Mod planet max districts add.png +6 Max Districts
  • Mod district mining max.png +6 Max Mining Districts
  • Mod district farming max.png -4 Max Agriculture Districts
The impact site of the meteorite which brought Lithoids to this planet.

Traits -> initial traits -> new section

Origin Traits

Origin traits can only be given by certain Origins.

Type Effects Excludes Trait Point Cost Origin Description DLC
Trait primitive.png Serviles
  • Mod pop happiness.png Happiness +10%
  • Mod pop resource output.png Resources from Jobs +10%
  • Pop cat worker.png Cannot be employed in Ruler or Specialist Jobs
  • No.png Cannot generate Leaders
  • Intelligent.png Intelligent
  • Erudite.png Erudite
  • Natural Physicists.png Natural Physicists
  • Natural Sociologists.png Natural Sociologists
  • Natural Engineers.png Natural Engineers
1 Syncretic Evolution This species evolved alongside a second, more advanced species. Never particularly intelligent to begin with, selective breeding for physical prowess and docility has reduced them to servile proles. Utopia.png
Trait survivor.png Survivor
  • Mod leader age.png Leader Lifespan +10 Years
  • Mod habitability.png Tomb World Habitability +70%
0 Post-Apocalyptic This species has survived the horrors of a nuclear apocalypse. Their capacity for thriving in the most inhospitable circumstances should not be underestimated. Apocalypse.png
Void Dweller
  • Mod pop resource output.png Resources from Specialist and Worker Jobs +15%
  • Mod pop growth req.png Pop Growth Speed -10%
0 Void Dwellers This species thrives in orbital habitats, with an instinctive ability to efficiently navigate their maze-like corridors and complicated architecture.