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Decision Cost Modifier effects Requirements AI allowed?
Distribute Luxury Goods icon
Distribute Luxury Goods
Come for the sights, stay for the brand new home holo-theatre installations and custom-fit athleisure wear.
Consumer goods.png 100 consumer goods

per 10 pops (max 1000)

For 10 years:

Luxuries Distributed

Outliner top.png
Pm luxuries.pngPm frame 1.png
  • Amenities.png +25% Amenities
  • Mod planet migration all pull.png +25% Immigration Pull
The provision of amenities to the populace is being bolstered by way of a special distribution program, delivering luxury and consumer goods.
No.pngGestalt consciousness.png Gestalt Consciousness Yes.png
Declare Martial Law icon
Declare Martial Law
Most local functions of government are suspended, and the planet is placed under direct military control in an attempt to restore civil order.
Influence.png 50 influence Until free ‘End Martial Law’ decision:

Martial Law

Outliner top.png
Pm martial law.pngPm frame 2.png
  • Mod pop resource output.png −33% resources from Pop job.png jobs
  • Mod pop growth req.png −50% pop growth speed
  • (unrecognized string “pop growth from immigration” for Template:Icon) −50% pop growth from immigration
  • (unrecognized string “pop assembly speed” for Template:Icon) −50% pop assembly speed
  • Job soldier.png +2 soldier jobs
This planet has been placed under martial law.

The modifier also causes:

  • Stability.png +5 per Job soldier.png soldier on the planet
  • Army defense.png +2 planetary defense armies
No.pngGestalt consciousness.png Gestalt Consciousness Yes.png