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Ether Drakes can fly

Young empires can grow,
Fallen empires can awaken,
The Contingency can corrupt,
Invaders can eat,
Ether Drakes can fly,
Prethoryn can try,
but that's about it.

Gamer girl from [DATA CORRUPTED]. Likes cute things and video games. Doesn't like inconsistency.

Current To-Do List

  • Console commands
  • Buildings
  • Traits
  • find out why iconify template sometimes defaults to 24px and sometimes not
  • aquire moderator rights (at least deletion) for easier replacement of outdated things like incorrectly named page redirects

Editing notes

  • square icons small = 21px, everything else small (round, hexagonal on edge/corner) = 24px
  • medium = 50px
  • big = 100px
  • general terms are "Written like this", names are to be "Named after Someone", replace linkage accordingly