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Economic Categories control which modifiers resource production and usage is effected by. The modifiers can effect production, upkeep, and cost by adding or multiplying. Sub-categories are effected by their parent category's multiplicative modifiers.


Only used for ai.


Only has production modifiers.

Mult Modifiers
Source Resource Amount
Agenda Agenda: National Purity Influence.png Influence +10%
Ap one vision.png One Vision Unity.png Unity +10%
Menu icon edicts.png Edict: Fear Campaign Unity.png Unity +10%
Menu icon edicts.png Edict: Numistic Visualization Energy.png Energy +10%
Menu icon edicts.png Edict: Ambition: Omnifarious Acquisition Minerals.png Minerals +33%
Menu icon edicts.png Edict: Sacrifice: Togetherness Unity.png Unity +10%
Menu icon edicts.png Edict: Sacrifice: Bounty Minerals.png Minerals +5%
Menu icon edicts.png Edict: Sacrifice: Bounty Energy.png Energy +5%
Spiritualist.png Spiritualist Unity.png Unity +10%
Fanatic Spiritualist.png Fanatic Spiritualist Unity.png Unity +20%
Unused: Diplomacy federation.png Diplomatic Credibility Unity.png Unity +10%
Unused: Diplomacy federation.png Charter of Rights Unity.png Unity +10%
Federation perk league loyalty.png League Loyalty Unity.png Unity +10%
Civic beacon of liberty.png Beacon of Liberty Unity.png Unity +15%
Civic inwards perfection.png Inward Perfection Unity.png Unity +20%
Civic one mind.png One Mind Unity.png Unity +15%
Civic machine unitary cohesion.png Unitary Cohesion Unity.png Unity +15%
Civic brand loyalty.png Brand Loyalty Unity.png Unity +15%
Diplomatic stance isolationist.png Isolationist Unity.png Unity +10%
R dragon trophy.png Ether Drake Trophy Unity.png Unity +10%
R baol.png The Last Baol and Machine unit.png Machine Society research Society Research +10%
R war forge.png Cybrex War Forge Alloys.png Alloys +5%
Resolution united front.png A United Front Energy.png Energy −3%
Resolution anti piracy initiative.png Anti-Piracy Initiative Energy.png Energy −3%
Resolution united front.png A United Front (Imperial Version) Energy.png Energy −3%
Diplomacy federation.png Federation Taxes Energy.png Energy −15%
Ruler.png Leader skill levels.png Ruler Skill Unity.png Unity +3% to +30%
Unity.png Unity −5%
Unity.png Unity −15%
Unity.png Unity +10%
Tradition adaptability dietary enrichment.png Dietary Enrichment Food.png Food +10%
Tradition prosperity efficiency algorithms.png Efficiency Algorithms Energy.png Energy +5%
Tradition prosperity efficiency instincts.png Efficiency Instincts Energy.png Energy +5%
Trait ruler industrialist.png Industrialist Minerals.png Minerals +10%
Trait ruler reformer.png Reformer Unity.png Unity +10%
Ruler.png Trait brainslugged.png Brain Slug Host Physics Research Physics Research +10%
Ruler.png Trait brainslugged.png Brain Slug Host Society research Society Research +10%
Ruler.png Trait brainslugged.png Brain Slug Host Engineering research Engineering Research +10%
Add Modifiers
Header text Header text Header text
Pm factory.png First League Capital Physics Research Physics Research +10
Pm factory.png First League Capital Society research Society Research +10
Pm factory.png First League Capital Engineering research Engineering Research +10

Country Base



Rare Edicts

Ship Edicts




Megastructures Habitat



Starbase Shipyard Build
GDF Ship
Ship Corvette
Ship Destroyer
Ship Cruiser
Ship Battleship
Ship Military Station Small
Ship Science


Ship Components

Ship Sections

Ship Upgrades


Station Gatherers

Orbital Mining Deposits

Station Researchers

Orbital Research Deposits

Station Observers

Station Observer Missions


Starbase Stations

Starbase Outpost

Starbase Constructions

Starbase Buildings
Starbase Modules


Planet Structures

Has multiplicative upkeep and cost modifiers.

Upkeep Modifiers
Source Resource Amount
Building modern 2.png Urban World All −10%
Building modern 2.png Nest Planet All −10%
Building modern 2.png Machine Nexus All −10%
Building modern 2.png Ecumenopolis All −25%
Cost Modifiers
Source Resource Amount
Civic functional architecture.png Functional Architecture All −15%
Civic machine builder.png Constructobot All −15%
Tradition prosperity sct.png Standard Construction Templates All −10%
Tradition prosperity sct.png Prefabricated Buildings All −10%
Planet Buildings
Planet Buildings Strongholds
Planet Districts
Planet Districts Cities
Planet Districts Industrial
Planet Districts Hab Energy
Planet Districts Hab Industrial
Planet Districts Hab Research
Planet Districts Hab Mining
Planet Districts Hab Trade
Planet Districts Hab Leisure

Branch Offices

Branch Office Buildings

Planet Jobs

Planet Jobs Slave
Habitat Jobs
Non Artificial Planet Jobs
Planet Jobs Worker
Planet Jobs Specialist
Planet Jobs Ruler
Planet Jobs Simple Drone
Planet Jobs Complex Drone
Planet Jobs Robotic
Planet Bio Trophies
Planet Pop Assemblers
Planet Necro Apprentices
Planet Farmers
Planet Miners
Planet SR Miners
Planet Livestock
Planet Technician
Planet Executives
Planet Managers
Planet Administrators
Planet Bureaucrats
Planet Researchers
Planet Metallurgists
Planet Culture Workers
Planet Evaluators
Planet Synapse Drones
Planet Nobles
Planet Merchants
Planet Entertainers
Planet Soldiers
Planet Priests
Planet Enforcers
Planet Telepaths
Planet Doctors
Planet Refiners
Planet Translucers
Planet Chemists
Planet Artisans

Planet Pops

Planet Pops Robotics
Planet Pops Organics
Planet Pops Unemployed
Unemployment Resources
Pop Category Precursor
Pop Category Xeno Ward
Pop Category Pre Sapients
Pop Category Purge
Pop Category Bio Trophy
Pop Category Slave
Pop Category Robot
Pop Category Drones
Pop Category Workers
Pop Category Specialists
Pop Category Rulers
Pop Category Assimilation

Planet Deposits

Deposit Blockers



Leader Admirals

Leader Generals

Leader Scientists

Leader Governors





Non Aggression Pacts

Migration Pacts

Research Agreements

Commercial Pacts

Defensive Pacts


Subject Tax

Envoy Costs

Diplo Closed Borders

Diplomatic Networking

Pop Factions



Operations is used for espionage operations only has multiplicative cost and upkeep modifiers.

Name Cost Upkeep
Gather Information Energy.png 200 Energy.png −4
Spark Diplomatic Incident Energy.png 300 Energy.png −5
Prepare Sleeper Cells Energy.png 450 Energy.png −6
Acquire Asset Energy.png 450 Energy.png −6
Extort Favors Energy.png 600 Energy.png −7
Smear Campaign Energy.png 600 Energy.png −7
Steal Technology Energy.png 800 Energy.png −8
Sabotage Starbase Energy.png 1000 Energy.png −9
Arm Privateers Energy.png 1800 Energy.png −12
Crisis Beacon Energy.png 3200 Energy.png −16
Imperium: Weaken Imperial Authority Energy.png 600 Energy.png −7
Imperium: Target Seditionists Energy.png 600 Energy.png −7
Imperium: Spark Rebellion Energy.png 2500 Energy.png −14
Cost Modifiers
Source Resource Amount
Diplomatic stance cooperative.png Cooperative All +25%
Upkeep Modifiers
Source Resource Amount
Diplomatic stance cooperative.png Cooperative All +25%


Only used for ai and the Trade Routs sub-category.

Trade Routes

Has no modifiers. Is used for trade policies.

Trade Routes
Name Produces
Wealth Creation Energy.png +1
Consumer Benefits Energy.png +0.5
Consumer goods.png +0.25
Marketplace of Ideas Energy.png +0.5
Unity.png +0.25
Trade League Energy.png +0.5
Consumer goods.png +0.25
Unity.png +0.25

Monthly Trades

Subject Integration

Only has cost multiplier modifiers.

Subject Integration
Name Cost
Subject Integration Base Influence.png 50
Subject Integration per Pop Influence.png 1
Subject Integration per Planet Influence.png 10
Source Resource Amount
Ap shared destiny.png Shared Destiny Influence.png Influence −50%


Artifact Actions

Has no modifiers.

Artifact Actions
Name Cost
Reverse-Engineer Arcane Technology Minor artifacts.png 5
Discover L-Gate Insight Minor artifacts.png 50
Proclaim Religious Revelation Minor artifacts.png 2
Proclaim Superiority Minor artifacts.png 2
Celebrate Diversity Minor artifacts.png 2
Find Military Applications Minor artifacts.png 5
Find Peaceful Applications Minor artifacts.png 5
Sell to Private Collectors Minor artifacts.png 1
Secrets of the Irassians Minor artifacts.png 50
Secrets of the Yuht Minor artifacts.png 50
Secrets of the Vultaum Minor artifacts.png 50
Secrets of the Cybrex Minor artifacts.png 50
Secrets of the First League Minor artifacts.png 50
Secrets of the Baol Minor artifacts.png 50
Secrets of the Zroni Minor artifacts.png 50
Discover Precursor Insight Minor artifacts.png 25


Has no modifiers and the only thing assigned to it is your capital sector which has no production, upkeep, or cost.