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Quality of Life

Modding QoL
Things that have no direct impact on gameplay but make modding easier.

Adjustments to existing options

Minor adjustments to existing options.

New options

User links

Work-in-Progress stuff


  • Move icon workshop stuff from this page to User:SirBlackAxe/Icons
  • Buildings - User:SirBlackAxe/Buildings
    • Iconbox
    • Base jobs / job swaps
    • Reorg sections into one more closely related to game terms
      • Pop Assembly, Government, Resource, Manufacturing, Research, Trade, Amenities, Unity, Military
      • Capital -> Capital buildings, Feature-related, Primitive, Fallen empire
    • Define capital building unlock tiers
  • Districts
    • District capacity section
  • Galactic community
    • Names of individual resolutions
    • AI vote weights vary by resolution, not just resolution category
    • Section for galactic market & slave market? Or should the markets get their own page?
  • ID
    • Add jobs
    • Add origins
    • Add policies and policy flags
    • Add federation types
    • Update districts (at least district_srw_commercial is missing)
  • Jobs - User:SirBlackAxe/Temp
    • Wants header cell template
    • Job categories section
    • Job weights explanation section
    • Add job category column to all jobs
    • Default priority -> Job weight
    • Separate sections for menial and complex drones
    • Precursor stratum
    • Iconbox where appropriate?
    • Remove conditional job output/upkeep stuff that's duplicated info from civics/decisions/edicts/techs/traits?
  • Traditions
    • Iconbox
  • Economy
  • Icon cleanup
    • Mod pop migration time.png
  • Templates
    • building|trim|bg=
  • trim whitespace (20/98px) from left and bottom of building icon
  • optional: add building background
    • flag (then use to create icons for crisis, enclave, caravaneer, etc factions)
    • header cell: sort key, anchor, bold, center
    • icon: ask for link override
    • some degree of: half & half ethic icon
  • Request new page tabs
    • Historic
    • Modding
    • View code
  • AI empire navbox? AI players, AI personalities, Fallen empire


Table classes:

  • class="mildtable"
  • class="mildtable plainlist"
  • class="mildtable mw-collapsible"
  • class="mildtable mw-collapsible mw-collapsed"
  • class="mildtable sortable"

style="text-align: center;"

{{Collapse list
| type= 
| body=



Icon format
| icon name = [[File:Icon image file.png|link=Icon Link|Hovertext|{{{w|24px}}}]]

Blank version for c/p:

|  = [[File:.png|link=|{{{w|24px}}}]]


  1. Icon image file
  2. Icon Link - "link=" must be present but can be blank
  3. (optional) Hovertext, if you want it to show something other than the link target.
  4. Width
    • 24px = default
    • 52px = districts, relics, tech
    • 100px = buildings

Special case

Template:Planet_modifier - Planet modifier construction assembles icon + frame

{{planet modifier|pm_icon_name|frame_#|w={{{w|24px}}}|link=}})

Disambiguation pages

'''''' may refer to:
* The [[File:Planet_.png|24px|link=Celestial_body#]] [[ World]] planet type
* The [[File:Trait_pc__preference.png|24px|link=Traits# Preference]] [[ Preference]] species {{iconify|habitability}} trait

Redirect pages


Uploading files

== Summary ==
[[Category:Planetview icons]]

Icon Workshop

| = 24px || Template:Icon/ || [[]] ||


Construction Icon test Link target Notes
= 24px Template:Icon/ [[]]
empire sprawl = Empire sprawl.png Empire sprawl.png Empire sprawl exists but undocumented
observation post = 24px (unrecognized string “observation post” for Template:Icon) [[]]

Colony designations

  • A bunch of these use icons that look identical to job icons
Construction Icon test Link target Notes
agri-world = Agri-World (unrecognized string “agri-world” for Template:Icon) Designation#Agri-World
agriculture ring world = Agriculture Ring World (unrecognized string “agriculture ring world” for Template:Icon) Designation#Agriculture Ring World
bureaucratic center = Bureaucratic Center (unrecognized string “bureaucratic center” for Template:Icon) Designation#Bureaucratic Center
colony designation = Colony (unrecognized string “colony designation” for Template:Icon) Designation#Colony
colony machine = Colony (machine) (unrecognized string “colony machine” for Template:Icon) Designation#Colony (machine)
commercial ring world = Commercial Ring World (unrecognized string “commercial ring world” for Template:Icon) Designation#Commercial Ring World
contingency world = Contingency World (unrecognized string “contingency world” for Template:Icon) Designation#Contingency World
ecumenopolis designation = Ecumenopolis (unrecognized string “ecumenopolis designation” for Template:Icon) Designation#Ecumenopolis
ecumenopolis foundry = Ecumenopolis Foundry (unrecognized string “ecumenopolis foundry” for Template:Icon) Designation#Ecumenopolis Foundry
ecumenopolis industrial = Ecumenopolis Industrial (unrecognized string “ecumenopolis industrial” for Template:Icon) Designation#Ecumenopolis Industrial
ecumenopolis research = Ecumenopolis Research (unrecognized string “ecumenopolis research” for Template:Icon) Designation#Ecumenopolis Research
factory station = Factory Station (unrecognized string “factory station” for Template:Icon) Designation#Factory Station
factory world = Factory World (unrecognized string “factory world” for Template:Icon) Designation#Factory World
fallen empire capital = Fallen Empire Capital (unrecognized string “fallen empire capital” for Template:Icon) Designation#Fallen Empire Capital
fallen empire colony = Fallen Empire Colony (unrecognized string “fallen empire colony” for Template:Icon) Designation#Fallen Empire Colony
fortress station = Fortress Station (unrecognized string “fortress station” for Template:Icon) Designation#Fortress Station
fortress world = Fortress World (unrecognized string “world” for Template:Icon) Designation#Fortress World
forge world = Forge World (unrecognized string “forge world” for Template:Icon) Designation#Forge World
foundry station = Foundry Station (unrecognized string “foundry station” for Template:Icon) Designation#Foundry Station
fringe planet = Fringe Planet (unrecognized string “fringe planet” for Template:Icon) Designation#Fringe Planet
generator ring world = Generator Ring World (unrecognized string “generator ring world” for Template:Icon) Designation#Generator Ring World
generator station = Generator Station (unrecognized string “generator station” for Template:Icon) Designation#Generator Station
generator world = Generator World (unrecognized string “generator world” for Template:Icon) Designation#Generator World
industrial station = Industrial Station (unrecognized string “industrial station” for Template:Icon) Designation#Industrial Station
industrial world = Industrial World (unrecognized string “industrial world” for Template:Icon) Designation#Industrial World
infested world designation = Infested World (unrecognized string “infested world designation” for Template:Icon) Designation#Infested World
leisure station = Leisure Station (unrecognized string “leisure station” for Template:Icon) Designation#Leisure Station
machine capital = Machine Capital (unrecognized string “machine capital” for Template:Icon) Designation#Machine Capital
machine nexus = Machine Nexus (unrecognized string “machine nexus” for Template:Icon) Designation#Machine Nexus
machine world designation = Machine World (unrecognized string “machine world designation” for Template:Icon) Designation#Machine World
machine world factory = Machine World Factory (unrecognized string “machine world factory” for Template:Icon) Designation#Machine World Factory
machine world foundry = Machine World Foundry (unrecognized string “machine world foundry” for Template:Icon) Designation#Machine World Foundry
mining station = Mining Station (unrecognized string “mining station” for Template:Icon) Designation#Mining Station
mining world = Mining World (unrecognized string “mining world” for Template:Icon) Designation#Mining World
nest planet = Nest Planet (unrecognized string “nest planet” for Template:Icon) Designation#Nest Planet
penal colony designation = Penal Colony (unrecognized string “penal colony designation” for Template:Icon) Designation#Penal Colony Pm penal colony.pngPm frame 2.png penal colony
primitive world = Primitive World (unrecognized string “primitive world” for Template:Icon) Designation#Primitive World
refinery station = Refinery Station (unrecognized string “refinery station” for Template:Icon) Designation#Refinery Station
refinery world = Refinery World (unrecognized string “refinery world” for Template:Icon) Designation#Refinery World
research ring world = Research Ring World (unrecognized string “research ring world” for Template:Icon) Designation#Research Ring World
research station = Research Station (unrecognized string “research station” for Template:Icon) Designation#Research Station
resort world designation = Resort World (unrecognized string “resort world designation” for Template:Icon) Designation#Resort World Pm resort planet.pngPm frame 1.png resort world
ring world designation = Ring World (unrecognized string “ring world designation” for Template:Icon) Designation#Ring World
rural world = Rural World (unrecognized string “rural world” for Template:Icon) Designation#Rural World
tech-world = Tech-World (unrecognized string “tech-world” for Template:Icon) Designation#Tech-World
thrall-world designation = Thrall-World (unrecognized string “thrall-world designation” for Template:Icon) Designation#Thrall-World Pm slave colony.pngPm frame 2.png thrall-world
trade station = Trade Station (unrecognized string “trade station” for Template:Icon) Designation#Trade Station
urban world = Urban World (unrecognized string “urban world” for Template:Icon) Designation#Urban World

Crisis level

Construction Icon test Link target Notes
crisis level 1 = Crisis Lvl1 btn.png Template:Icon/ Crisis#Crisis level 1 level named "Menace", which already has an icon
crisis level 2, threat = Crisis Lvl2 btn.png Template:Icon/ Crisis#Crisis level 2
crisis level 3, peril = Crisis Lvl3 btn.png Template:Icon/ Crisis#Crisis level 3
crisis level 4, galactic nemesis = Crisis Lvl4 btn.png Template:Icon/ Crisis#Crisis level 4
crisis level 5, existential threat = Crisis Lvl5 btn.png Template:Icon/ Crisis#Crisis level 5


Construction Icon test Link target Notes
agricultural segment = District farming.png (unrecognized string “agricultural segment” for Template:Icon) Districts#Agricultural Segment prepped
agriculture district = District farming.png District farming.png Districts#Agriculture District
astro-mining bay = District mining.png (unrecognized string “astro-mining bay” for Template:Icon) Districts#Astro-Mining Bay prepped
city district = District city.png District city.png Districts#City District
city segment = District city.png 52x Districts#City Segment
commercial segment = District hab commercial.png 52x Districts#Commercial Segment
foundry arcology = District arcology arms industry.png (unrecognized string “foundry arcology” for Template:Icon) Districts#Foundry Arcology
generator district = District generator.png District generator.png Districts#Generator District
generator segment = District hab energy.png (unrecognized string “generator segment” for Template:Icon) Districts#Generator Segment
habitation district = District hab housing.png District hab housing.png Districts#Habitation District
hive district = District hive.png District hive.png Districts#Hive District
hive segment = District hive.png District hive.png Districts#Hive Segment
industrial arcology = District arcology civilian industry.png (unrecognized string “industrial arcology” for Template:Icon) Districts#Industrial Arcology
industrial district = District industrial.png District industrial.png Districts#Industrial District
industrial district hab = District industrial.png (unrecognized string “industrial district hab” for Template:Icon) Districts#Industrial District (habitat)
industrial segment = District industrial.png (unrecognized string “industrial segment” for Template:Icon) Districts#Industrial Segment
leisure arcology = District arcology leisure.png (unrecognized string “leisure arcology” for Template:Icon) Districts#Leisure Arcology
leisure district = District hab cultural.png (unrecognized string “leisure district” for Template:Icon) Districts#Leisure District
mining district = District mining.png District mining.png Districts#Mining District
nexus district = District nexus.png District nexus.png Districts#Nexus District
nexus segment = District nexus.png (unrecognized string “nexus segment” for Template:Icon) Districts#Nexus Segment
reactor district = District hab energy.png (unrecognized string “reactor district” for Template:Icon) Districts#Reactor District
research district = District hab science.png (unrecognized string “research district” for Template:Icon) Districts#Research District
research segment = District hab science.png (unrecognized string “research segment” for Template:Icon) Districts#Research Segment
residential arcology = District arcology housing.png (unrecognized string “residential arcology” for Template:Icon) Districts#Residential Arcology
sanctuary arcology = District arcology leisure.png (unrecognized string “sanctuary arcology” for Template:Icon) Districts#Sanctuary Arcology prepped
trade district = District hab commercial.png (unrecognized string “trade district” for Template:Icon) Districts#Trade District prepped
trade district srw = District hab commercial.png (unrecognized string “trade district srw” for Template:Icon) Districts#Trade District (shattered ring world) prepped



Construction Icon test Link target Notes
idyllic bloom hive = Civic hive idyllic bloom.png Civic hive idyllic bloom.png Civics#Idyllic Bloom (hive) bad id (can't be duplicate) - Idyllic Bloom
memorialist hive = Civic hive memorialist.png Civic hive memorialist.png Civics#Memorialist (hive) bad id (can't be duplicate) - Memorialist
memorialist machine = Civic machine memorialist.png Civic machine memorialist.png Civics#Memorialist (machine) bad id (can't be duplicate) - Memorialist


  • Low value in icons of NPC origins
Construction Icon test Link target Notes
separatist = Origins separatists.png Origins separatists.png Separatists NPC
khanate successor = Origins khan successor.png Origins khan successor.png Khanate Successor NPC
hegemon subordinate = Origins hegemon.png (unrecognized string “hegemon subordinate” for Template:Icon) Hegemon Subordinate NPC


  • Need to do an ID pass.
Event jobs Icon test Link Notes
subterranean contact drone = Job spawning drone.png (unrecognized string “subterranean contact drone” for Template:Icon) Subterranean Contact Drone

Map icons

  • some assembly required - need to find correct frame files
Construction Icon test Link target Notes
Starbases: Stellaris/gfx/interface/icons/ = 5 32x36 frames
outpost = 24px (unrecognized string “outpost” for Template:Icon) Starbase#Outpost
starport = 24px (unrecognized string “starport” for Template:Icon) Starbase#Starport
starhold = 24px (unrecognized string “starhold” for Template:Icon) Starbase#Starhold
star fortress = 24px (unrecognized string “star fortress” for Template:Icon) Starbase#Star Fortress
citadel = 24px (unrecognized string “citadel” for Template:Icon) Starbase#Citadel
Stellaris/gfx/interface/icons/ = 39 32x36 frames
archaeology = Archaeology map icon.png Icon archaeology.png Archaeology -> Precursors#Archaeological_sites
enclave = 24px (unrecognized string “enclave” for Template:Icon) Enclave -> Spaceborne_aliens#Enclaves frame 21
gateway = 24px (unrecognized string “gateway” for Template:Icon) Gateway -> Megastructures#Gateways alt target: FTL#Gateway
l-gate = 24px (unrecognized string “l-gate” for Template:Icon) L-Gate -> L-Cluster#L-Gates
megastructure = 24px (unrecognized string “megastructure” for Template:Icon) Megastructure frame 22
pre-ftl = 24px (unrecognized string “pre-ftl” for Template:Icon) [[]] frame 23
wormhole = 24px (unrecognized string “wormhole” for Template:Icon) Wormhole -> FTL#Wormholes frame 12
= 24px Template:Icon/ [[]]


Need to go back through and drop stuff down to the standard 24px.

Construction Icon test Link target Notes
divinity of life = Resolution robots bad.png Resolution robots bad.png Galactic community#Divinity of Life
ecological protection = Resolution ecological protection.png Resolution ecological protection.png Galactic community#Ecological Protection typo in image name
galactic commerce = Resolution galactic commerce.png (unrecognized string “galactic commerce” for Template:Icon) Galactic community#Galactic Commerce
industrial development = Resolution industrial development.png Resolution industrial development.png Galactic community#Industrial Development
mutual defense = Resolution mutual defense.png Resolution mutual defense.png Galactic community#Mutual Defense
resolution = Resolution community reform.png Resolution community reform.png Resolutions
rules of war = Resolution rules of war.png Resolution rules of war.png Galactic community#Rules of War
the greater good = Resolution greater good.png Resolution greater good.png Galactic community#The Greater Good
unchained knowledge = Resolution galactic studies.png Resolution galactic studies.png Galactic community#Unchained Knowledge


  • Requires also going through and seeing which techs are missing from each list.
  • Tech pages & icons seem to have never been updated for Nemesis
  • #REDIRECT [[Physics research#
  • #REDIRECT [[Society research#
  • #REDIRECT [[Engineering research#
Construction Icon test Link target On tech page? Notes
= 52px Template:Icon/ [[]]
Nemesis (nemesis_espionage_l_english.yml)
star cracker = Tech btc 1.png Tech btc 1.png Star Cracker No.png nemesis_content_l_engish.yml



Construction Icon test Link target Notes
unyielding tradition = Tradition icon unyielding.png (unrecognized string “unyielding tradition” for Template:Icon) Traditions#Unyielding Leader trait unyielding.png unyielding icon is for the trait of the same name


  • #REDIRECT [[Traits#
Construction Icon test Link target Notes
brain slug host leader = Brain Slug Host (unrecognized string “brain slug host leader” for Template:Icon) Brain Slug Host (leader)
foredoomed to a rendezvous = Leader trait ship.png (unrecognized string “foredoomed to a rendezvous” for Template:Icon) Foredoomed to a Rendezvous
mercenary warrior general = Leader trait glory seeker.png Mercenary Warrior (general) Possible bug: Uses glory seeker icon instead of mercenary warrior icon
ecumenopolis preference = Trait pc ai preference.png Trait pc ai preference.png Ecumenopolis Preference uses ai preference icon
Ecumenopolis Preference not listed on traits page
hive world preference = Trait pc ring preference.png (unrecognized string “hive world preference” for Template:Icon) Hive World Preference uses ring world preference icon

| = 24px || Template:Icon/ || [[]]