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Table classes:

  • class="mildtable"
  • class="mildtable plainlist"
  • class="mildtable mw-collapsible"
  • class="mildtable mw-collapsible mw-collapsed"
  • class="mildtable sortable"

style="text-align: center;"

{{Collapse list
| type= 
| body=



Icon format
| icon name = [[File:Icon image file.png|link=Icon Link|Hovertext|{{{w|24px}}}]]

Blank version for c/p:

|  = [[File:.png|link=|{{{w|24px}}}]]


  1. Icon image file
  2. Icon Link - "link=" must be present but can be blank
  3. (optional) Hovertext, if you want it to show something other than the link target.
  4. Width
    • 24px = default
    • 52px = districts, relics, tech
    • 100px = buildings

Special case

Template:Planet_modifier - Planet modifier construction assembles icon + frame

{{planet modifier|pm_icon_name|frame_#|w={{{w|24px}}}|link=}})

Disambiguation pages

'''''' may refer to:
* The [[File:Planet_.png|24px|link=Celestial_body#]] [[ World]] planet type
* The [[File:Trait_pc__preference.png|24px|link=Traits# Preference]] [[ Preference]] species {{iconify|habitability}} trait

Redirect pages


Uploading files

== Summary ==
[[Category:Planetview icons]]

Icon Workshop

| = 24px || Template:Icon/ || [[]] ||


Construction Icon test Link target Notes
= 24px Template:Icon/ [[]]
anomaly = 24px (unrecognized string “anomaly” for Template:Icon) Anomaly
claim = Menu icon claims.png (unrecognized string “claim” for Template:Icon) Claim
decision = Decision default.png Decision default.png Decision
empire sprawl = Empire sprawl.png Empire sprawl.png Empire sprawl exists but undocumented
favor = Trade cat favor.png Trade cat favor.png Favor
galactic market = Navbar icons market.png (unrecognized string “galactic market” for Template:Icon) Galactic Market
leader = Menu icon leaders.png Menu icon leaders.png Leader
observation post = 24px (unrecognized string “observation post” for Template:Icon) [[]]
organic assembly, organic pop assembly = Pop assembly organic.png (unrecognized string “organic pop assembly” for Template:Icon) [[]]
planet = Planet.png Planet.png Planet
planet size = Planet size.png Planet Size.png Planet size
special project = 24px (unrecognized string “special project” for Template:Icon) Exploration#Situation_log file choice: point-of_interest or point_of_interest_galaxy?
terraform = Terraform planet 2.png Terraform planet 2.png Terraforming 'terraforming' is redundant, can }}ing
harm relations = Envoy action harming relations.png (unrecognized string “harm relations” for Template:Icon) Diplomacy#Harm Relations
improve relations = Envoy action improving relations.png (unrecognized string “improve relations” for Template:Icon) Diplomacy#Improve Relations
open borders = Diplomacy open borders.png (unrecognized string “open borders” for Template:Icon) [[]]
rivaled = 24px (unrecognized string “rivaled” for Template:Icon) [[]]
trust = Diplomacy trust.png (unrecognized string “trust” for Template:Icon) Trust Bad redirect
attacker, offensive = Diplomacy war.png (unrecognized string “attacker” for Template:Icon) (unrecognized string “offensive” for Template:Icon) Warfare
crisis war = 24px (unrecognized string “crisis war” for Template:Icon) Warfare#Crisis War
defender, defensive = Diplomacy war 2.png Diplomacy war 2.png Diplomacy war 2.png Warfare frame 2
current defender icon is an obsolete trait w/ bad redirect
build spy network, spy network = Spy network.png (unrecognized string “build spy network” for Template:Icon) (unrecognized string “spy network” for Template:Icon) Diplomacy#Build Spy Network
low intel = Intel level low.png (unrecognized string “low intel” for Template:Icon) Intelligence#Low needs id
medium intel = Intel level mid.png (unrecognized string “medium intel” for Template:Icon) Intelligence#Medium needs id
high intel = Intel level high.png (unrecognized string “high intel” for Template:Icon) Intelligence#High needs id
full intel = Intel level full.png (unrecognized string “full intel” for Template:Icon) Intelligence#Full needs id


These don't seem to have been updated since before 2.0. Not sure if worth bothering with.

Colony designations

  • A bunch of these use icons that look identical to job icons
Construction Icon test Link target Notes
designation = Colony type picker.png Colony type picker.png Designation
agri-world = Agri-World (unrecognized string “agri-world” for Template:Icon) Designation#Agri-World
agriculture ring world = Agriculture Ring World (unrecognized string “agriculture ring world” for Template:Icon) Designation#Agriculture Ring World
bureaucratic center = Bureaucratic Center (unrecognized string “bureaucratic center” for Template:Icon) Designation#Bureaucratic Center
colony designation = Colony (unrecognized string “colony designation” for Template:Icon) Designation#Colony
colony machine = Colony (machine) (unrecognized string “colony machine” for Template:Icon) Designation#Colony (machine)
commercial ring world = Commercial Ring World (unrecognized string “commercial ring world” for Template:Icon) Designation#Commercial Ring World
contingency world = Contingency World (unrecognized string “contingency world” for Template:Icon) Designation#Contingency World
ecumenopolis designation = Ecumenopolis (unrecognized string “ecumenopolis designation” for Template:Icon) Designation#Ecumenopolis
ecumenopolis foundry = Ecumenopolis Foundry (unrecognized string “ecumenopolis foundry” for Template:Icon) Designation#Ecumenopolis Foundry
ecumenopolis industrial = Ecumenopolis Industrial (unrecognized string “ecumenopolis industrial” for Template:Icon) Designation#Ecumenopolis Industrial
ecumenopolis research = Ecumenopolis Research (unrecognized string “ecumenopolis research” for Template:Icon) Designation#Ecumenopolis Research
empire capital = Empire Capital Empire Capital Designation#Empire Capital No.png existing icon links to buildings
factory station = Factory Station (unrecognized string “factory station” for Template:Icon) Designation#Factory Station
factory world = Factory World (unrecognized string “factory world” for Template:Icon) Designation#Factory World
fallen empire capital = Fallen Empire Capital (unrecognized string “fallen empire capital” for Template:Icon) Designation#Fallen Empire Capital
fallen empire colony = Fallen Empire Colony (unrecognized string “fallen empire colony” for Template:Icon) Designation#Fallen Empire Colony
fortress station = Fortress Station (unrecognized string “fortress station” for Template:Icon) Designation#Fortress Station
fortress world = Fortress World (unrecognized string “world” for Template:Icon) Designation#Fortress World
forge world = Forge World (unrecognized string “forge world” for Template:Icon) Designation#Forge World
foundry station = Foundry Station (unrecognized string “foundry station” for Template:Icon) Designation#Foundry Station
fringe planet = Fringe Planet (unrecognized string “fringe planet” for Template:Icon) Designation#Fringe Planet
generator ring world = Generator Ring World (unrecognized string “generator ring world” for Template:Icon) Designation#Generator Ring World
generator station = Generator Station (unrecognized string “generator station” for Template:Icon) Designation#Generator Station
generator world = Generator World (unrecognized string “generator world” for Template:Icon) Designation#Generator World
habitat designation = Habitat Habitat Designation#Habitat
hive capital = Hive Capital Hive Capital Designation#Hive Capital
hive world designation = Hive World Hive World Designation#Hive World
hive world foundry = Hive World Foundry Hive World Foundry Designation#Hive World Foundry
industrial station = Industrial Station (unrecognized string “industrial station” for Template:Icon) Designation#Industrial Station
industrial world = Industrial World (unrecognized string “industrial world” for Template:Icon) Designation#Industrial World
infested world designation = Infested World (unrecognized string “infested world designation” for Template:Icon) Designation#Infested World
leisure station = Leisure Station (unrecognized string “leisure station” for Template:Icon) Designation#Leisure Station
machine capital = Machine Capital (unrecognized string “machine capital” for Template:Icon) Designation#Machine Capital
machine nexus = Machine Nexus (unrecognized string “machine nexus” for Template:Icon) Designation#Machine Nexus
machine world designation = Machine World (unrecognized string “machine world designation” for Template:Icon) Designation#Machine World
machine world factory = Machine World Factory (unrecognized string “machine world factory” for Template:Icon) Designation#Machine World Factory
machine world foundry = Machine World Foundry (unrecognized string “machine world foundry” for Template:Icon) Designation#Machine World Foundry
mining station = Mining Station (unrecognized string “mining station” for Template:Icon) Designation#Mining Station
mining world = Mining World (unrecognized string “mining world” for Template:Icon) Designation#Mining World
nest planet = Nest Planet (unrecognized string “nest planet” for Template:Icon) Designation#Nest Planet
penal colony designation = Penal Colony (unrecognized string “penal colony designation” for Template:Icon) Designation#Penal Colony Pm penal colony.pngPm frame 2.png penal colony
primitive world = Primitive World (unrecognized string “primitive world” for Template:Icon) Designation#Primitive World
refinery station = Refinery Station (unrecognized string “refinery station” for Template:Icon) Designation#Refinery Station
refinery world = Refinery World (unrecognized string “refinery world” for Template:Icon) Designation#Refinery World
research ring world = Research Ring World (unrecognized string “research ring world” for Template:Icon) Designation#Research Ring World
research station = Research Station (unrecognized string “research station” for Template:Icon) Designation#Research Station
resort world designation = Resort World (unrecognized string “resort world designation” for Template:Icon) Designation#Resort World Pm resort planet.pngPm frame 1.png resort world
ring world designation = Ring World (unrecognized string “ring world designation” for Template:Icon) Designation#Ring World
rural world = Rural World (unrecognized string “rural world” for Template:Icon) Designation#Rural World
tech-world = Tech-World (unrecognized string “tech-world” for Template:Icon) Designation#Tech-World
thrall-world designation = Thrall-World (unrecognized string “thrall-world designation” for Template:Icon) Designation#Thrall-World Pm slave colony.pngPm frame 2.png thrall-world
trade station = Trade Station (unrecognized string “trade station” for Template:Icon) Designation#Trade Station
urban world = Urban World (unrecognized string “urban world” for Template:Icon) Designation#Urban World

Crisis level

Construction Icon test Link target Notes
crisis level 1 = Crisis Lvl1 btn.png Template:Icon/ Crisis#Crisis level 1 level named "Menace", which already has an icon
crisis level 2, threat = Crisis Lvl2 btn.png Template:Icon/ Crisis#Crisis level 2
crisis level 3, peril = Crisis Lvl3 btn.png Template:Icon/ Crisis#Crisis level 3
crisis level 4, galactic nemesis = Crisis Lvl4 btn.png Template:Icon/ Crisis#Crisis level 4
crisis level 5, existential threat = Crisis Lvl5 btn.png Template:Icon/ Crisis#Crisis level 5


Construction Icon test Link target Notes
district = District.png District.png Districts not sure this image is used in game, despite the name
agricultural segment = District farming.png (unrecognized string “agricultural segment” for Template:Icon) Districts#Agricultural Segment prepped
agriculture district = District farming.png District farming.png Districts#Agriculture District
astro-mining bay = District mining.png (unrecognized string “astro-mining bay” for Template:Icon) Districts#Astro-Mining Bay prepped
city district = District city.png District city.png Districts#City District
city segment = District city.png 52x Districts#City Segment
commercial segment = District hab commercial.png 52x Districts#Commercial Segment
foundry arcology = District arcology arms industry.png (unrecognized string “foundry arcology” for Template:Icon) Districts#Foundry Arcology
generator district = District generator.png District generator.png Districts#Generator District
generator segment = District hab energy.png (unrecognized string “generator segment” for Template:Icon) Districts#Generator Segment
habitation district = District hab housing.png District hab housing.png Districts#Habitation District
hive district = District hive.png District hive.png Districts#Hive District
hive segment = District hive.png District hive.png Districts#Hive Segment
industrial arcology = District arcology civilian industry.png (unrecognized string “industrial arcology” for Template:Icon) Districts#Industrial Arcology
industrial district = District industrial.png District industrial.png Districts#Industrial District
industrial district hab = District industrial.png (unrecognized string “industrial district hab” for Template:Icon) Districts#Industrial District (habitat)
industrial segment = District industrial.png (unrecognized string “industrial segment” for Template:Icon) Districts#Industrial Segment
leisure arcology = District arcology leisure.png (unrecognized string “leisure arcology” for Template:Icon) Districts#Leisure Arcology
leisure district = District hab cultural.png (unrecognized string “leisure district” for Template:Icon) Districts#Leisure District
mining district = District mining.png District mining.png Districts#Mining District
nexus district = District nexus.png District nexus.png Districts#Nexus District
nexus segment = District nexus.png (unrecognized string “nexus segment” for Template:Icon) Districts#Nexus Segment
reactor district = District hab energy.png (unrecognized string “reactor district” for Template:Icon) Districts#Reactor District
research district = District hab science.png (unrecognized string “research district” for Template:Icon) Districts#Research District
research segment = District hab science.png (unrecognized string “research segment” for Template:Icon) Districts#Research Segment
residential arcology = District arcology housing.png (unrecognized string “residential arcology” for Template:Icon) Districts#Residential Arcology
sanctuary arcology = District arcology leisure.png (unrecognized string “sanctuary arcology” for Template:Icon) Districts#Sanctuary Arcology prepped
trade district = District hab commercial.png (unrecognized string “trade district” for Template:Icon) Districts#Trade District prepped
trade district srw = District hab commercial.png (unrecognized string “trade district srw” for Template:Icon) Districts#Trade District (shattered ring world) prepped

Caravaneers & Enclaves

  • icon size?
Construction Icon test Link target Notes
= 100px Template:Icon/ [[]]
vengralian trium = Flag caravaneer 01.png (unrecognized string “vengralian trium” for Template:Icon) Vengralian Trium
numistic order = Flag caravaneer 02.png Flag caravaneer 02.png Numistic Order prepped
racket, racket industrial enterprise = Flag caravaneer 03.png Flag caravaneer 03.png, Flag caravaneer 03.png Racket Industrial Enterprise
artisan troupe, artists, artist enclave = Enclaves flag artist.png (unrecognized string “artist enclave” for Template:Icon) Artisan Troupe prepped. should probably avoid 'artisans' due to conflict with the artisan job.
curators, curator enclave = Enclaves flag curator.png Enclaves flag curator.png Curators
traders, trader enclave = Enclaves flag trader.png (unrecognized string “trader enclave” for Template:Icon) Traders prepped


  • raw image size = 64x64
  • Do Manifesti not have an icon?
Construction Icon test Link target Notes
imperialist = Faction icons imperialists.png Faction icons imperialists.png Imperialist
isolationist faction = Isolationist Faction icons isolationists.png Isolationist (faction)
progressive = Faction icons progressives.png Faction icons progressives.png Progressive
prosperity = Faction icons prosperity.png Prosperity Factions#Prosperity also a tradition
supremacist faction = Supremacist Factions#Supremacist
technologist = Faction icons technologists.png Faction icons technologists.png Technologist
totalitarian = Faction icons totalitarians.png Faction icons totalitarians.png Totalitarian
traditionalist = Faction icons traditionalists.png Faction icons traditionalists.png Traditionalist
xenoist = Faction icons xenoists.png Faction icons xenoists.png Xenoist

Fleet Orders & Tasks

  • raw image size = 52x52, or 44x44 after cropping whitespace
Construction Icon test Link target Notes
aggressive observation = Fleet task active study action.png (unrecognized string “aggressive observation” for Template:Icon) Aggressive Observation Pre-FTL_species
assist research = Fleet task assist research.png (unrecognized string “assist research” for Template:Icon) Assist Research
automatic survey = Fleet task auto explore.png (unrecognized string “automatic survey” for Template:Icon) Automatic Survey
colonize, colonization = Fleet task colonize 2.png (unrecognized string “colonize” for Template:Icon), (unrecognized string “colonization” for Template:Icon) Colonization
covert infiltration = Fleet task covert infiltration action.png (unrecognized string “covert infiltration” for Template:Icon) Covert Infiltration Pre-FTL_species
experimental subspace navigation = Fleet task mia jump.png (unrecognized string “experimental subspace navigation” for Template:Icon) Experimental Subspace Navigation
indoctrination = Fleet task indoctrination.png (unrecognized string “indoctrination” for Template:Icon) Indoctrination Pre-FTL_species
passive observation = Fleet task passive study action.png (unrecognized string “passive observation” for Template:Icon) Passive Observation Pre-FTL_species
research anomaly = Fleet task research.png (unrecognized string “research anomaly” for Template:Icon) [[]]
survey = Fleet task survey system.png (unrecognized string “survey” for Template:Icon) Survey
technological enlightenment = Fleet task technological enlightenment action.png (unrecognized string “technological enlightenment” for Template:Icon) Technological Enlightenment Pre-FTL_species



Construction Icon test Link target Notes
idyllic bloom hive = Civic hive idyllic bloom.png Civic hive idyllic bloom.png Civics#Idyllic Bloom (hive) bad id (can't be duplicate) - Idyllic Bloom
memorialist hive = Civic hive memorialist.png Civic hive memorialist.png Civics#Memorialist (hive) bad id (can't be duplicate) - Memorialist
memorialist machine = Civic machine memorialist.png Civic machine memorialist.png Civics#Memorialist (machine) bad id (can't be duplicate) - Memorialist


  • Low value in icons of NPC origins
Construction Icon test Link target Notes
separatist = Origins separatists.png Origins separatists.png Separatists NPC
khanate successor = Origins khan successor.png Origins khan successor.png Khanate Successor NPC
hegemon subordinate = Origins hegemon.png (unrecognized string “hegemon subordinate” for Template:Icon) Hegemon Subordinate NPC


  • Need to do an ID pass.

| = 24px || Template:Icon/ || [[]] ||

Construction Icon test Link target Notes
scrap miner = Job miner.png Job miner.png Scrap Miner
scrap miner drone = Job miner.png Job miner.png Scrap Miner Drone
Event jobs
gas plant drone = Job gas refiner.png Job gas refiner.png Gas Plant Drone
gas plant engineer = Job gas extractor.png Job gas extractor.png Gas Plant Engineer
nemma miner = Job miner.png Job miner.png Nemma Miner
nemma mining drone = Job miner.png Job miner.png Nemma Mining Drone
odd factory drone = Job foundry.png Job foundry.png Odd Factory Drone
subterranean contact drone = Job spawning drone.png (unrecognized string “subterranean contact drone” for Template:Icon) Subterranean Contact Drone
transmuter = Job foundry.png Job foundry.png Transmuter job_bluelotus_technician
transmuter drone = Job foundry.png Job foundry.png Transmuter Drone job_bluelotus_drone

Map icons

  • some assembly required - need to find correct frame files
Construction Icon test Link target Notes
Starbases: Stellaris/gfx/interface/icons/ = 5 32x36 frames
outpost = 24px (unrecognized string “outpost” for Template:Icon) Starbase#Outpost
starport = 24px (unrecognized string “starport” for Template:Icon) Starbase#Starport
starhold = 24px (unrecognized string “starhold” for Template:Icon) Starbase#Starhold
star fortress = 24px (unrecognized string “star fortress” for Template:Icon) Starbase#Star Fortress
citadel = 24px (unrecognized string “citadel” for Template:Icon) Starbase#Citadel
Stellaris/gfx/interface/icons/ = 39 32x36 frames
archaeology = Archaeology map icon.png Icon archaeology.png Archaeology -> Precursors#Archaeological_sites
enclave = 24px (unrecognized string “enclave” for Template:Icon) Enclave -> Spaceborne_aliens#Enclaves frame 21
gateway = 24px (unrecognized string “gateway” for Template:Icon) Gateway -> Megastructures#Gateways alt target: FTL#Gateway
l-gate = 24px (unrecognized string “l-gate” for Template:Icon) L-Gate -> L-Cluster#L-Gates
megastructure = 24px (unrecognized string “megastructure” for Template:Icon) Megastructure frame 22
pre-ftl = 24px (unrecognized string “pre-ftl” for Template:Icon) [[]] frame 23
wormhole = 24px (unrecognized string “wormhole” for Template:Icon) Wormhole -> FTL#Wormholes frame 12
= 24px Template:Icon/ [[]]

Planet modifiers

Construction Icon test Link target Notes
planet modifier = Pm unknown.pngPm frame 2.png Pm unknown.pngPm frame 2.png Planet modifiers
= 24px24px Template:Icon/ Planet modifiers#
penal colony = Pm penal colony.pngPm frame 2.png Pm penal colony.pngPm frame 2.png Planet modifiers#Penal Colony
resort world = Pm resort planet.pngPm frame 1.png Pm resort planet.pngPm frame 1.png Planet modifiers#Resort World
thrall-world = Pm slave colony.pngPm frame 2.png Pm slave colony.pngPm frame 2.png Planet modifiers#Thrall-World

Planet types

  • Disambiguation pages for planet type / preference trait
  • #REDIRECT [[Celestial_body#
Construction Icon test Link target Notes
ai world = Planet ai.png Planet ai.png AI World
alpine world = Planet alpine.png Planet alpine.png Alpine World Trait pc alpine preference.png alpine
arctic world = Planet arctic.png Planet arctic.png Arctic World Trait pc arctic preference.png arctic
arid world = Planet arid.png Planet arid.png Arid World Trait pc arid preference.png arid
asteroid = Planet asteroid.png (unrecognized string “asteroid” for Template:Icon) Asteroid prepped
barren world = Planet barren.png (unrecognized string “barren world” for Template:Icon) Barren World
barren world (cold) = Planet barren cold.png (unrecognized string “barren world (cold)” for Template:Icon) Barren World (cold)
broken world = Planet barren.png (unrecognized string “broken world” for Template:Icon) Broken World uses barren icon
continental world = Planet continental.png Planet continental.png Continental World Trait pc continental preference.png continental
cracked world = Planet barren.png (unrecognized string “cracked world” for Template:Icon) Cracked World - uses barren icon
desert world = Planet desert.png Planet desert.png Desert World Trait pc desert preference.png desert
ecumenopolis = Planet city.png Planet city.png Ecumenopolis
frozen world = Planet frozen.png (unrecognized string “frozen world” for Template:Icon) Frozen World
gaia world = Planet gaia.png Planet gaia.png Gaia World Trait pc gaia preference.png gaia
gas giant = Planet gas giant.png (unrecognized string “gas giant” for Template:Icon) Gas Giant
habitat planet = Planet habitat.png Planet habitat.png Habitat Planet habitat.png habitat
hive world = Planet infested.png Planet infested.png Hive World
infested world = Planet infested.png (unrecognized string “infested world” for Template:Icon) Infested World
machine world = Planet ai.png Planet ai.png Machine World
molten world = Planet molten.png (unrecognized string “molten world” for Template:Icon) Molten World
nanite world = Planet toxic.png (unrecognized string “nanite world” for Template:Icon) Nanite World uses toxic icon
ocean world = Planet ocean.png Planet ocean.png Ocean World Trait pc ocean preference.png ocean
relic world = Planet nuked.png Planet nuked.png Relic World uses tomb icon
ring world planet = Planet ringworld.png Planet ringworld.png Celestial body#Ring World
savannah world = Planet savannah.png Planet savannah.png Savannah World Trait pc savannah preference.png savannah
shattered ring world = Planet ringworld.png Planet ringworld.png Shattered Ring World uses ring world icon
shattered world = Planet barren.png (unrecognized string “shattered world” for Template:Icon) Shattered World uses barren icon
shielded world = Planet desert.png (unrecognized string “shielded world” for Template:Icon) Shielded World desert base with thick alt color atmosphere
shrouded world = Shrouded World Shrouded
tomb world = Planet nuked.png Planet nuked.png Tomb World Trait pc nuked preference.png tomb
toxic world = Planet toxic.png Planet toxic.png Toxic World
tropical world = Planet tropical.png Planet tropical.png Tropical World Trait pc tropical preference.png tropical
tundra world = Planet tundra.png Planet tundra.png Tundra World Trait pc tundra preference.png tundra


Construction Icon test Link target Notes
policy, policies = Menu icon policies.png Menu icon policies.png,Menu icon policies.png Policies
= 24px Template:Icon/ [[]]

Diplomatic Stance

Construction Icon test Link target Notes
belligerent = Diplomatic stance belligerent.png Diplomatic stance belligerent.png Policies#Belligerent
cooperative = Diplomatic stance cooperative.png Diplomatic stance cooperative.png Policies#Cooperative
dormant = Diplomatic stance isolationist.png Diplomatic stance isolationist.png Policies#Dormant
expansionist diplomatic stance, expansionist policy = Diplomatic stance expansionist.png Diplomatic stance expansionist.png Diplomatic stance expansionist.png Policies#Expansionist
extermination = Diplomatic stance recompiling.png Diplomatic stance recompiling.png Policies#Extermination
hunger = Diplomatic stance rest.png Diplomatic stance rest.png Policies#Hunger
isolationist = Diplomatic stance isolationist.png Diplomatic stance isolationist.png Policies#Isolationist
mercantile = Diplomatic stance mercantile.png Diplomatic stance mercantile.png Mercantile
purification = Diplomatic stance withdrawn.png Diplomatic stance withdrawn.png Policies#Purification
supremacist = Diplomatic stance supremacy.png Supremacist Policies#Supremacist


  • Raw images are 150x150
  • Do relics starting with 'The' all go in t, or do I drop the word?
  • Low use?
Construction Icon test Link target Notes
blade of the huntress = R ancient sword.png (unrecognized string “blade of the huntress” for Template:Icon) Blade of the Huntress
cybrex war forge = R war forge.png R war forge.png Cybrex War Forge
ether drake trophy = R dragon trophy.png R dragon trophy.png Ether Drake Trophy
extradimensional warlock = R unbidden warlock.png R unbidden warlock.png Extradimensional Warlock
head of zarqlan = R severed head.png R severed head.png Head of Zarqlan
isolated contingency core = R contingency core.png (unrecognized string “isolated contingency core” for Template:Icon) Isolated Contingency Core
javorian pox sample = R pox sample.png R pox sample.png Javorian Pox Sample
khan's throne = R khans throne.png R khans throne.png Khan's Throne
miniature galaxy = R galaxy.png (unrecognized string “miniature galaxy” for Template:Icon) Miniature Galaxy prepped
prethoryn brood-queen = R prethoryn queen.png (unrecognized string “prethoryn brood-queen” for Template:Icon) Prethoryn Brood-Queen
psionic archive = R zro crystal.png (unrecognized string “psionic archive” for Template:Icon) Psionic Archive
scales of the worm = R worm scales.png Template:Icon/ Scales of the Worm
the defragmentor = R mechano calibrator.png (unrecognized string “the defragmentor” for Template:Icon) The Defragmentor
the galatron = R galatron.png (unrecognized string “the galatron” for Template:Icon) The Galatron
the last baol = R baol.png (unrecognized string “the last baol” for Template:Icon) The Last Baol
the omnicodex = R omnicodex.png (unrecognized string “the omnicodex” for Template:Icon) The Omnicodex
the rubricator = R rubricator.png (unrecognized string “the rubricator” for Template:Icon) The Rubricator
the surveyor = R surveyor.png (unrecognized string “the surveyor” for Template:Icon) The Surveyor
vultaum reality perforator = R orb insight.png (unrecognized string “vultaum reality perforator” for Template:Icon) Vultaum Reality Perforator
yuht cryo core = R cryo core.png R cryo core.png Yuht Cryo Core


There are a ton of these.

Construction Icon test Link target Notes
divinity of life = Resolution robots bad.png Resolution robots bad.png Galactic community#Divinity of Life
ecological protection = Resolution ecological protection.png Resolution ecological protection.png Galactic community#Ecological Protection typo in image name
galactic commerce = Resolution galactic commerce.png (unrecognized string “galactic commerce” for Template:Icon) Galactic community#Galactic Commerce
industrial development = Resolution industrial development.png Resolution industrial development.png Galactic community#Industrial Development
mutual defense = Resolution mutual defense.png Resolution mutual defense.png Galactic community#Mutual Defense
resolution = Resolution community reform.png Template:Icon/ Resolutions
rules of war = Resolution rules of war.png Resolution rules of war.png Galactic community#Rules of War
the greater good = Resolution greater good.png Resolution greater good.png Galactic community#The Greater Good
unchained knowledge = Resolution galactic studies.png Resolution galactic studies.png Galactic community#Unchained Knowledge

Species rights

Construction Icon test Link target Notes
citizenship = Species right citizenship.png Species right citizenship.png Citizenship
colonization rights = Species right colonization rights.png Species right colonization rights.png Species_rights#Colonization rights
living standards = Species right living standards.png Species right living standards.png Species_rights#Living standards
migration controls = Species right migration controls.png Migration Controls Species_rights#Migration controls
military service = Species right military service.png Military Service Species_rights#Military service
population controls = Species right population controls.png Species right population controls.png Species_rights#Population controls
purge type = Purge.png Purge.png Species_rights#Purge type
slavery type = Slavery.png Slavery.png Species_rights#Slavery type

Starbase Buildings


  • Requires also going through and seeing which techs are missing from each list.
  • Tech pages & icons seem to have never been updated for Nemesis
  • #REDIRECT [[Physics research#
  • #REDIRECT [[Society research#
  • #REDIRECT [[Engineering research#
Construction Icon test Link target On tech page? Notes
= 52px Template:Icon/ [[]]
Nemesis (nemesis_espionage_l_english.yml)
ceramo-metal infrastructure = Tech planetary infrastructure 1.png Tech planetary infrastructure 1.png Ceramo-Metal Infrastructure Yes.png
durasteel infrastructure = Tech planetary infrastructure 2.png Tech planetary infrastructure 2.png Durasteel Infrastructure Yes.png
efficiencies of scale = Tech capital productivity 2.png Tech capital productivity 2.png Efficiencies of Scale No.png
improved production = Tech capital productivity 1.png Tech capital productivity 1.png Improved Production No.png
maximized productivity = Tech capital productivity 3.png Tech capital productivity 3.png Maximized Productivity No.png
Tech encryption 3.png Negative-Time Keys No.png
Tech encryption 1.png Quantum Firewalls No.png
Tech decryption 3.png Quasi-Dimensional Reflection No.png
Tech decryption 1.png Quantum Hacking No.png
Tech decryption 2.png Simulated Social Engineering No.png
Tech encryption 2.png Simultaneous-Collapse Storage No.png
star cracker = Tech btc 1.png Tech btc 1.png Star Cracker No.png nemesis_content_l_engish.yml
thought enforcement = Tech thought enforcement.png Tech thought enforcement.png Thought Enforcement No.png
tracking implants = Tech tracking implants.png Tech tracking implants.png Tracking Implants No.png



Construction Icon test Link target Notes
adaptability = Tradition icon adaptability.png Tradition icon adaptability.png Traditions#Adaptability
diplomacy tradition = Tradition icon diplomacy.png Diplomacy Traditions#Diplomacy
discovery = Tradition icon discovery.png Discovery Traditions#Discovery
domination = Tradition icon domination.png Domination Traditions#Domination
expansion = Tradition icon expansion.png Expansion Traditions#Expansion
harmony = Tradition icon harmony.png Harmony Traditions#Harmony
mercantile tradition = Mercantile Mercantile Traditions#Mercantile
prosperity tradition = Prosperity Prosperity Traditions#Prosperity
subterfuge tradition = Tradition icon subterfuge.png Tradition icon subterfuge.png Traditions#Subterfuge
supremacy = Tradition icon supremacy.png Tradition icon supremacy.png Traditions#Supremacy
synchronicity = Tradition icon synchronicity.png Tradition icon synchronicity.png Traditions#Synchronicity
unyielding tradition = Tradition icon unyielding.png (unrecognized string “unyielding tradition” for Template:Icon) Traditions#Unyielding
versatility = Tradition icon versatility.png Versatility Traditions#Versatility


Construction Icon test Link target Notes
= 24px Template:Icon/ [[]]
= 24px Template:Icon/ [[]]


  • #REDIRECT [[Traits#
Construction Icon test Link target Notes
brain slug host leader = Brain Slug Host (unrecognized string “brain slug host leader” for Template:Icon) Brain Slug Host (leader)
bulldozer = Leader trait environmental engineer.png Leader trait environmental engineer.png Bulldozer uses environmental engineer icon
bureaucrat governor = Bureaucrat (unrecognized string “bureaucrat governor” for Template:Icon) Bureaucrat (governor)
descendant clone army admiral = Trait clone soldier descendant.png [[]]
double-jointed = Double jointed.png Double-Jointed
durable = Durable.png Durable
enhanced memory = Enhanced memory.png Enhanced Memory
erudite leader = Erudite [[]]
foredoomed to a rendezvous = Leader trait ship.png (unrecognized string “foredoomed to a rendezvous” for Template:Icon) Foredoomed to a Rendezvous
high maintenance = High maintenance.png High maintenance.png High Maintenance
loyalty circuits = Loyalty circuits.png Loyalty circuits.png Loyalty Circuits
luxurious = Luxurious.png Luxurious.png Luxurious
machine intelligence ruler = Machine unit.png [[]]
mass-produced = Mass produced.png Mass-Produced
mindfulness = Leader trait bureaucrat.png Mindfulness uses bureaucrt icon
maintenance loop = Leader trait fleet logistician.png Maintenance Loop uses fleet logistician icon
mercenary warrior general = Leader trait glory seeker.png Mercenary Warrior (general) Possible bug: Uses glory seeker icon instead of mercenary warrior icon
repurposed hardware = Repurposed hardware.png Repurposed hardware.png Repurposed Hardware
recycled = Recycled.png Recycled.png Recycled
rigid programming = Leader trait stubborn.png Leader trait stubborn.png Rigid Programming uses stubborn icon
self-modified = Trait cybernetic.png Trait cybernetic.png Self-Modified uses cybernetic icon
traumatized = Leader trait traumatized.png Leader trait traumatized.png Traumatized prepped
ai world preference = Trait pc ai preference.png Trait pc ai preference.png AI World Preference
alpine preference = Trait pc alpine preference.png Trait pc alpine preference.png Alpine Preference
arctic preference = Trait pc arctic preference.png Trait pc arctic preference.png Arctic Preference
arid preference = Trait pc arid preference.png Trait pc arid preference.png Arid Preference
continental preference = Trait pc continental preference.png Trait pc continental preference.png Continental Preference
desert preference = Trait pc desert preference.png Trait pc desert preference.png Desert Preference
ecumenopolis preference = Trait pc ai preference.png Trait pc ai preference.png Ecumenopolis Preference uses ai preference icon
gaia world preference = Trait pc gaia preference.png Trait pc gaia preference.png Gaia World Preference
habitat preference = Trait pc ring preference.png Trait pc ring preference.png Habitat Preference uses ring world preference icon
hive world preference = Trait pc ring preference.png (unrecognized string “hive world preference” for Template:Icon) Hive World Preference uses ring world preference icon
machine world preference = Trait pc ai preference.png Trait pc ai preference.png Machine World Preference uses ai preference icon
ocean preference = Trait pc ocean preference.png Trait pc ocean preference.png Ocean Preference
relic world preference = Trait pc ai preference.png Trait pc ai preference.png Relic World Preference uses ai preference icon
ring world preference = Trait pc ring preference.png Trait pc ring preference.png Ring World Preference
savannah preference = Trait pc savannah preference.png Trait pc savannah preference.png Savannah Preference localization error: "Savanna Preference" (missing h)
tomb world preference = Trait pc nuked preference.png Trait pc nuked preference.png Tomb World Preference
tropical preference = Trait pc tropical preference.png Trait pc tropical preference.png Tropical Preference
tundra preference = Trait pc tundra preference.png Trait pc tundra preference.png Tundra Preference

| = 24px || Template:Icon/ || [[]]