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alien slavery tolerance Unknown.png
anomaly discovery chance Anomaly discovery chance.png
alien migration attraction Mod planet migration xeno pull.png
anomaly research speed Anomaly research speed.png
army build speed Mod army build speed mult.png
army cost Mod planet army build cost mult.png
army damage Mod army damage mult.png
army health Mod army health.png
army morale Mod army morale.png
army upkeep Mod army upkeep mult.png
clear blocker cost Mod planet clear blocker cost mult.png
clear blocker time Mod planet clear blocker time mult.png
construction time Mod planet building time mult.png
edict cost Mod country edict influence cost.png
edict duration Mod country edict length mult.png
fire rate Mod ship fire rate mult.png
fleet size Fleet Size.png
food consumption Mod pop food req.png
growth time Mod pop growth req.png
habitability Mod habitability.png
happiness Mod pop happiness.png
interstellar speed {{icon|interstellar speed }}
leader skill levels Leader skill levels.png
migration time Mod pop migration time.png
military production Mod ship speed mult.png
module cost Mod spaceport module cost mult.png
naval capacity Mod fleet size add.png
planet size Planet Size.png
pop Pop.png
pop enc Pop resource energy mult.png
pop eng Pop resource engineering research mult.png
pop food Pop resource food mult.png
pop min Pop resource minerals mult.png
pop phy Pop resource physics research mult.png
pop soc Pop resource society research mult.png
planet fortification toughness Unknown.png
research speed Mod country all tech research speed.png
resettlement cost Mod pop resettlement cost mult.png
anomaly discovery chance Anomaly discovery chance.png
robot resource output Robot resource output.png
rivalry influence gain Diplomacy rivalry.png
ship accuracy Mod ship tracking add.png
ship upgrade cost Ship upgrade cost.png
slave food output Slave food output.png
slave mineral output Slave mineral output.png
sensor range Mod planet sensor range mult.png
ship armor Mod ship armor mult.png
ship fire rate, ship attack speed Mod ship fire rate mult.png
ship hull points Mod ship hitpoints add.png
ship auto repair speed {{icon|ship auto repair speed }}
ship build speed Mod ship build speed mult.png
ship cost Mod spaceport ship build cost mult.png
ship damage Mod ship weapon damage.png
evasion Evasion
chance to evade Chance to Evade
ship health Mod ship hitpoints add.png
ship repair speed Mod ship build speed mult.png
ship shield Mod ship shield hp mult.png
ship speed Mod ship speed mult.png
ship upkeep Mod ship upkeep mult.png
slavery tolerance Mod pop slavery tolerance.png
spaceport build cost Mod country spaceport cost mult.png
spaceport module cost Mod spaceport module cost mult.png
starvation Mod pop food req.png
survey speed Mod ship science survey speed.png
war tolerance war tolerance
war happiness Diplomacy war.png

Already Done

building cost Mod planet building cost mult.png
core sector planets Mod country admin cap add.png
empire leader capacity Empire leader capacity.png
ethos shift, ethic shift, ethics divergence Mod pop ethic shift.png
leader lifespan Mod leader age.png
leader pool size {{icon|leader pool size }}
leader recruitment cost Mod leader influence cost.png
research alternatives Mod num tech alternatives add.png