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Civics will be a new feature for empire customisation coming in the 1.5 patch. Empires can have a maximum of 2 civics, while researching a tech enables your empire to have 3. Some civics will be DLC only.

List of Civics

Imperial Cult
Idealist Foundation
Free Haven
Cutthroat Politics +1 monthly influence
Shadow Council
Fanatic Purifiers
Warrior Culture +20% army damage
Police State -20 unrest
Citizen Service
Syncretic Evolution
Slaver Guilds
Agrarian Idyll
Inwards Perfection
Nationalistic Zeal +10% border range, +1 maximum rivals
Mining Guilds +10% empire minerals production
Efficient Bureaucracy +2 core sector systems
Functional Architecture -15% building cost
Aristocratic Elite -50% governor recruitment cost
Beacon of Liberty +15% monthly unity, +4 empire leader capacity
Philosopher King
Distinguished Admiralty +8% fire rate

Hivemind Only Civics

One Mind
Subsumed Will
Subspace Ephapse
Natural Neural Network
Divided Attention