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Mod country all tech research speed.png Population Governance Planet Technology
  • Leader trait psionic chosen one.png The Chosen One
  • Leader trait curator.png Curator
  • Leader trait psionic leader.png Psychic
  • Trait robotic 3.png Synthetic
  • Fanatic Materialist.png Fanatic Materialist
  • Leader trait lightbulb on.png Spark of Genius
  • Leader trait sentient AI assistant.png Sentient AI Assistant
  • Ap technological ascendancy.png Technological Ascendancy
  • Menu icon traditions.png Discovery Finisher
  • Tech sentient ai.png Sentient AI
  • Materialist.png Materialist
  • Tech administrative ai.png Administrative AI
  • Leader skill levels.png Scientist Skill (per level)
  • No Scientist