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Technology layout change[edit]

I've prepared a new layout for the tables in the technology based on your changes. The layout can be seen on my userpage. I would also like to change the default sorting into Category/Tech; the main reason being that cost is always fluctuating [unless the player can see base cost?]. What do you think? Do you have any further suggestions? ~ SolSys (talk) 12:39, 6 May 2016 (CEST)

Base cost is visible, yes. And of course, it determines relative cost; something with twice the base cost of another tech will always cost exactly twice as much to research.
Not entirely sure what you mean by Category/Tech? ~ Meneth (talk) 12:46, 6 May 2016 (CEST)
Basically the page currently uses a couple of default table sorts. I wanted to settle on one now for the new layout [instead of changing it again later].
The proposed sortings are:
  1. Category_type --> Tech_name it feels more intuitive.
  2. Category_type --> base_cost --> Tech_name as in the engineering section.
  3. base_cost --> Tech_name as in the society section.
~ SolSys (talk) 13:08, 6 May 2016 (CEST)
Ah. I think I probably prefer #2, but my word isn't final on this. ~ Meneth (talk) 13:15, 6 May 2016 (CEST)
Looks very neat! SolSys I agree with Meneth, go with #2.
You sure you don't mind updating the tables? It is a lot of work... At least do the societal one, I'll take your format and apply it to the physicists and engineering departments.
One suggestion though, I recommend keeping the Technology tab with the colspan=2 style, then you create a column one for the image and one for the text. In smaller screens the text goes under the image if that is not done. KaTiON (talk) 13:34, 6 May 2016 (CEST)
I applied the change. I'll take care of the society section you updated. I PM'd Meneth and depending on the answer I may be able to help with the engineering section as well [at most I'll wait for the game to go live]. ~ SolSys (talk) 14:22, 6 May 2016 (CEST)
I can do the engineering part today/tomorrow. Edit: for clarification, we are using this new layout, and the ordering is: Category -> Cost -> Name (in other words, the way it has been up until recently). Correct? Edit no.2: So it looks like engineering hasnt been updated with all the new info, unlike society and physics. So if I want to help I should then handle Physics, right? Sithril (talk) 15:01, 6 May 2016 (CEST)
Agreed. I'll do the engineering one then. KaTiON (talk) 15:31, 6 May 2016 (CEST)
Ive noticed that 4 techs (Lythuric Gas Refining, Satramene Refining, Zro Distillation, Self-Aware Logic) are not present in the current Technology list. Are they obsolete? Should I attempt to include them? They still appear in the current pre-release version. Sithril (talk) 16:30, 6 May 2016 (CEST)
They do exist, probably went forgotten KaTiON (talk) 16:37, 6 May 2016 (CEST)
Some techs probably got removed by accident. I have the old lists here User:SolSys/sandbox. I'll make some fast modifications to them to be more useful. ~ SolSys (talk) 16:38, 6 May 2016 (CEST)

Finished the Physics table finally! For reference, I kept the formating guideline I followed in my sandbox. I couldnt find corresponding images for 2 or 3 tech icons, but beyond that the table should be complete and errorless. Sithril (talk) 19:39, 7 May 2016 (CEST)


Hey KaTiON! I see that you're updating the Species page with the in-game portraits. I started up a sandbox page for the purpose of making it mimic the in-game selection screens, with the background and the colored border and stuff like that (User:Inawordyes/Species). I got stuck on the background not turning the dark green despite having it in the template, which put a damper on my attempts since I haven't done wiki editing in years and don't know the code that well anymore. Since you're currently sandboxing the Species page with the in-game portraits, maybe you can figure out out how it works and it would be of benefit to you as you're updating the page? If not it's completely fine, I just thought I'd point it out in case it would help make everything look better! Inawordyes (talk) 04:42, 8 May 2016 (CEST)

Hey IAWY, glad for your help! I like your idea, I'll try to see if I can make the background colored. KaTiON (talk) 04:47, 8 May 2016 (CEST)
Done, is that what you wanted? KaTiON (talk) 04:50, 8 May 2016 (CEST)
Yeah, that's fine! But since you're the one who's currently doing the page updating, I was just offering my idea to you to incorporate as you needed. I was basically giving it to you to spouse as you see fit, if at all. So if you like the idea, feel free to take it and put it into your sandbox! Update it, make it better, put it to good use since I'm sure you'll be able to do more with it than I could. :thumbsup: Inawordyes (talk) 04:53, 8 May 2016 (CEST)
Ah sorry, didn't understand at first. I like it, but it's better for Meneth to give his thoughts first. KaTiON (talk) 04:54, 8 May 2016 (CEST)
No problem, I probably didn't word it correctly haha, and that's fine - if it can be used in some way, shape or form, awesome! If not, no big deal. Inawordyes (talk) 04:59, 8 May 2016 (CEST)
Seems fine. ~ Meneth (talk) 09:47, 8 May 2016 (CEST)

Hi KaTiON, I changed up the underlying structure at Species#Mammalian to keep close to your layout, while fixing some accessibility and mobile display problems. However, User:Dauth has indicated at Talk:Species#Flexboxes that my edit may be too complex. Do you plan on using this gallery style on multiple pages, making CSS support worth it? Or would you be willing to use a simple <gallery> instead? 10:46, 9 May 2016 (CEST)

Simple gallery I'm afraid, while it is a handy code I can't see where it can be used outside of a few unique cases. KaTiON (talk) 10:50, 9 May 2016 (CEST)
I looked around, and I didn't see any other <gallery>s in use. If these are the only ones, so far, you might propose your style to be used for all nolines <gallery>s on the wiki (via CSS). li.gallerybox div.thumb { background-color: #1a2c34; }, for example. Best of both worlds, I think, if you get the simple <gallery> markup and the look you like. 12:35, 9 May 2016 (CEST)

Leviathans Portraits[edit]

Heyo KaTiON! I noticed that you were the one who uploaded the Hi-Res portraits when the base game and Plantoids released, and I was wondering when you were going to do the same for the 9 new portraits released with 1.3 and Leviathans. It's the only thing left that's needed to make the article fully up-to-date with 1.3 as of release, and so I turn to you. The placeholder ones currently up can be deleted whenever it happens since they're unnecessary once the Hi-Res ones get uploaded. Inawordyes (talk) 00:54, 21 October 2016 (CEST)

Hello, thank you for bringing me that to attention! KaTiON (talk) 01:36, 21 October 2016 (CEST)

access for updating some icons[edit]

Hi, I can convert game icons directly from the game files (DDS to PNG), it's mean HD icons, not crop. But I can't access to update them.

This error: "This page has been protected from editing because it is transcluded in the following page, which is protected with the "cascading" option turned on:" — Preceding unsigned comment added by GoldMath (talk) 22:08, 6 April 2017 (CEST))

Which page are you trying to access? KaTiON (talk) 22:12, 6 April 2017 (CEST)

For exemple and then do: Upload a new version of this file GoldMath (talk) 23:06, 6 April 2017 (CEST)

Images used on the frontpage on the wiki cannot be changed by anyone except administrators, since it'd make major vandalism too easy. If you were to upload the affected icons as a zip file elsewhere or something like that, someone with the ability to change those icons can fix it. ~ Meneth (talk) 23:08, 6 April 2017 (CEST)

Anniversary Pack Portraits[edit]

Heyo KaTiON! Whenever you have the chance, could you update the Anniversary Portraits with the Hi-Res ones to make them consistent with the other species portraits? I used the ones from the Steam DLC page as temporary placeholders for now. Inawordyes (talk) 21:36, 9 May 2017 (CEST)

Oh, and it isn't really high-priority, but the portraits (hi-res or otherwise) for the Aberrant and Vehement Extradimensional crisis portrais have never been uploaded to the Wiki yet. Inawordyes (talk) 21:38, 9 May 2017 (CEST)

Hey, thanks for the heads up! KaTiON (talk) 21:53, 9 May 2017 (CEST)