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The Caravaneers are a space-based coalition of traders who send out fleets across the galaxy to offer every empire great deals. They start in a unique system called Chor’s Compass which contains their Caravaneer Citadel and two out of three caravan fleets: Racket Industrial Enterprise, the Numistic Order, and the Vengralian Trium. These fleets roam the galaxy, traveling towards every empire to offer deals.


Chor's Compass

Reliquary Chambers on Caravaneer Citadel

The Caravaneer Citadel in this System acts as the return point for the caravan fleets and an intergalactic Casino. Should the station be destroyed but at least one caravan fleet still be alive, they will ask to re-establish it in a random uncolonized system claimed by an empire, as close to their original one as possible. If the empire accepts it will lose control of the system but gain +5%   Trade Value.

The Caravaneers use a unique resource called CaravanCoinz, which can be bought in bulks of 8k, 12k and 26k with   Energy Credits. The options are equally efficient. Those can be used to either play Slots or open a Reliquary. Reliquaries restock every 500 days.

Slots Reliquary
Price 2783.92 CaravanCoinz 6194.21 CaravanCoinz
6 per game per empire
  • 75% - Nothing
  • 15% - 500 CaravanCoinz
  • 4% - 1000   Energy
  • 4% - 1000   Minerals
  • 4% - 3000 CaravanCoinz
  • 1% - 10k-100k   Minerals (monthly production x 120)
  • 1% - 10k-100k   Energy (monthly production x 120)
  • 1% - Great Extended Payout empire modifier for 600 months, giving the following:
    • +40 Monthly   Energy
    • +40 Monthly   Minerals
  • 29.5% - Empty
  • 70% - Any of the following:
    • Ancient Trade Route capital planet modifier (+10%   Trade Value)
    • 6 months' output of   Consumer Goods (min 100)
    • 8 months' output of   Consumer Goods (min 2000)
    • 24 months' output of   Food (min 2000)
    • 24 months' output of   Alloys (min 2000)
    • 24 months' output of   Physics (min 2000)
    • 24 months' output of   Society Research (min 2000)
    • 4000   Energy and   Minerals
    • 2000   Engineering Research
    • 1000   Society Research
    • Ruler gets the   Psionic trait (won't trigger if already Psionic)
  • 0.5% -   The Galatron Relic

Neighbor Events

If a Empire has a colony within 3 hyperlane jumps of the Caravaneer Citadel, there is a yearly chance for an event to happen with the following weights:

  • 500 - nothing
  • 10 - The Collector sells a mystery box for 3000   Energy (only Option available for   Gestalt Consciousness). If bought, it will grant:
    • 35% - Nothing
    • 10% - 4000   Minerals
    • 10% - 1000   Engineering
    • 10% - 1000   Society
    • 10% - 1000   Physics
    • 10% - 1000   Alloys
    • 5% - Alloy Hyperfabricator capital world modifier (+10%   Alloys from Jobs)
    • 5% - Energy Accelerator capital world modifier (+10%   Energy from Jobs)
    • 5% - Incredibly Boring Relic capital world modifier (+10%   Minerals from Jobs)
  • 10 - A planet gets the Problematic Gambling modifier (+15   Crime for 1825 days)
  • 10 - A planet gets the Festival Aftermath modifier (-5%   Stability) for 1825 days. Same chance to spawn Hybrid Species as "Xenophiles like Caravan"
  • 10 - A planet gets the Hot Slots! modifier (+15%   Trade Value) for 1825 days)
  • 5 - Up to 50 biological pops on a planet gain the   Resilient trait
  • 5 - A planet loses 2 Pops and is given 20   Devastation. A Special Project is added, adding a light amount of   Society research and unlocking the   Psionic Theory technology or adding a large amount of progress if already unlocked.
    • If the planet has a moon the moon is shattered and given an 8   Minerals deposit
    • If the planet has no moon it it gets a removable Blocker and the Heavy Metal modifier (+10%   Alloys from Jobs)


Caravan leaving Chor's Compass

Every time a Caravan fleet enters an empire's borders it will offer a rare trade deal. The offer can be accepted immediately, delayed to when the fleet is leaving the space or rejected outright. The fleets can not be contacted any other way and all attempts will redirect to Chor's Compass instead. Delaying has a very low chance of the deal changing.

Numistic Order

The Numistic Order is a religious Caravan that offers only deals with fixed costs. It features the largest amount of offers but half of them are one time only. They offer the following deals:

Offer Price Requirements Repeatable
200   Exotic Gases   1700 Energy  
3000   Energy Credits   500 Alloys  
200   Rare Crystals   2 Pops Not   Gestalt Consciousness  
2 Pops with the   Numistic Administration trait   3500 Energy Not   Gestalt Consciousness  
  Numa's Breath planetary feature   200 Minerals  
  Numistic Magnetistrips planet modifier   100 Influence   Machine Intelligence  
Numistic Cruiser   500 Energy  
Caravaneer Cruiser   2500 Energy  
Numistic Shrine building   2000 Energy Not   Gestalt Consciousness  
Numistic Visualisation edict   2500 Energy Not   Gestalt Consciousness except   Rogue Servitor  
  Numistic Data Modeling technology (+5%   from   Jobs)   3500 Energy  
Governor leader with the   Merchant of Numa trait   1500 Energy Not   Gestalt Consciousness  
  Divine Algorithm decision   2000 Minerals   Machine Intelligence  

Vengralian Trium

The Vengralian Trium is unique in that both their products and their prices are randomly generated, as opposed to each product having a specific price. Their deals may contain any of the following:

Offers Prices
  •   2000 Energy Credits (  Gestalt Consciousness)
  •   1000 Consumer Goods (not   Gestalt Consciousness unless   Rogue Servitor)
  •   1 Trium Atmospheric Deodorizer Deployment decision (not   Gestalt Consciousness)
  •   1 Trium Bunk Beds Deployment decision
  •   1 Trium Food Container Deployment decision
  •   +15% Trade Value for 80 years (not   Gestalt Consciousness)
  •   +10% Pop Growth Speed for 10 years (  Hive Mind)
  •   1200 Alloys
  •   500 Unity
  •   4 Specialist Pops (not   Gestalt Consciousness)
  •   4 Pops, don't have to be drones (  Gestalt Consciousness)
  •   -100% Society Research for 6 months
  • 1 Science Ship

Racket Industrial Enterprise

Rackets are the only predefined Caravaneer species, using the same portraits and traits as the Ketling Star Pack. The payment options for this Fleet are randomly generated based on the product offered although   Gestalt Consciousness empires are never asked for   Consumer Goods. They offer the following deals:

Offer Price Requirements
Caravaneer Cruiser   200 Minerals
200   Minerals   200 Food Game year < 50
Not   Machine Intelligence
500   Minerals   1000 Food Game year < 150
Not   Machine Intelligence
2000   Minerals   4000 Food Game year > 150
Not   Machine Intelligence
4 Racket Pops   500 Alloys Not   Gestalt Consciousness
4 Robots   500 Alloys   Machine Intelligence
Waste Reprocessing Center building   6 Pops Not already unlocked
  Orbital Trash Dispersal technology Any of the following:
  •   1000 Energy
  •   300 Minerals
  •   800 Consumer Goods
Not already unlocked
Governor with the   Waste Management Specialist trait Any of the following:
  •   300 Energy
  •   200 Food
  •   150 Consumer Goods
Scientist with the   Spark of Genius or   Maniacal traits Any of the following:
  •   300 Energy
  •   200 Food
  •   150 Consumer Goods
+5   Energy to a celestial body with a mining station Any of the following:
  •   70 Influence
  •   15 Exotic Gases
  •   100 Consumer Goods
Mining station
Any of the following:
  •   2000 Alloys
  •   150 Exotic Gases
  •   40 Living Metal
Any of the following:
  •   55 Rare Crystals
  •   15 Zro
  •   5 Dark Matter


In addition to the actual offers, simply having a Caravan pass through an empire's colonized systems has a chance to trigger events. Events in general have a shared 720 day lockout.

Ethics Event
   Gestalt Consciousness 3 free Pops leave their planet to join the Caravan. If the empire is    Authoritarian it also loses 10   Influence.
   Gestalt Consciousness 1 Caravaneer pop joins a planet. If the empire is    Xenophobe it can refuse but it costs 30   Influence.
   Xenophobe Mass protests erupt in the system. The empire gains a moderate amount of   Influence.
   Xenophile or    Materialist An open-air trade and party takes place. The empire gains a moderate amount of   Energy. There is a 33% chance that 3 hybrid species pops will spawn within a year.
Any The Caravan steals 200   Energy Credits.
Any The Caravan abandons a ship, bringing the following options:
  • Let it drift into the sun.
  • Start a Special Project to search it with a Construction Ship. The project takes 180 days and unlocks a random   Engineering research option.
  • Dispose of it and bill the Caravan, granting a moderate amount of   Consumer Goods. This option is only available to empires with   Corporate authority.

Attacking the Caravaneers

While the Caravaneers will never become hostile to any empire except in retaliation, they can be attacked like any neutral entity. If a Caravan is attacked it will become hostile but the rest of the Caravaneers will remain peaceful and available for trade. Caravans have 4k fleet power and come equipped with mid-game components. The Caravaneer Citadel on the other hand has 7k fleet power and comes equipped with end-game components. Both Caravans and the Caravaneer Citadel grant 2000   Energy and   Minerals when destroyed.

Caravan Caravaneer Citadel Starbase
10 Destroyers 6 Cruisers 1 Cargo Ship
  •   1 Plasma T2
  •   2 Armor T3
  •   1 Shields T3
  •   1 Regenerative Hull Tissue
  •   Hyperdrive T3
  •   Thrusters T3
  •   Sensors T3
  •   Reactor T4
  •   Combat Computer T3 (Picket)
  •   1 Plasma T2
  •   2 Plasma T2
  •   3 Plasma T2
  •   4 Armor T3
  •   2 Shields T3
  •   1 Regenerative Hull Tissue
  •   Hyperdrive T3
  •   Thrusters T3
  •   Sensors T3
  •   Reactor T4
  •   Combat Computer T3 (Line)
  •   1 Shields T3
  •   1 Armor T3
  •   1 Armor T3
  •   1 Regenerative Hull Tissue
  •   Hyperdrive T3
  •   Thrusters T3
  •   Sensors T3
  •   Reactor T4
  •   1 Lance T2
  •   1 Launcher T2
  •   6 Disruptor T3
  •   6 Disruptor T3
  •   4 Torpedo T3
  •   4 Point-Defense T3
  •   10 Armor T5
  •   10 Shields T5
  •   2 Shield Capacitor
  •   Sensors T4
  •   5 Plasma T2
  •   2 Laser T3
  •   5 Missiles T3
  •   2 Flak T1
  •   1 Regenerative Hull Tissue
  •   Sensors T4
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