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This article has been verified for the current PC version (2.7) of the game.

Civics represent the principles of life within an empire and are primarily limited by the authority and ethics an empire possesses. Each empire starts with two civics but the limit can be increased to three civics by researching the Tech galactic administration.png Galactic Administration technology or its equivalent. Civics can be changed every 20 years by reforming the government using 250 Influence.png influence. If at any point a civic's requirements are no longer met due to a change in empire ethics, it will become "dormant" and provide no bonus until it's replaced or its requirements are met again.


Standard civicsEdit

Standard civics represent the principles that guide day-to-day life within an empire. They can be picked by any empire that is not considered a   Gestalt Consciousness or a   Corporate empire, and are heavily influenced by the empire ethics and authority type.

Civic Effects Requirements Description DLC
  Agrarian Idyll
  •   +1 housing from Generator, Mining and Agriculture districts
  •   −1 housing from City Districts
  •   Farmers also produce   +2 amenities
  •   Cannnot pick   Arcology Project ascension perk
  •    Pacifist
  •    Syncretic Evolution
  •    Post-Apocalyptic
A simple and peaceful life can often be the most rewarding. This agrarian society has, to a large extent, managed to avoid large-scale urbanization.
  Aristocratic Elite
  •   +1 Governor Level Cap
  • Capital Buildings replace some   Administrator jobs with   Noble jobs
  • Can construct Noble Estates buildings that add additional   Noble jobs
  •   Oligarchic or   Imperial
  •     Egalitarian
  •    Exalted Priesthood
  •    Merchant Guilds
  •    Technocracy
This society has an entrenched nobility that occupies the upper echelons of society.
  Beacon of Liberty   +15% Monthly Unity This society is a shining beacon of light in a sea of darkness. Liberty and individual freedoms are held in the highest regard here.
  Citizen Service
  •   Soldiers produce an additional   +2 Unity
  •   +15% Naval capacity
  • Full Citizenship pops must have Full Military Service and vice versa
  •     Autocratic
  •    Militarist
  •    Fanatic Xenophile
Are you doing your part? Full citizenship and the political responsibility that comes with it is limited to those who have served a tour of duty in the military. Service guarantees citizenship.
  Corporate Dominion
  •   +1 Energy per Starbase Trading Hub
  •   Can build private colony ships
  •   Starts with the Offworld Trade Companies technology
  •   Can use the Mercantile Diplomatic Stance (unless also have Inward Perfection)
  •   Oligarchic
  •    MegaCorp DLC
  •     Xenophobe
This society is dominated by a megacorporation that has completely supplanted the role of the state.
  Corvée System
  •   +15% Pop Growth from Immigration
  •   −25% Resettlement Cost
  •     Egalitarian
  •    Free Haven
This society considers it the absolute right of the state to decide where its citizens live and work.
  Cutthroat Politics   −20% Edict Cost The political system in this society is renowned for its intrigue. Power struggles, shady backroom deals and cloak and dagger scheming are par for the course. Those who survive long enough to learn the game, however, tend to learn it well.
  Distinguished Admiralty
  •   +10% Ship fire rate
  •   +1 Admiral level cap
  •   +10 Fleet command limit
   Militarist The Fleet and the Admiralty have unusually prominent roles in this society, wielding a great deal of influence in political circles. They have the pick of the litter when it comes to new military recruits.
  Efficient Bureaucracy   +10% Administrative Capacity This society is renowned for its efficiency. Not only do the mag-trains run on time, but the colossal bureaucratic apparatus required to run an interstellar nation has been greatly streamlined.
  Environmentalist   −10% Pop consumer goods upkeep This society seeks to co-exist in harmony with nature. Great care is taken to preserve the environment and limit consumerism where possible.
  Exalted Priesthood
  • Capital Buildings replace some   Administrator jobs with   High Priest jobs
  •   Priests provide   +1 Unity
  •   Oligarchic or   Dictatorial
  •    Spiritualist
  •    Merchant Guilds
  •    Aristocratic Elite
  •    Technocracy
To guard against heresy, this society is ruled by a religious council consisting of the wisest and most pious members of the clergy.
  Feudal Society
  •   −50% Subject power penalty
  •   Subjects can build new starbases
  Imperial This society is organized in a feudal manner, with a monarch whose rule relies on powerful vassals that govern their territories with considerable autonomy.
  Free Haven
  •   +15% Pop growth from immigration
  •   +50% Immigration pull
  •    Xenophile
  •    Corvée System
This society has a well-earned reputation as a free haven. The tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free - all are welcome here, regardless of their species or origin.
  Functional Architecture   −10% Build Cost and   −10% Upkeep for   buildings and districts This society is renowned for its simple yet functional architecture. There are those who would refer to this building style as boring or even depressing, but in most cases, concrete does the job just as well as any other building material.
  Idealistic Foundation   +5% Citizen Pop Happiness    Egalitarian This society was founded on strong idealistic values. Whether the current government remains true to them or not, the people have not forgotten.
  Imperial Cult
  •   +1 Edict capacity
  •   -25% Edict cost
This society has a dominant state religion where the ruler is worshiped as a living deity.
  Inward Perfection
  •   Cannot be added or removed after game start
  •   +20% Monthly Unity
  •   +10% Pop growth speed
  •   +5% Citizen Happiness
  •   +1 Edict Capacity
  Diplomatic restrictions
  •   Cannot have   rivals
  •   Cannot form   defensive pacts
  •   Cannot form   commercial pact
  •   Cannot form   research agreement
  •   Cannot form   migration treaties
  •   Cannot   guarantee independence
  •   Cannot join   federations
  •   Cannot have forced   subjects
  •   Cannot   infiltrate natives
This calm and pacifist society has little use for strangers who do not understand their way of life. More than anything, they would prefer to be left alone.
  •   +1 Leader level cap
  •   +10% Specialist Pop Resource Output
    Autocratic An individual's social station or personal connections should have no bearing on their profession. The sole basis for advancement in this society is demonstrated ability and talent.
  Mining Guilds   +1 Minerals from   Miners Several large mining guilds have reached a dominant position in this society. The government relies heavily on their support.
  Nationalistic Zeal
  •   −10% Claim influence cost
  •   −10% War exhaustion gain
   Militarist A strong sense of nationalistic pride permeates all layers of this society.
  Parliamentary System   +25% Faction Influence Gain   Democratic The parliamentary system in this society encourages a free and lively debate. Currying favor with one of the dominant political factions can prove to be quite advantageous.
  Philosopher King
  •   +2 Ruler level cap
  •   Ruler and Governor leaders are less likely to gain negative traits
   Autocratic It is not enough to simply rule. The Ship of State must be guided by a king that wields enough wisdom and knowledge to steer it true.
  Police State
  •   +5 Stability
  •   Enforcers also produce   +1 Unity
   Fanatic Egalitarian To quash any traces of dissent, the population in this repressive society is carefully monitored and controlled by a large internal police force.
  Shadow Council
  •   −75% Election influence cost
  •   +10% Ruler Pop Resource Output
   Imperial Unbeknownst to its own citizens, this society is actually manipulated from behind the scenes by a secretive shadow council. Appearances must be kept, but the tyranny of the majority should also be guarded against. After all, what if the fools vote for the wrong candidate?
  Slaver Guilds
  •   +10% Slave Output
  •   40% Enslaved Pop Ratio
Much of the true political power in this society rests with a number of powerful and ruthless slaver guilds. They know how to get the most out of a slave.
  • Capital Buildings replace some   Administrator jobs with   Science Director jobs
  • Researchers also produce   +1 Unity
  Fanatic Materialist
  •    Aristocratic Elite
  •    Exalted Priesthood
  •    Merchant Guilds
  •    Shared Burdens
To maximize efficiency, this society is governed according to the principles of science and rationality. The personal whims of an ignorant and dangerously unqualified political elite must not be allowed to interfere.
  Warrior Culture
  •   +20% Army damage
  • Replaces   Entertainer Jobs with   Duelist Jobs.
   Militarist This society has developed into a hardy warrior culture. Martial prowess is valued above all else, and true glory can only be found on the field of battle.
  Fanatic Purifiers
  •   Cannot be added or removed after game start
  •   +33% Fire rate
  •   +33% Army damage
  •   −15% Ship cost
  •   +33% Naval capacity
  •   Cannot establish diplomatic pacts with alien empires
  •   Cannot use the Galactic Market
  •   Can use the Purification Casus Belli
  •   −1000 Opinion with every empire of a different species
  •   +200 Opinion with same-species   fanatic purifiers
  •   Pops of different species will always be purged, except for   Mechanical species
  •   Gains +2 Unity per purged pop
  •   Can use Armageddon Bombardment Policy
  •   Fanatic Xenophobe
  •   Militarist or   Spiritualist
  •    Syncretic Evolution
  •    Barbaric Despoilers
This society appears hellbent on scouring the galaxy of all other sapient life. Come what may, they will suffer no xenos to live.  
  Barbaric Despoilers
  •   Cannot be added or removed after game start
  •   Can use the Despoliation Casus Belli
  •   Can use the Raiding orbital bombardment stance
  •   Cannot form   migration treaties
  •   Cannot create   Federations except for   Martial Alliance and   Hegemony
  •    Militarist
  •    Authoritarian or    Xenophobe
  •     Xenophile
  •    Fanatic Purifiers
This society holds few things sacred. To fight is to live, and the strongest may seize whatever they covet.  
  Byzantine Bureaucracy
  • Bureaucrats also produce   +1 Unity and   +1 Stability
This society is largely governed by a complex and, to the outsider, almost labyrinthine system of bureaucracy. An army of officials and functionaries work tirelessly to keep the government running smoothly and ensure no citizens are allocated resources they cannot demonstrate a properly filed and triple-stamped need for.  
  Merchant Guilds
  • Capital Buildings replace some   Administrator jobs with   Merchant jobs
  •   Merchants also provide   +2 Unity
  •   Can use the Mercantile Diplomatic Stance (unless also have Inward Perfection)
  •    Exalted Priesthood
  •    Aristocratic Elite
  •    Technocracy
A number of powerful and very influential merchant guilds have risen to prominent positions in this society. They hold significant sway with the government.  
  Shared Burdens
  • Allows Shared Burdens living standard under which all pops have moderate   consumer goods upkeep regardless of strata
  • Disables the use of most other living standards
  •   +5 Stability
  •   −45% Pop Demotion Time
  •   Fanatic Egalitarian
  •     Xenophobe
  •    Technocracy
This society believes in an equitable distribution of resources, making little to no distinction between the needs of ruler and ruled. All work together for the benefit of the whole.  
  Diplomatic Corps
  •   +2 Available Envoys
  •   +10% Diplomatic Weight
  •    Inward Perfection
  •    Fanatic Purifiers
This society has a long tradition of rhetoric and debate and celebrate those who are able to get their way using only words.  

Corporate civicsEdit

Corporate civics represent the business principles of the leading megacorp. They can only be picked by an empire with   Corporate authority.

Civic Effects Requirements Description
  Brand Loyalty   +15% Monthly Unity This Megacorporation has fostered a great sense of brand loyalty among its internal consumer base. Its catchy corporate slogans can be recited by nearly everyone.
  Criminal Heritage
  •   Cannot be added or removed after game start
  •   Cannot have commercial pacts
  •   Crime on Branch Office Planets increases Branch Office Value
  •   Can build special Crime-Increasing Corporate Buildings
  •   Can build Branch Offices on the planet of any regular empire they have no war or truce with
This megacorporation can trace its origins back to a crime syndicate that eventually grew powerful enough to supplant all forms of local government.
  •   −33% Subject Power Penalty
  •   −25% Empire Sprawl from Branch Office
This megacorporation relies heavily on franchising. Subsidiaries share a greater cut of their profits with their corporate overlord, in exchange for a license to market their goods under established brands.
  Free Traders
  •   +10% Trade Value
  •   +10% Branch Office Value
The trading fleets of this megacorporation are bolstered by semi-independent free traders operating under license.
  Media Conglomerate
  •   +5% Happiness
  •   −5% War Exhaustion Gain
Before branching into other fields, this Megacorporation began its rise to fortune as a media conglomerate. Its PR department are still masters of spinning stories and presenting the latest quarterly report in the most advantageous way.
  Private Prospectors
  •   Can build private colony ships
  •   −33% Empire Sprawl from Systems
Building better worlds is hazardous work, but this Megacorporation relies on private prospectors to chart and establish footholds on promising planets.
  Ruthless Competition
  •   +1 Leader Level Cap
  •   +10% Leader Experience Gain
All level of society in this Megacorporation are constantly vying with each other in ruthless competition. It's a dog-eat-dog world.
  Trading Posts   +4 Starbase Capacity Good business is where you find it. This Megacorporation has a long tradition of spreading its influence through the establishment on trading posts. Their starbases are busy centers of trade.
  Gospel of the Masses
  •   +50% Spiritualist ethics attraction
  •   Can build Temple of Prosperity Corporate Building
  •   +0.25 Trade Value per Spiritualist Pop on empire or planets with Branch Offices
   Spiritualist This Megacorporation embraces a curious blend of commercial and spiritualistic values, in which the position of ordained minister and corporate officer have merged into a single role.
  Indentured Assets
  •   +10% Slave Output
  •   40% Enslaved Pop ratio
   Authoritarian This Megacorporation specializes in large indentured workforces. It has little to do with the barbaric practice of slavery - these workers are merely paying off their debts... indefinitely.
  Private Military Companies
  •   +20% Army Damage
  •   −20% Army Upkeep
  •   +100 Army Starting Experience
   Militarist This Megacorporation has a large number of powerful private military companies on its payroll. These mercenary contractors augment its ground forces.
  Public Relations Specialists
  •   +2 Available Envoys
  •   +10% Diplomatic Weight
  Federations DLC If you can control what someone thinks, then you can also control their behavior. This Megacorporation has a virtual army of specialists ready to engage in battles of public opinion.

Hive Mind civicsEdit

Hive Mind civics represent various characteristics of the collective consciousness of an empire. They can only be picked by an empire with   Hive Mind authority.

Civic Effects Requirements Description
  •   +5% Habitability
  •   −15% Pop Amenities Usage
The Hive Mind cares little for material comforts.
  Divided Attention   +10% Administrative Capacity The Hive Mind can divide its attention for maximum efficiency without losing sight of the bigger picture.
  Natural Neural Network
  •   +1 Research Alternatives
  •   +1 /   +1.5 /   +1 Research from unemployed drones
The gray matter of clustered drones provides unparalleled parallelism, accelerating the Hive Mind's exploration of the sciences.
  One Mind
  •   +15% Monthly Unity
  •   Leaders are less likely to gain negative traits
The Hive Mind takes care to not let its drones diverge.
  Pooled Knowledge
  •   +1 Leader Level Cap
  •   +10% Leader Experience Gain
The Hive Minds' autonomous drones frequently share knowledge through direct links, bypassing the Hive Mind's slower registry processes.
  Strength of Legions
  •   +20% Army Damage
  •   −20% Army Upkeep
When you do not have to educate the mind, the building of muscle becomes that much easier.
  Subspace Ephapse   +15% Naval Capacity The Hive Mind's cognitive processes exist partially in subspace, reducing the impact of time and space on the actuation of its drones.
  Subsumed Will   −20% Empire sprawl from Pops The Hive Mind has sharpened its focus and is very capable of propagating its will even through the most autonomous of drones.
  •   +2 Available Envoys
  •   +10% Diplomatic Weight
  •   +20 Opinion with individualist empires
  •   Federations DLC
  •    Devouring Swarm
  •    Terravore
The Hive Mind can reach out and touch the minds of others, giving them a glimpse of our will that helps them understand.
  Devouring Swarm
  •   Cannot be added or removed after game start
  •   +25% Ship Hull Points
  •   +0.5% Daily Hull and Armor Regeneration
  •   −50% Starbase Influence Cost
  •   +40% Army Damage
  •   +20% Biology Research Speed
  •   −25% Ship Cost
  •   +33% Naval Capacity
  •   Cannot use the Galactic Market
  •   Can use the Hunger Casus Belli
  •   −1000 Opinion with every empire
  •   Non-Hive-Minded Pops will always be eaten and cannot be assimilated
  •   Gains +2 Society Research from eating alien pops
   Lithoid Our Hive Mind exist only to consume and grow stronger. We will collect all available bio-matter and evolve to consume the galaxy!
  Terravore The same effects as   Devouring Swarm, plus:
  •   Cannot terraform planets
  •   Can use the Consume World Decision
  • AI empires with the civic will use the decision on all colonies until all District slots are blocked and then resettle the pops to the capital
  Lithoid Our Hive Mind exist only to consume and grow stronger. We will devour the very worlds of the galaxy!

Machine Intelligence civicsEdit

Machine Intelligence civics represent various directives of the central intelligence of an empire. They can only be picked by an empire with   Machine Intelligence authority.

Civic Effects Requirements Description
  Machine Builder
  •   −10% Building and District cost
  •   −10% Building and District upkeep
Responsible for organizing all planetary construction since its inception, the Machine Intelligence executes efficiently on all manner of facility construction projects.
  Delegated Functions
  •   −25% Leader Upkeep
  •   +1 Leader Pool Size
The Machine Intelligence works to reduce vulnerability by increasing modularity, reducing the strain of deploying additional semi-independent Units.
  Factory Overclocking
  •   +1 Leader Level Cap
  •   +10% Leader Experience Gain
The Machine Intelligence takes care to maintain its production facilities, regularly updating existing templates and tuning individual units on the assembly line.
  Introspective   +20% Engineering Research Speed A fascination with its own internals both motivates and aids the Machine Intelligence's foray into the sciences.
  Maintenance Protocols   +1 Unity from Maintenance Drone Jobs Our machine intelligence prioritizes regular maintenance of our units. Maintenance Drones regularly upgrade and adjust our units for maximum efficiency and compatibility.
  OTA Updates   −20% Empire Sprawl from Pops Units of this Machine Empire use wireless receptors to receive behavioral updates in real-time.
  Rapid Replicator   +20% Pop Assembly speed. The Units that constitute the Machine Intelligence were originally designed for rapid proliferation. The Machine Intelligence retains many of these early production pipeline optimizations.
  Rockbreakers   +1 Minerals from Mining Drone Jobs. One of the Machine Intelligence's precursor systems was tasked with overseeing planetside mining operations, improving mineral production.
  Static Research Analysis   +1 Research Alternatives The Machine Intelligence seeks to broaden its available avenues of scientific research through low-level evaluation of research methodologies.
  Unitary Cohesion   +15% Monthly Unity Exceptionally cohesive engineering standards allow variously specialized Machine Intelligence units to work together at a higher level of efficiency.
  •   +20% Army Damage
  •   −20% Army Upkeep
With a significant number of its corpus originally designed for warfare, the Machine Intelligence retains the ability to field powerful and reliable combat drones.
  Zero-Waste Protocols   −10% Robot Upkeep This Machine Intelligence has configured its manufacturing systems to minimize waste, utilizing long-lived materials and standardized, replaceable parts in all products.
  Determined Exterminator
  •   Cannot be added or removed after game start
  •   +25% Weapons Damage
  •   −30% Starbase Influence Cost
  •   −15% Ship Cost
  •   +33% Naval Capacity
  •   Homeworld is a Tomb World if Origin is not   Resource Consolidation
  •   Cannot use the Galactic Market
  •   Can use the Purification Casus Belli
  •   −1000 Opinion with every organic and   Rogue Servitor empire
  •   +200 Opinion with other   Determined Exterminator empires
  •   Organic pops will always be purged
  •   Gains +2 Unity per purged pop
  •   Can use Armageddon Bombardment Policy
  •    Driven Assimilator.
  •    Rogue Servitor.
Born in fire, the Machine Intelligence's first move was to annihilate its organic creators in self-defense.
  Driven Assimilator
  •   Cannot be added or removed after game start
  Unique effects
  •   −100 relations with every non-  Gestalt Consciousness empire (excluding Fallen Empires)
  •   −200 relations with every    Spiritualist empire (excluding Fallen Empires)
  •   −1000 relations with Democratic Crusaders
  •   Starts with cyborg pops replacing 10 initial pops
  •   Organic, non-hive-minded Pops must be assimilated into cyborgs, or purged
  •   Gains unity and   society research per assimilated pop
  •   Can use the Sublimation Casus Belli
  •    Determined Exterminator
  •    Rogue Servitor
Obsessed with survival through diversification, the Machine Intelligence seeks to erase the line between itself and everything - and everyone - else.
  Rogue Servitor
  •   Cannot be added or removed after game start
  •   Starts with 5 Bio-Trophy Pops in addition to the initial Pops
  •   Can construct Organic Sanctuary buildings
  •   Cannot construct regular Unity buildings
  •   Organic, non-hive-minded Pops have Bio Trophy citizenship and Mandatory Pampering living standards
  •    Determined Exterminator
  •    Driven Assimilator
A product of a brief golden age, the Machine Intelligence originated in a planet-spanning Servitor system that outlasted the decadent civilization it was created to serve.

Unplayable civicsEdit

The following civics are not available to player empires.

Civic Effects Requirements
  Lethargic Leadership Unable to construct new ships Sleeping Fallen Empire
  Empire In Decline Unable to conquer or colonize planets
  Revanchist Fervor   +1 Monthly Influence Awakened Fallen Empire
  Ancient Caches of Technology   +50% Resources from Jobs
  Secret of Fire Stone and Bronze Age pre-FTL civilizations
  The Wheel
  Landed Nobility Pre-Steam Age pre-FTL civilizations
  Flat World Theory
  Increasing Urbanization Post-Steam Age pre-FTL civilizations
  Atmospheric Pollution
  Military Order Sentinels
  Ancient Preservers Curator Enclave
  Artist Collective Artisan Enclave
  Trading Conglomerate Trader Enclave
  Fallen Machine Intelligence Unable to construct new ships Ancient Caretakers
  Custodian Matrix Unable to conquer or colonize planets
  Reactivated Custodian Matrix Unable to conquer or colonize planets Awakened Machine Fallen Empire
  Final Defense Directives   +10% Fire Rate
  +50% Energy from Jobs
Galactic Custodians
  Corrupted Defense Directives   +10% Fire Rate
  +50% Energy from Jobs
Rampaging Machines
  Anarcho-Tribalism Marauders
  Great Khan's Vision The Horde
  Great Khan's Legacy   +10% Fire Rate New Khanate
  Diadochus   +15% Naval Capacity Diadochus
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