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This article has been verified for the current console version (2.2) of the game.

Districts represent large areas of development on the planet dedicated towards a particular purpose, whether that be housing or resource gathering. The total number of districts that can be built on a planet is equal to the planet size. The number of mining, generator and agriculture districts is further constrained by the deposits on the planet.

Each district contributes to the Empire Sprawl (with one district being equivalent to one system), which can increase costs such as, but not limited to Research.png Research and Unity.png Unity if above the Administrative Capacity, but since districts provide more raw resources than average systems, it should not be a strong limitation.

Unlike buildings, districts will be retained in case of planetary depopulation.


Planetary districtsEdit

Each normal planet can support four different types of districts: a housing district and three different resource districts.


A housing district mainly provides   housing for Pops living on the planetary surface. The maximum number of housing districts that can be built per planet is equivalent to its planetary size.

  • Upkeep:   -2
  • Time:   480
  • Cost:   500
  •   Agrarian Idyll civic:   -1
  •   Public works tradition:   +1
District   Jobs   Government Description
  City District   Clerk: +1
   Clerk: +1
   Gestalt Consciousness These dense urban centers provide large amounts of housing and office space for clerical workers.
  Hive District 6   Hive Mind These towering spires are where the drones gather when not working to rejuvenate and consume nutrients.
  Nexus District   Maintenance Drone: +1
  Tech-Drone: +1
5   Machine Intelligence Centralized districts where drones are serviced and repaired before they are deployed to their work assignments.


A resource district provides some additional housing, and creates jobs that generate   energy,   minerals, or   food resources. The number of resource districts that can be built varies on the planetary tiles that generate the specific resource type, except on Hive Worlds, Machine Worlds and Ringworlds. Resource districts do not generate resources per se, but rather the jobs that the district provides are the source of the resources.

  • Upkeep:   -1
  • Time:   240
  • Cost:   300
  •   Housing: +2 (+3 with   Agrarian Idyll civic)
District Regular Jobs   Hive Mind Jobs   Machine Intelligence Jobs Planet class Description
  Generator District   Technician: +2   Tech-Drone: +3   Tech-Drone: +2 Rows of massive power plants that generate massive amounts of energy which can then be used or converted into energy credits.
  Mining District   Miner: +2   Mining Drone: +3   Mining Drone: +2     Ring World These mining towns and resource extraction centers drill deep into the mantle to access mineral deposits.
  Agriculture District   Farmer: +2   Agri-Drone: +3   Agri-Drone: +2     Machine World Land set aside for cultivation, either through the growing of crops or animal husbandry.

Arcology districtsEdit

Ecumenopolis worlds have their own set of districts called Arcologies. They provide a far larger amount of housing and jobs than planet districts but cannot produce basic resources. They can be obtained either by conquering the homeworld of the Keepers of Knowledge fallen empire, finishing The First League precursor event chain and colonizing their homeworld.   Gestalt Consciousness and   Agrarian Idyll empires cannot create Ecumenopolis worlds themselves but can use conquered ones.

  • Upkeep:   -5
  • Time:   600
  • Cost:   900
District Regular Jobs   Hive Mind Jobs   Machine Intelligence Jobs   Description
  Residential Arcology   Clerk: +5   Maintenance Drone: +2   Maintenance Drone: +2 15 With these special ecumenopolistic city districts, integrated vertical architecture is utilized to maximize population density over land surface area.
  Foundry Arcology   Metallurgist: +10   Foundry Drone: +10   Fabricator: +10 10 Geared towards military industries, this ecumenopolistic district is filled with the roar of smelters and the clang of metallurgies.
  Industrial Arcology   Artisan: +10   Artisan Drone: +10   Artisan Drone: +10 10 Workshops filled with artisans and civilian industries line the stacked streets of this district.
  Leisure Arcology
  •   Culture Worker: +5
  • (default)   Entertainer: +5
  •     Duelist: +5
    10 Where denizens of the ecumenopolis unwind in their leisure hours.

Habitat districtsEdit

Habitats have their own set of districts. They provide a larger amount of housing and jobs than planet districts but cannot produce   Minerals or   Food.

  • Upkeep:   -2
  • Time:   240
  • Cost:   500
District   Jobs   Requirements Description
  Habitation District    Maintenance Drone: +2 10 A habitat housing district provides comfortable, if compact residences for its population.
  Leisure District
  •   Culture Worker: +1
  • (default)   Entertainer: +2
  •     Duelist: +2
0    Gestalt Consciousness Who needs the great outdoors, with hubs of habitat entertainment like these?
  Research District   Researcher: +3

    Brain Drone: +3
    Calculator: +3

0 Centers of scientific discovery, these habitat districts employ researchers from myriad fields of study.
  Trade District   Clerk: +5 0    Gestalt Consciousness A sprawling habitat trading district where merchants and clerks conduct business.
  Reactor District     Tech-Drone: +3

    Tech-Drone: +2

0    Gestalt Consciousness Habitat-side energy production plant districts generate energy-credits, as well as provide power to the arcology on which they are built.