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| {{iconify|Rogue Servitor}} || civic_machine_servitor
| {{iconify|Rogue Servitor}} || civic_machine_servitor

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Please help with verifying or updating older sections of this article. At least some were last verified for version 2.3.

This article is for the PC version of Stellaris only.

If you want to contribute to this page, which is a work in progress, in the console type "help" to see the list of commands, then to see a description and parameter of a command, type "help [command-name]", and put the corresponding details into the list.

This page deals with commands used in the console. For the modding term, see commands.

This page lists the codes which may be input into the Console Window, a special debugging window which may be accessed on non-ironman games by pressing Shift+2, ALT+2+1, Shift+3,§, ~, ^, °, ², or ` (key varies based on keyboard layout). For a QWERTY keyboard, the key is `. Else, try pressing Shift + Alt + C if none of the above worked. Press the up or down arrow keys to traverse through previously executed commands. Many codes can be turned off by repeating the command, but sometimes reloading the save or exiting the game is necessary.

Stellaris Commands

If you need to know IDs, use the debugtooltip command.

  • Species IDs can be read by hovering over a species in the Species menu. If a modded starting system was not used the player's species will always be 0 and 1.
  • Leader IDs can be read by hovering over a leader in the Leaders or Empire menus. If a modded starting system was not used the player's starting leaders will always be 0 (ruler), 1 (governor) and 2-5 (scientists).
  • Empire IDs can be read by hovering over an empire's flag in the Contacts menu. If a modded starting system was not used the player's empire will always be 0.


Cheats are console commands that can be used to give unfair advantages as opposed to sole testing purposes.

Command Effect Parameters Example
activate_all_traditions Activates all Traditions None activate_all_traditions
activate_ascension_perk Activates the specified Ascension Perk, pressing tab reveals the names [name] activate_ascension_perk ap_mind_over_matter
activate_tradition Activates the specified Tradition, pressing tab reveals the names [tradition id] activate_tradition tr_prosperity_sct
add_anomaly Adds an anomaly to the selected planet [anomaly category name] add_anomaly life_asteroid_category
add_opinion Increases the [source] empire's Opinion of the [target] empire by [amount], default 40 [source] [target] [amount] add_opinion 1 0 100
add_relic Grants the [relic id] relic, writing all instead of the ID grants all relics [relic id] add_relic r_unbidden_warlock
add_ship Creates a fleet with one ship of [design name], pressing tab reveals the names [design name] add_ship Avatar
add_trait_leader Adds [trait id] to [leader id], entering only the leader ID reveals all trait IDs for that class [leader id] [trait id] add_trait_leader 1 leader_trait_gale_speed
add_trait_species Adds [trait id] to [species id] [species id] [trait id] add_trait_species 5 intelligent
ai Toggles the AI on or off None ai
alloys Adds [amount] of Alloys, default 5000 [amount] alloys 500
branchoffice Take ownership of a planet branch office None branchoffice
build_pops Adds [amount] of robot pops to the selected planet, default 1 [amount] build_pops 5
cash Adds [amount] of Energy Credits, defaults 5000 [amount] cash 500
colonize Starts the colonization process of the selected planet using a copy of the pop with the ID given. [colonizer pop id] colonize 1
create_megastructure Creates a Megastructure in the current system, pressing tab reveals the IDs [megastructure id] create_megastructure think_tank_1
create_navy Creates a fleet using your most recent designs that uses [amount] Naval Capacity, 1 means 100% [amount] create_navy 0.5
debug_nomen AI empires always refuse player proposals None debug_nomen
debug_yesmen AI empires always agree to player proposals None debug_yesmen
effect add_building = Adds [building id] to the selected celestial body [building id] effect add_building = building_fe_dome
effect add_deposit = Adds [deposit id] to the selected celestial body [deposit id] effect add_deposit = d_arid_highlands
effect shift_ethic = Shifts the player empire's ethics to [ethic id] [ethic id] effect shift_ethic = ethic_fanatic_spiritualist
engineering Adds [amount] of Engineering tech points, default 5000 [amount] engineering 500
finish_research Finishes all active research None finish_research
finish_special_projects Finishes all special projects None finish_special_projects
finish_terraform Finishes all terraforming processes None finish_special_projects
food Adds [amount] of Food, default 5000 [amount] food 500
force_integrate Integrates [country_id] empire into the player's empire [country_id] force_integrate 5
free_government Toggles allowing player to change governments without the time limit None free_government
free_policies Toggles allowing player to change policies without restriction, including policies previously disabled None free_policies
grow_pops Adds [amount] of growing pops to selected planet, default 1 [amount] grow_pops 10
instant_build Toggles instantly finishing constructions and upgrades
WARNING: This also applies to enemy AI so only used while paused
none instant_build
intel Gives sight of the entire galaxy and disables first contact while active None intel
influence Adds [amount] of Influence, default 5000 [amount] influence 500
invincible Player ships will not take damage None invincible
max_resources Fills all resource storages None max_resources
minerals Adds [amount] of Minerals, default 5000 [amount] minerals 500
minor_artifacts Adds [amount] of Minor Artifacts, default 10000 [amount] minor_artifacts 5
observe Switches to observer mode, use the play command to revert control
WARNING: If the game is unpaused in observer mode the AI will take control of the player empire
None observe
own Take ownership and control of the specified fleet, starbase or planet None own
physics Adds [amount] of Physics tech points, default 5000 [amount] physics 500
populate Fills all Housing on selected planet with pops
WARNING: May crash the game (Version 2.3.0 & 2.3.1)
None populate
planet_class Changes the selected planets's class to [planet class name] [planet class name] planet_class pc_arid
planet_happiness Adds a modifier with [amount] Happiness to the selected planet, default 100 [amount] planet_happiness 25
planet_size Changes the Size of the selected planet, can go above regular sizes but above 78 will move the planet backwards [size] planet_size 30
remove_trait_leader Removes [trait id] from [leader id]. [leader id] [trait id or index] remove_trait_leader 1 leader_trait_gale_speed
remove_trait_species Removes [trait id] from [species id] [species id] [trait id] remove_trait_species 5 intelligent
research_all_technologies Instantly researches all non-repeatable technologies. Add 1 for creature and crisis techs too. Add a second number for repeatable technologies. Boolean research_all_technologies 1 4
research_technology Instantly research [technology id] [technology id] research_technology tech_titans
resource Adds [amount] of [resource], default 5000 [amount] [resource] resource consumer_goods 1000
skills Adds [amount] of skill levels to every leader under player control, default 1 [amount] skills 10
society Adds [amount] of Society tech points, default 5000 [amount] society 500
survey Surveys all planets, requires at least one science ship None survey
play Switches control to empire [country ID] [country ID] play 2
unity Adds [amount] of Unity, default 500 [amount] unity 5000
unlock_edicts Unlocks all edicts None unlock_edicts

Testing Commands

Testing commands are regularly used for developer, beta tester or modder testing.

Command Description Parameters Example
3dstats Toggles 3D Stats (FPS and render time) None 3dstats
achievement_status Print achievement status None achievement_status
add_ethic_pop Add ethic to a pop [Pop ID] [Ethic Key] add_ethic_pop purged ethic_fanatic_authoritarian
advanced_galaxy Simulates a game in year 2400 (every default empire gains colonies, technologies and fleets) none advanced_galaxy
ai_anomalies Toggles whether human empires get ai-only anomalies None ai_anomalies
alienfx Attempt to change computer lights with Alien FX None alienfx
ambient_object Spawns an ambient object of the specified type. [type] ambient_object medium_debris_02_object
attackallfleets Makes all player fleets target all other fleets None attackallfleets
audio.playeffect Play the sound effect with the given name None TODO
audio.setactivegroup Sets the active audio group None TODO
audio.testeffectweights Test the random distribution of the weighs for a sound effect None TODO
berserk_ai AI aggression set to 10 None berserk_ai
blend_post_effect Blends to a new post effect setting [nSetting] [vTime] [nMode] TODO
borders Calculates map borders None borders
casusbelli Add a Casus Belli against the given target empire [casus belli key] [country id] casusbelli cb_subjugation 2
check_save Check save and load persistence None check_save
clear_debug_lines Clears any persistent debug lines None clear_debug_lines
clear_debug_strings Clears any persistent debug strings None clear_debug_strings
clearflag Clears an event flag on a specific target [type] [flag] [target id] clearflag global prethoryn_invasion_happened
collision Shows collision boxes and circles None collision
communications Enable/disable communication with the target empire, leave with no arguments for all [target country id] communications 1
contact Enables contact with all empires None contact
control Used to occupy planets. If there is no war with the owner of [planet id] control will be reverted instantly. [planet id] control 50
copy_pop Copies a pop to the selected planet using the id of a single pop. [pop id] copy_pop 1247
crash Crash the game None crash
damage Selected ship takes x damage <Select Ship> damage 50
debug_achievements TODO None TODO
debug_achievements_clear TODO None TODO
debuglines Toggles debug lines on/off None debuglines
debugtexture Debug drawer for textures [texture name] [transparency] [alpha channel] debugtexture name 0,5 alpha
debugtooltip Reveals debug info in tooltips such as pop ID for pops, and planet ID for planets. None tweakergui debugtooltip(pre 1.1) or debugtooltip(1.1)
deltat Scales Delta Time with given value [delta_t] [scale value] TODO
democratic_election Start a democratic ruler election None TODO
deposits Shows stats for deposits None deposits
effect Executes an effect script. None effect crystal_hit_effect
effect remove_megastructure Removes a megastructure None <Select Megastructure> effect remove_megastructure = this
election Starts a ruler election. None election
error Show errors in log None error
event Executes an event [event id] [target id] event story.5
eventscopes Prints the scope trees of current events None <Event open> eventscopes
eventstats Show event statistics. None eventstats
factions.showallfactions Prints all factions and information on them. None factions.showallfactions
factions.showattraction Prints attraction levels for every faction. None factions.showattraction
factions.spawnall Spawns all possible factions. They will disappear immediately if 10 years haven't passed. None factions.spawnall
fast_forward Fast forward a set amount of days [amount of days] [observer] fast_forward 100
filewatcher Toggles filewatcher None filewatcher
ftl Enable/Disable unlimited FTL None ftl
fullscreen Toggles fullscreen None fullscreen
game_over Executes the specified type of Game Over [victory type index] game_over 0
gfxculture Sets graphical culture for player empire, pressing tab reveals the culture keys [culture key] gfxculture mammalian_01
goto Moves camera to position [x] [y] goto 10 10
guibounds Displays the bounds of GUI elements None guibounds `
hdr Toggles HDR None hdr
help Prints the help documentation for a command. [command name] help human_ai
helphelp No help for you! None helphelp
hsv Converts RGB to HSV None hsv 25 25 25
human_ai Toggles AI for Human countries None human_ai
info Toggles Debug info. None info
kill_country Kills the current empire. None kill_country
kill_leader Kills specified leader. [leader id] kill_leader ?
kill_pop Kills current population [pop id] kill_pop 745
kill_ruler Kills current ruler. None Kills current ruler.
lockcamera Lock's the camera to the current position. [debug_lockcamera, lockcamera] lockcamera
map_names Regenerates map names. None map_names
mature_galaxy Simulates a 100 years old galaxy. None mature_galaxy
memtest Used to test for memory leakage with certain functions. [iterations] memtest 1
message Shows every message type on the top bar. None message
nogui Toggles GUI on/off None nogui
nomouse Toggles mouse scrollwheel on\off None nomouse
overnight Sets the game up for an overnight session [ticks per turn] overnight 2
particle Toggles particle debug info. None particle crystal_hit_effect
particle.miplevels TODO None TODO
particle.useringbuffer TODO None TODO
particle.wireframe TODO None TODO
particle_editor Spawns a particle editor. None particle_editor
path Finds path between stars. [from index] [to index] path 0 1
peace_on_player Targeted country offers peace on player. [country id] peace_on_player 05
planets Lists every type of planet and the amount of each. None planets
pp Gives the player minerals [amount] pp 1000
production Dumps some debug info about production None production
random_ruler Replace ruler with a new random ruler. None random_ruler
rebuild_sectors Rebuilds sector boundaries None rebuild_sectors
recalc_fleet_presence Recalculates fleet presence cache, useful if loading old saves. None recalc_fleet_presence
regenerate_border_colors Regenerates border colors for empires with the same primary color None regenerate_border_colors
reload Reloads assets [file name] reload main.gui
reload_galaxy Starts a new game None reload_galaxy
reload_graphical_map Reloads the graphical map None reload_graphical_map
reloadfx Reloads the shader [arguments: map/mapname/postfx or *.fx filename] reloadfx arrow
remove_ethic_pop Removes an ethic from a target pop. [pop id] [ethic key] remove_ethic_pop ? ethic_xenophobe
remove_notification Removes all notifications belonging to the player [amount] remove_notification 1
rendertype Prints the current` rendering type. None rendertype
resources Show stats for resources None resources
reverse_diplo Sends a diplomatic command from the target to the player. [diplo] [id] reverse_diplo action_invite_to_alliance 01
run Runs the specified file with list of commands. File should be placed in the root Stellaris folder in your My Documents. File must be called '[insert file name here]' without the brackets. The file should be in the INI extension. None run group_commands.ini
scaling Enables/disable scaling of models. None scaling
smooth Toggle framesmoothing None smooth
spawnentity Spawns specified entity at cursor position. The entity names are found in the gfx folder in the .asset files. [entity name] spawnentity test_object_entity
srgb Toggles RBG color mode None srgb
surrender Surrender and gives in to all demands. Using only [country id] parameter lists wars with their appropriate war_ids for given country. [country id] [war id] List all wars for country with country_id = 5 along with their war_ids: surrender 5.
Force country with country_id = 5 to surrender in war with war_id = 19975: surrender 5 19975.
switchlanguage Reload localization files and switches language None switchlanguage l_english
techupdate Re-generates the tech tree of the player None techupdate
techweights Prints weights for the tech tree of the player [tech area] techweights phy
test_achievement Used to test an achievement trigger [achievement] test_achievement achievement_colonize
threading.taskthreadscount Returns the number of CPU threads used None threading.taskthreadscount
ticks_per_turn Controls the number of ticks per turn [amount of ticks] ticks_per_turn 10
time Returns the local system time None time
trigger Tests a trigger script (*.txt) when placed in the \\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\ folder [trigger script] trigger test_trigger
trigger_docs Prints docs for triggers and effects None trigger_docs
trigger_file Tests the trigger script, and crashes the game None trigger_file
version Copies game version to clipboard None version
volume Modifies music volume [volume delta] volume 20
war The first country declares war on the second with the given wargoal [attacker country id] [defender country id] [war goal] war 2 4 wg_independence
warexhaustion Adds the given war exhaustion for all of an empire's active wars [amount] warexhaustion 75
window Opens an GUI window element [arguments open/close] [window gui name] window open advisor_window
wireframe Toggles forced wireframe on/off None wireframe

TweakerGUI Commands

  • TweakerGUI commands are a specific sub-set of commands that spawn UI elements for toggling of commands preventing the need for re-opening the console and typing out the command again.
  • All commands in this sub-set 'must' start with tweakergui.
Command Description Parameters Example
alerts.showall Toggles displaying all UI alerts None tweakergui alerts.showall
draw.asteroids Toggles rendering of asteroid belts. None tweakergui draw.asteroids
draw.background Toggles rendering of the background space texture. None tweakergui draw.background
draw.borders Toggles rendering of border colors and empire icons. None tweakergui draw.borders
draw.center Toggles rendering of the galaxy center glow. None tweakergui draw.center
draw.clusters Toggles rendering of white circles in the galaxy map. Empires seems to be distributed evenly across clusters. None tweakergui draw.clusters
draw.combatdebuglines Toggles rendering of lines during combat showing which target a ship is focusing on. A line also shows where the ship was located before combat. None tweakergui draw.combatdebuglines
draw.dust Toggles rendering of the galaxy dust. None tweakergui draw.dust
draw.greenscreen Toggles rendering a green screen behind the background. Turning of the background (draw.background) will give you a totally greenscreened game that you can use for video purposes. You should also use line draw.navigationarrows and draw.systemlines. None tweakergui draw.greenscreen
draw.hyperlanes Toggles rendering of hyperlanes. None tweakergui draw.hyperlanes
draw.names Toggles rendering of empire and nebula names on the galaxy map. None tweakergui draw.names
draw.navigationarrows Toggles rendering of the arrows and names towards neighbors of a system. (Crashed the game during first test, but might have been coincidence) None tweakergui draw.navigationarrows
draw.nebula Toggles rendering of nebulas on the galaxy map. None tweakergui draw.nebula
draw.neighbors Toggles rendering of cyan and yellow lines in the starmap. Cyan lines are drawn from a system to its neighbouring systems. Yellow lines divides the map into cells with each cell beloning to a single system. None tweakergui draw.neighbors
draw.objects Toggles rendering of stars, ships, stations, planets and arrows towards neighboring systems. None tweakergui draw.objects
draw.pathtosystem Displays a slider with default value -1. When a ship is selected a path will be rendered from the ship's system towards the system corresponding to the ID in the slider. An ETA is displayed for every jump made. ETA says "X Days", but seems to be 10x the amount of ingame days needed. (Possibly game ticks) None tweakergui draw.pathtosystem
draw.sensor Toggles the green dashed circle (i.e. sensor range) around ships and owned systems. None tweakergui draw.sensor
draw.shipintersection ? None tweakergui draw.shipintersection
draw.stars Toggles rendering of stars and black holes on the galaxy map. None tweakergui draw.stars
draw.systeminit Toggles rendering of the systems initialization template. I.e. a system starts with hostiles, made to suit as colony for nearby empire etc. None tweakergui draw.systeminit
draw.systemlines Toggles rendering of systems planetary orbits, warp bounds and outer bounds. None tweakergui draw.systemlines
draw.tigrid Toggles rendering of yellow grid in galaxy map. Use unknown. None tweakergui draw.tigrid
draw.trails Toggles rendering of ships engine trails. None tweakergui draw.trails
draw.weaponlocators Draws weapon locators. None tweakergui draw.weaponlocators
enable.ai Enables AI. None tweakergui enable.ai
enable.asserts Enables asserts. None tweakergui enable.asserts
enable.framesmoothing Enables frame smoothing. None tweakergui enable.framesmoothing
endscreen Displays the endscreen. None tweakergui endscreen
entity.names Displays entity names. None tweakergui entity.names
entity.recursiveboundingvolumes Displays recursive bounding volumes. None tweakergui entity.recursiveboundingvolumes
gui.wireframe Displays the wireframe of the GUI. None tweakergui gui.wireframe
ignore_truce Wars can be declared during truces Toggle on and off. tweakergui ignore_truce
instant_anomaly_research Anomalies are researched instantly Toggle on and off. tweakergui instant_anomaly_research
instant_colony Colony ships will no longer take time to settle. Toggle on and off. tweakergui instant_colony
instant_move Ships will teleport instantly to right click cursor. Toggle on and off. tweakergui instant_move
instant_survey Planets are surveyed instantly Toggle on and off. tweakergui instant_survey
maxfps Limits the maximum FPS. Defaults to no limit (0). None tweakergui maxfps
mesh.miplevels ? None tweakergui mesh.miplevels
mesh.names Displays the names of the .mesh file used for each model. tweakergui mesh.names
mesh.texturenames Displays the folder/filename of textures used for each model. None tweakergui mesh.texturenames
mesh.wireframe Toggles the wireframe for models. None tweakergui mesh.wireframe
missilegfx.extratimepertick ? None tweakergui missilegfx.extratimepertick
missilegfx.slowdownradius ? None tweakergui missilegfx.slowdownradius
music.fade ? None tweakergui music.fade
music.next ? None tweakergui music.next
no_resources ? None tweakergui no_resources
normals Displays normalisation points on each mode. None tweakergui normals
pathfindcache ? None tweakergui pathfindcache
pop_happiness Forces pop happiness to specific level. None tweakergui pop_happiness
popfactionlogs ? None tweakergui popfactionlogs
portraits ? None tweakergui portraits
portraits.poplevel ? None tweakergui portraits.poplevel
terraincognita Used to reveal all uncharted space. None tweakergui terraincognita

Removed Commands

  • These commands were marked as REMOVED in this Wiki, if any of these commands are in fact functional in-game, move them to back to the main list.
Command Description Parameters Example
applicationutils.update REMOVED None
audio.compressor REMOVED None
audio.debug REMOVED None
bombardeffecttest REMOVED None
borders.tooltip REMOVED None
borders.updatewheneverpossible REMOVED None
borders.usemesh REMOVED None
camera.searchforcombat REMOVED None
combat.allowcollisionstrafe REMOVED None
combat.collision REMOVED None
console_history REMOVED [None
createstratdata REMOVED None
shield.contantsize REMOVED None
shield.entity REMOVED None
shield.spam REMOVED None
ships.merge REMOVED None
ships.nlips REMOVED None
simulatedlag REMOVED None
ti_paint REMOVED None
topbarresourcesperframe REMOVED None
update.animations REMOVED None
update.particles REMOVED None

List of deposits

Used with the effect add_deposit = command combination to add Deposits to uncolonizable celestial body.

It should be noted that the game will not add mining deposits (left) to planets with research deposits (right) and vice versa because they require different stations to be exploited.

Resource ID for deposits Deposit range
Energy Credits.png Energy d_energy_1 Between 1 and 10
Minerals.png Minerals d_minerals_1 Between 1 and 10
Trade value.png Trade Value d_trade_value_1 Between 1 and 10
Alloys.png Alloys d_alloys_1 Between 1 and 5
Exotic gases.png Exotic Gases d_exotic_gases_1 Between 1 and 5
Rare crystals.png Rare Crystals d_rare_crystals_1 Between 1 and 5
Volatile motes.png Volatile motes d_volatile_motes_1 Between 1 and 5
Zro.png Zro d_zro_deposit_1 Between 1 and 5
Living Metal.png Living Metal d_living_metal_deposit
Nanites.png Nanites d_nanites_deposit
Resource ID for deposits Deposit range
Engineering Research Engineering d_engineering_1 Between 1 and 10
Physics Research Physics d_physics_1 Between 1 and 10
Society Research Society d_society_1 Between 1 and 10
Dark Matter.png Dark Matter d_dark_matter_deposit_1 Between 1 and 3
Unity.png Unity d_vast_unity_deposit

List of planet classes

Used with the planet_class command to change planet class.

Class ID
Planet alpine.png Alpine pc_alpine
Planet arctic.png Arctic pc_arctic
Planet arid.png Arid pc_arid
Planet continental.png Continental pc_continental
Planet desert.png Desert pc_desert
Planet ocean.png Ocean pc_ocean
Planet savannah.png Savannah pc_savannah
Planet tropical.png Tropical pc_tropical
Planet tundra.png Tundra pc_tundra
Planet nuked.png Tomb pc_nuked
Planet gaia.png Gaia pc_gaia
Planet nuked.png Relic pc_relic
Planet city.png Ecumenopolis pc_city
Planet ai.png Machine pc_machine
Planet infested.png Hive pc_hive
Planet habitat.png Orbital Habitat pc_habitat (always mammalian appearance)
Planet ringworld.png Ringworld (Habitable) pc_ringworld_habitable
Class ID
Planet ai.png AI pc_ai
Planet asteroid.png Asteroid pc_asteroid
Planet asteroid.png Crystalline Asteroid pc_rare_crystal_asteroid
Planet asteroid.png Ice Asteroid pc_ice_asteroid
Planet barren.png Barren pc_barren
Planet barren cold.png Barren (Cold) pc_barren_cold
Planet barren.png Broken pc_broken
Planet barren.png Cracked pc_egg_cracked
Planet frozen.png Frozen pc_frozen
Planet gas giant.png Gas Giant pc_gas_giant
Planet molten.png Molten pc_molten
Planet toxic.png Nanite pc_gray_goo
Planet barren.png Shattered pc_shattered (also plays cracking animation)
Planet arid.png Shielded pc_shielded
Planet shroud.png Shrouded pc_shrouded
Planet toxic.png Toxic pc_toxic
Planet ringworld.png Ringworld (Habitable Damaged) pc_ringworld_habitable_damaged
Planet ringworld.png Ringworld (Seam) pc_ringworld_seam
Planet ringworld.png Ringworld (Seam Damaged) pc_ringworld_seam_damaged
Planet ringworld.png Ringworld (Tech) pc_ringworld_tech
Planet ringworld.png Ringworld (Tech Damaged) pc_ringworld_tech_damaged
Class ID
B Star.png Class B Star pc_b_star
A Star.png Class A Star pc_a_star
F Star.png Class F Star pc_f_star
G Star.png Class G Star pc_g_star
K Star.png Class K Star pc_k_star
M Star.png Class M Star pc_m_star
M Red Giant Star.png Class M Red Giant pc_m_giant_star
T Star.png Class T Brown Dwarf pc_t_star
Black Hole.png Black Hole pc_black_hole
Neutron Star.png Neutron Star pc_neutron_star
Pulsar.png Pulsar pc_pulsar

List of planetary features

Used with the effect add_deposit = command combination to add Planetary Features.

Name ID
D arid highlands.png Arid Highlands d_arid_highlands
D betharian deposit.png Betharian Fields d_betharian_deposit
D black soil.png Black Soil d_black_soil
D boggy fens.png Boggy Fens d_boggy_fens
D bountiful plains.png Bountiful Plains d_bountiful_plains
D bubbling swamp.png Bubbling Swamp d_bubbling_swamp
D crystal forest.png Crystal Forest d_crystal_forest
D crystal reef.png Crystal Reef d_crystal_reef
D crystalline caverns.png Crystalline Caverns d_crystalline_caverns
D dust caverns.png Dust Caverns d_dust_caverns
D dust desert.png Dust Desert d_dust_desert
D forgiving tundra.png Fair Tundra d_forgiving_tundra
D fertile lands.png Fertile Lands d_fertile_lands
D frozen gas lake.png Frozen Gas Lake d_frozen_gas_lake
D fuming bog.png Fuming Bog d_fuming_bog
D fungal caves.png Fungal Caves d_fungal_caves
D fungal forest.png Fungal Forest d_fungal_forest
D geothermal vent.png Geothermal Vents d_geothermal_vent
D great river.png Great River d_great_river
D green hills.png Green Hills d_green_hills
D hot springs.png Hot Springs d_hot_springs
D alien pets deposit.png Isolated Valley d_alien_pets_deposit
D organic landfill.png Junk Canals d_junk_canals
D organic landfill.png Junk Hollows d_junk_hollows
D organic landfill.png Junk Wastes d_junk_wastes
D lichen fields.png Lichen Fields d_lichen_fields
D lush jungle.png Lush Jungle d_lush_jungle
D marvelous oasis.png Marvelous Oasis d_marvelous_oasis
D metal boneyard.png Metal Boneyards d_metal_boneyard
D mineral fields.png Mineral Fields d_mineral_fields
D nutritious mudland.png Nutritious Mudlands d_nutritious_mudland
D ore rich caverns.png Ore-Rich Caverns d_ore_rich_caverns
D veiny cliffs.png Ore-Veined Cliffs d_veiny_cliffs
D organic landfill.png Organic Landfills d_organic_landfill
D prosperous mesa.png Prosperous Mesa d_prosperous_mesa
D rich mountain.png Rich Mountain d_rich_mountain
D rugged woods.png Rugged Woods d_rugged_woods
D rushing waterfalls.png Rushing Waterfall d_rushing_waterfalls
D searing desert.png Searing Desert d_searing_desert
D submerged ore veins.png Submerged Ore Veins d_submerged_ore_veins
D teeming reef.png Teeming Reef d_teeming_reef
D tempestous mountain.png Tempestuous Mountain d_tempestous_mountain
D tropical island.png Tropical Island d_tropical_island
D underwater vent.png Underwater Vents d_underwater_vent
Name ID
D tribal settlement.png Abandoned Primitive Homesteads d_abandoned_primitive_homesteads
D organic landfill.png Ancient Battlefield d_ancient_battlefield
D crater.png Ancient Bombardment Craters d_ancient_bombardment_craters
D building complex.png Ancient Mining Site d_ancient_mining_site
D fungal forest.png Ancient One d_ancient_one
D building.png Ancient Particle Accelerator d_ancient_particle_accelerator
D central spire.png Central Spire d_central_spire
D monument.png Cryonic Clones Monument d_cryonic_clones
D ruins large.png Dense Ruins d_relic_dense_ruins
D monument.png Dragonslayer Monument d_dragon_monument
D teeming reef.png Flooded Mounds d_flooded_mounds
D central spire.png Former Relic World d_former_relic_world
D fertile lands.png Harvester Fields d_harvester_fields
D alien pets deposit.png Hyperfertile Valley d_hyperfertile_valley
D crater.png Impact Crater d_impact_crater
D ruins medium.png Industrial Sector d_industrial_sector
D metal boneyard.png Irradiated Ruins d_irradiated_ruins
D fertile lands.png Loop-Plowed Farm d_worm_farm
D huge tree.png Migrating Forests Reserve d_migrating_forest_reserve
D organic landfill.png Mutant Landfill d_mutant_landfill
D organic landfill.png Numa's Breath d_numas_breath
D building.png Odd Factory d_odd_factory
D crystalline caverns.png Portal Research Area d_portal_research_zone
D quarantine zone.png Processing Pens d_processing_pens
D dangerous wildlife blocker.png Savage Wildlands d_savage_wildlands
D crystalline caverns.png Spiral-Hewn Mine d_worm_mine
D monument.png Stellar Devourer Trophy d_stellarite_trophy
D quarantine zone.png Subterranean Contact Zone d_underground_contact_zone
D fungal caves.png Subterranean Farming Caverns d_underground_farm
D underwater vent.png Subterranean Generator Areas d_underground_generator
D crystalline caverns.png Subterranean Mining Sites d_underground_mine
D building complex.png Toy Factory Complex d_toy_factory_complex
D bunker door.png Underground Vault d_underground_vault
D toxic kelp.png Wetware Computer d_wetware_computer
D levitating rocks.png Zone A d_the_zone
Name ID
D city.png BosWash Metropolitan Axis d_boswash_metropolitan_axis
D city.png Delhi Sprawl d_delhi_sprawl
D crater.png Great Albertan Crater d_great_albertan_crater
D quarantine zone.png Mauritanian Security Zone d_mauritanian_security_zone
D marvelous oasis.png Mesopotamian Urban Corridor d_mesopotamian_urban_corridor
D toxic kelp.png Pacific Algae Tracts d_pacific_algae_tracts
D building complex.png Pearl River Agglomerate d_pearl_river_agglomerate
D green hills.png Saharan Irrigation Project d_saharan_irrigation_project
D radioactive wasteland.png Scandinavian Reclamation Sector d_scandinavian_reclamation_sector
D alien pets deposit.png Valley of Zanaam d_valley_of_zanaam

List of planet modifiers

Used with the effect add_modifier = { modifier = command combination to add modifiers to planets. Example: effect add_modifier = { modifier = carbon_world }

Used with the effect remove_modifier = { modifier = command combination to remove modifiers from planets. Example: effect remove_modifier = { modifier = carbon_world }

A planet must be selected beforehand, otherwise the modifier will be added an empire modifier.

Modifier ID
PM Atmospheric Aphrodisiac.png Atmospheric Aphrodisiac atmospheric_aphrodisiac
PM Asteroid Belt.png Asteroid Belt asteroid_belt
PM Carbon World.png Carbon World carbon_world
PM Extensive Moon System.png Extensive Moon System extensive_moon_system
PM Ultra Rich.png Exceptional Quality Minerals ultra_rich
PM Mineral Rich.png High Quality Minerals mineral_rich
PM Lush.png Lush lush_planet
PM Natural Beauty.png Natural Beauty natural_beauty
PM Strong Magnetic Field.png Strong Magnetic Field strong_magnetic_field
PM Titanic Life.png Titanic Life titanic_life
PM Natural Beauty.png Paridayda paradise_planet
Modifier ID
PM Atmospheric Hallucinogen.png Atmospheric Hallucinogen atmospheric_hallucinogen
PM Asteroid Impacts.png Asteroid Impacts asteroid_impacts
PM Hazardous Weather.png Hazardous Weather hazardous_weather
PM Dangerous Wildlife.png Hostile Fauna dangerous_wildlife
PM High Gravity.png High Gravity high_gravity
PM Low Gravity.png Low Gravity low_gravity
PM Wild Storms.png Wild Storms wild_storms
PM dead god.png Dead god dead_god_planet
Modifier ID
PM Bleak.png Bleak bleak_planet
Irradiated Irradiated irradiated_planet
PM Mineral Poor.png Poor Quality Minerals mineral_poor
PM Tidal Locked.png Tidal Locked tidal_locked
PM Unstable Tectonics.png Unstable Tectonics unstable_tectonics
PM Weak Magnetic Field.png Weak Magnetic Field weak_magnetic_field
PM Consecrated Worlds.png Holy World holy_planet

List of empire modifiers

Used with the effect add_modifier = { modifier = command combination to add modifiers to the empire. Example: effect add_modifier = { modifier = crystal_focus }

It should be noted that adding Covenant: End of the Cycle this way does not trigger The Reckoning.

Modifier ID
Cloud Destroyer cloud_hunting_buff
Drone Destroyer drone_hunting_buff
Amoeba Hunter amoeba_hunting_buff
Crystal Hunter crystal_hunting_buff
Crystal Focus crystal_focus
Drone Mining Techniques drone_mining_techniques
Flagellating Movement flagellating_movement
Void Loops void_loops
Sentinel Data sentinel_data
Technology of the Divine technosphere_praising
The Singularity Procesor infinity_calculations
The Mirror of knowledge black_hole_pantagruel_research
Innoculated Population machine_empire_health_boost
Improved Code Standards machine_empire_code_improvements
Mineral Mapping mineral_mapping
Ageless ageless
Modifier ID
Covenant: Composer of Strands covenant_composer_of_strands
Covenant: Eater of Worlds covenant_eater_of_worlds
Covenant: Instrument of Desire covenant_instrument_of_desire
Covenant: Whispers of the Void covenant_whisperers_in_the_void
Covenant: End of the Cycle covenant_end_of_the_cycle
Oracle oracle_administration
Anthem of Aurora anthem_of_aurora
Modern Trench War modern_trench_war
Forced Mindfulness forced_mindfulness
Glory to the Many glory_to_the_many
Debug Subroutine debug_subroutine
Secrets of the Baol artifact_baol_research_completed
Secrets of the Cybrex artifact_cybrex_research_completed
Secrets of the First League artifact_league_research_completed
Secrets of the Irassians artifact_irassian_research_completed
Secrets of the Zroni artifact_zroni_research_completed

List of ship designs

Used with the add_ship command to spawn a ship.

Design name Ship
Seeker alien corvette
Starfang alien destroyer
Persistent alien huge destroyer
Sword alien cruiser
Divine Glory cultist battleship
Protector nomad destroyer
Nomad Cruiser nomad cruiser
Cloud Entity void cloud
Corsair pirate destroyer
Black Earl pirate cruiser
Pirate Galleon Old Guard
Ancient Mining Drone mining drone miner
Ancient Combat Drone mining drone corvette
Ancient Destroyer mining drone destroyer
Great Space Organism space amoeba
DS47 lighting space probe
Sentry sensor station
Vigil sentinel station
Origo Ore crystal prism
Drone Home Base Home Base Ore Grinder
Dimensional Horror Dimensional Horror
Name Ship
Grand Dragon Ether Drake
Dragonspawn Young Ether Drake
Stellarite Stellarite
Hive Asteroid Hive Asteroid
Spectral Wraith 450THz Red Spectral Wraith
Spectral Wraith 520THz yellow Spectral Wraith
Spectral Wraith 650THz Blue Spectral Wraith
Shroud Avatar Shroud Avatar
Void Dwelling Marauder Void Dwelling
Voidspawn Voidspawn
Reclaimer Scavenger Bot
Progenitor Tiyanki Matriarch
Simulated Dragonspawn L-Drake
AH4B Battleship AH4B
Space Amoeba Centenarian Space Amoeba Centenarian
Nanite Interdictor Nanite cruiser
Nanite Mothership Nanite titan
Nanite Factory Nanite factory
Yojimbo Armed Escort Caravaneer destroyer
Gunslinger Armed Escort Caravaneer cruiser
Tradestation Tungle Caravaneer station

Contingency, other Leviathans and Fallen Empire ships spawn as a box.

List of species traits

For worked examples see Console commands/Species traits examples and descriptions

Used with the add_trait_species and remove_trait_species commands.

Trait ID
Adaptive.png Adaptive trait_adaptive
Agrarian.png Agrarian trait_agrarian
Charismatic.png Charismatic trait_charismatic
Communal.png Communal trait_communal
Conformists.png Conformists trait_conformists
Conservationist.png Conservationist trait_conservational
Enduring.png Enduring trait_enduring
Industrious.png Industrious trait_industrious
Ingenious.png Ingenious trait_ingenious
Intelligent.png Intelligent trait_intelligent
Natural Engineers.png Natural Engineers trait_natural_engineers
Natural Physicists.png Natural Physicists trait_natural_physicists
Natural Sociologists.png Natural Sociologists trait_natural_sociologists
Nomadic.png Nomadic trait_nomadic
Quick Learners.png Quick Learners trait_quick_learners
Rapid Breeders.png Rapid Breeders trait_rapid_breeders
Resilient.png Resilient trait_resilient
Strong.png Strong trait_strong
Talented.png Talented trait_talented
Thrifty.png Thrifty trait_thrifty
Trait traditional.png Traditional trait_traditional
Decadent.png Decadent trait_decadent
Deviants.png Deviants trait_deviants
Fleeting.png Fleeting trait_fleeting
Nonadaptive.png Nonadaptive trait_nonadaptive
Trait quarrelsome.png Quarrelsome trait_quarrelsome
Repugnant.png Repugnant trait_repugnant
Slow Breeders.png Slow Breeders trait_slow_breeders
Slow Learners.png Slow Learners trait_slow_learners
Sedentary.png Sedentary trait_sedentary
Solitary.png Solitary trait_solitary
Wasteful.png Wasteful trait_wasteful
Weak.png Weak trait_weak
Delicious.png Delicious trait_delicious
Erudite.png Erudite trait_erudite
Extremely Adaptive.png Extremely Adaptive trait_extremely_adaptive
Fertile.png Fertile trait_fertile
Nerve Stapled.png Nerve Stapled trait_nerve_stapled
Robust.png Robust trait_robust
Venerable.png Venerable trait_venerable
Very Strong.png Very Strong trait_very_strong
Trait psionic species.png Latent Psionic trait_latent_psionic
Trait psionic species.png Psionic trait_psionic
Bioadaptability.png Bioadaptability trait_bioadaptability
Trait brainslugged.png Brain Slug Host trait_brainslug
Trait cybernetic.png Cybernetic trait_cybernetic
Limited Regeneration.png Limited Regeneration trait_limited_regeneration
Leader trait resilient.png Nivlac trait_nivlac
Leader trait nuumismatic administration.png Numistic Administration trait_nuumismatic_administration
Trait primitive.png Serviles trait_syncretic_proles
Social Pheromones.png Social Pheromones trait_social_pheromones
Trait survivor.png Survivor trait_survivor
Trait uplifted.png Somewhat Uplifted trait_enigmatic_intelligence_poor
Trait uplifted.png Uplifted trait_enigmatic_intelligence
Trait ID
Trait mechanical.png Mechanical trait_mechanical
Auth machine intelligence.png Machine trait_machine_unit
Domestic protocols.png Domestic Protocols trait_robot_domestic_protocols
Double jointed.png Double Jointed trait_robot_double_jointed
Durable.png Durable trait_robot_durable
Efficient processors.png Efficient Processors trait_robot_efficient_processors
Emotion emulators.png Emotion Emulators trait_robot_emotion_emulators
Enhanced memory.png Enhanced Memory trait_robot_enhanced_memory
Harvesters.png Harvesters trait_robot_harvesters
Learning algorithms.png Learning Algorithms trait_robot_learning_algorithms
Logic engines.png Logic Engines trait_robot_logic_engines
Loyalty circuits.png Loyalty Circuits trait_robot_loyalty_circuits
Mass produced.png Mass-Produced trait_robot_mass_produced
Power drills.png Power Drills trait_robot_power_drills
Propaganda machines.png Propaganda Machines trait_robot_propaganda_machines
Recycled.png Recycled trait_robot_recycled
Superconductive.png Superconductive trait_robot_superconductive
Bulky.png Bulky trait_robot_bulky
Custom made.png Custom-Made trait_robot_custom_made
High maintenance.png High Maintenance trait_robot_high_maintenance
Luxurious.png Luxurious trait_robot_luxurious
Repurposed hardware.png Repurposed Hardware trait_robot_repurposed_hardware
Uncanny.png Uncanny trait_robot_uncanny
Trait ID
Trait pc arid preference.png Arid trait_pc_arid_preference
Trait pc desert preference.png Desert trait_pc_desert_preference
Trait pc savannah preference.png Savannah trait_pc_savannah_preference
Trait pc continental preference.png Continental trait_pc_continental_preference
Trait pc ocean preference.png Ocean trait_pc_ocean_preferenc
Trait pc tropical preference.png Tropical trait_pc_tropical_preference
Trait pc alpine preference.png Alpine trait_pc_alpine_preference
Trait pc arctic preference.png Arctic trait_pc_arctic_preference
Trait pc tundra preference.png Tundra trait_pc_tundra_preference
Trait pc gaia preference.png Gaia trait_pc_gaia_preference
Trait pc ring preference.png Ring World trait_pc_ringworld_habitable_preference
Trait pc nuked preference.png Tomb World trait_pc_nuked_preference

List of Traits (Individuals)

For worked examples see Console commands/Individual traits examples and descriptions

Used with the add_trait_leader and remove_trait_leader commands.


Trait Key Name Applicable to ID
leader_trait_adaptable Leader trait adaptable.png Adaptable All 36
leader_trait_flexible_programming Leader trait adaptable.png Flexible Programming All 122
leader_trait_stubborn Leader trait stubborn.png Stubborn All 37
leader_trait_rigid_programming Leader trait stubborn.png Rigid Programming All 123
leader_trait_eager Leader trait eager.png Eager All 40
leader_trait_newboot Leader trait eager.png Newboot All 124
leader_trait_resilient Resilient.png Resilient All 38
leader_trait_shroud_age Resilient.png Shroud Age All 42
leader_trait_substance_abuser Leader trait substance abuser.png Substance Abuser All 39
leader_trait_arrested_development Leader trait arrested development.png Arrested Development All 41
leader_trait_agrarian_upbringing Leader trait agrarian upbringing.png Agrarian Upbringing Governors 47
leader_trait_army_veteran Leader trait army veteran.png Army Veteran Governors 44
leader_trait_warbot_tinkerer Leader trait hammer.png Warbot Tinkerer Governors 125
leader_trait_retired_fleet_officer Leader trait retired fleet officer.png Retired Fleet Officer Governors 45
leader_trait_ai_aided_design Leader trait retired fleet officer.png AI Aided Design Governors 126
leader_trait_environmental_engineer Leader trait environmental engineer.png Environmental Engineer Governors 49
leader_trait_bulldozer Leader trait environmental engineer.png Bulldozer Governors 127
leader_trait_architectural_interest Leader trait architectural interest.png Architectural Interest Governors 46
leader_trait_iron_fist Leader trait iron fist.png Iron Fist Governors 43
leader_trait_intellectual Leader trait intellectual.png Intellectual Governors 48
leader_trait_analytical Leader trait intellectual.png Analytical Governors 128
leader_trait_governor_erudite Erudite.png Erudite Governors 50
leader_trait_governor_psionic Leader trait psionic leader.png Psychic Governors 53
leader_trait_governor_chosen Leader trait psionic chosen one.png Chosen One Governors 54
leader_trait_governor_cyborg Trait cybernetic.png Cybernetic Governors 51
leader_trait_governor_synthetic Trait robotic 3.png Synthetic Governors 52
leader_trait_governor_brainslug Trait brainslugged.png Brain Slug Host Governors 242
leader_trait_governor_righteous Righteous Governors 55
leader_trait_governor_corrupt Corrupt Governors 56
leader_trait_governor_gray Nanite Entity Governors 243
leader_trait_enclave_trader Enclave Trader Governors 248
leader_trait_waste_management_specialist Waste Management Specialist Governors 251
leader_trait_nuumismatic_priest Merchant of Numa Governors 252
leader_trait_oracle Oracle Governors 258
leader_trait_paranoid Leader trait paranoid.png Paranoid Scientists 98
leader_trait_archaeologist_ancrel Leader trait archaeologist.png Archaeologist Scientists 96
leader_trait_archaeologist Leader trait archaeologist.png Archaeologist Scientists 97
leader_trait_carefree Leader trait carefree.png Carefree Scientists 94
leader_trait_cataloger Leader trait roamer.png Cataloger Scientists 134
leader_trait_roamer Leader trait roamer.png Roamer Scientists 95
leader_trait_meticulous Leader trait meticulous.png Meticulous Scientists 92
leader_trait_spark_of_genius Leader trait lightbulb on.png Spark of Genius Scientists 93
leader_trait_maniacal Leader trait maniacal.png Maniacal Scientists 99
leader_trait_custom_AI_assistant Leader trait custom AI assistant.png Custom AI Assistant Scientists 100
leader_trait_sapient_AI_assistant Leader trait sentient AI assistant.png Sapient AI Assistant Scientists 101
leader_trait_towel Leader trait scroll.png Towel-bearer Scientists 120
leader_trait_curator Leader trait curator.png Curator Scientists 114
leader_trait_expertise_industry Industry.png Expertise: Industry Scientists 105
leader_trait_expertise_materials Materials.png Expertise: Materials Scientists 102
leader_trait_expertise_propulsion Propulsion.png Expertise: Propulsion Scientists 103
leader_trait_expertise_voidcraft Voidcraft.png Expertise: Voidcraft Scientists 104
leader_trait_expertise_computing Computing.pngExpertise: Computing Scientists 108
leader_trait_expertise_field_manipulation Field Manipulation.png Expertise: Field Manipulation Scientists 106
leader_trait_expertise_particles Particles.pngExpertise: Particles Scientists 107
leader_trait_expertise_biology Biology.png Expertise: Biology Scientists 112
leader_trait_expertise_military_theory Military Theory.png Expertise: Military Theory Scientists 113
leader_trait_expertise_new_worlds New Worlds.png Expertise: New Worlds Scientists 110
leader_trait_expertise_psionics Psionics.pngExpertise: Psionics Scientists 109
leader_trait_expertise_statecraft Statecraft.png Expertise: Statecraft Scientists 111
leader_trait_scientist_erudite Erudite.png Erudite Scientists 115
leader_trait_scientist_psionic Leader trait psionic leader.png Psychic Scientists 118
leader_trait_scientist_chosen Leader trait psionic chosen one.png Chosen One Scientists 119
leader_trait_scientist_cyborg Trait cybernetic.png Cybernetic Scientists 116
leader_trait_scientist_synthetic Trait robotic 3.png Synthetic Scientists 117
leader_trait_scientist_brainslug Trait brainslugged.png Brain Slug Host Scientists
leader_trait_traumatized Traumatized Scientists 253
leader_trait_maimed Maimed Scientists 254
leader_trait_inspired_archeologist Inspired Archeologist Scientists 255
leader_trait_inspired_researcher Inspired Researcher Scientists 256
leader_trait_inspired_surveyor Inspired_surveyor Scientists 257
leader_trait_aggressive Leader trait aggressive.png Aggressive Admirals 3
leader_trait_cautious Leader trait cautious.png Cautious Admirals 4
leader_trait_engineer Leader trait engineer.png Engineer Admirals 2
leader_trait_fleet_logistician Leader trait fleet logistician.png Fleet Logistician Admirals 1
leader_trait_maintenance_loop Leader trait fleet logistician.png Maintenance Loop Admirals 132
leader_trait_scout Leader trait scout.png Scout Admirals 5
leader_trait_trickster Leader trait trickster.png Trickster Admirals 0
leader_trait_unyielding Leader trait unyielding.png Unyielding Admirals 6
leader_trait_gale_speed Leader trait gale speed.png Gale-Speed Admirals 8
leader_trait_lethargic Leader trait lethargic.png Lethargic Admirals 9
leader_trait_sentinel Leader trait sentinel.png Sentinel Training Admirals 10
leader_trait_hive_affinity Leader trait aggressive.png Hive Affinity Admirals 11
leader_trait_void_swimmer Leader trait ship.png Void Hunter Admirals 12
leader_trait_ethereal Leader trait ship.png Ethereal Admirals 13
leader_trait_dimensional_stutter Leader trait ship.png Dimensional Stutter Admirals 14
leader_trait_admiral_erudite Erudite.png Erudite Admirals 16
leader_trait_admiral_psionic Leader trait psionic leader.png Psychic Admirals 19
leader_trait_admiral_chosen Leader trait psionic chosen one.png Chosen One Admirals 20
leader_trait_admiral_cyborg Trait cybernetic.png Cybernetic Admirals 17
leader_trait_admiral_synthetic Trait robotic 3.png Synthetic Admirals 18
leader_trait_mercenary_warrior Leader trait mercenary warrior.png Mercenary Warrior Admirals 22
leader_trait_great_khan The Great Khan Admirals 23
leader_trait_admiral_brainslug Trait brainslugged.png Brain Slug Host Admirals 240
leader_trait_admiral_hells_heart Leader trait hells heart.png Hell's Heart Admirals 241
leader_trait_foredoomed_to_a_rendezvous Foredoomed to a Rendezvous Admirals 59
leader_trait_restore_point Restore Point Admirals 135
leader_trait_caravan_counter Caravan Counter Admirals 247
leader_trait_armchair_commander Leader trait armchair commander.png Armchair Commander Generals 28
leader_trait_army_logistician Leader trait army logistician.png Army Logistician Generals 29
leader_trait_attacker Leader trait attacker.png Invader Generals
leader_trait_butcher Leader trait butcher.png Butcher Generals 26
leader_trait_charismatic Leader trait charismatic.png Charismatic Leader Generals 25
leader_trait_defender Leader trait restrained.png Defender Generals
leader_trait_demoralizer Leader trait butcher.png Demoralizer Generals 130
leader_trait_glory_seeker Leader trait glory seeker.png Glory Seeker Generals 27
leader_trait_general_erudite Erudite.png Erudite Generals 30
leader_trait_general_psionic Leader trait psionic leader.png Psychic Generals 33
leader_trait_general_chosen Leader trait psionic chosen one.png Chosen One Generals 34
leader_trait_general_cyborg Trait cybernetic.png Cybernetic Generals 31
leader_trait_general_synthetic Trait robotic 3.png Synthetic Generals 32
leader_trait_general_brainslug Trait brainslugged.png Brain Slug Host Generals 239
leader_trait_general_mercenary_warrior Mercenary Warrior Generals 35
leader_trait_parts_cannibalizer Parts Cannibalizer Generals 129
leader_trait_erratic_morality_core Erratic Morality Core Generals 131


Following traits apply only for rulers.

Trait Key Name Index #
trait_ruler_corvette_focus Trait ruler corvette focus.png Corvette Focus 60
trait_ruler_destroyer_focus Trait ruler destroyer focus.png Destroyer Focus 61
trait_ruler_cruiser_focus Trait ruler cruiser focus.png Cruiser Focus 62
trait_ruler_battleship_focus Trait ruler battleship focus.png Battleship Focus 63
trait_ruler_architectural_sense Trait ruler architectural sense.png Architectural Sense 70
trait_ruler_champion_of_the_people Trait ruler champion of the people.png Champion of the People 78
trait_ruler_charismatic Leader trait charismatic.png Charismatic Leader 77
trait_ruler_deep_connections Trait ruler deep connections.png Deep Connections 76
trait_ruler_eye_for_talent Trait ruler eye for talent.png Eye for Talent 75
trait_ruler_expansionist Trait ruler expansionist.png Expansionist 79
trait_ruler_explorer Trait ruler explorer.png Explorer 83
trait_ruler_fertility_preacher Trait ruler fertility preacher.png Fertility Preacher 80
trait_ruler_fortifier Trait ruler fortifier.png Fortifier 66
trait_ruler_from_the_ranks Trait ruler from the ranks.png From The Ranks 65
trait_ruler_frontier_spirit Trait ruler frontier spirit.png Frontier Spirit 71
trait_ruler_home_in_the_sky Trait ruler home in the sky.png Home in the Sky 73
trait_ruler_industrialist Trait ruler industrialist.png Industrialist 74
trait_ruler_investor Trait ruler investor.png Investor 81
trait_ruler_logistic_understanding Trait ruler logistic understanding.png Logistic Understanding 67
trait_ruler_military_pioneer Trait ruler military pioneer.png Military Pioneer 68
trait_ruler_recruiter Trait ruler recruiter.png Recruiter 64
trait_ruler_space_miner Trait ruler space miner.png Space Miner 82
trait_ruler_warlike Leader trait aggressive.png Warlike 69
trait_ruler_world_shaper World shaper World Shaper 72
leader_trait_fleet_organizer Leader trait fleet organizer.png Fleet Organizer 84
leader_trait_nervous Leader trait nervous.png Nervous
leader_trait_reformer Trait ruler reformer.png Reformer 85
Erudite.png Erudite 86
Leader trait psionic leader.png Psychic 89
Leader trait psionic chosen one.png Chosen One 90
Trait cybernetic.png Cybernetic 87
Trait robotic 3.png Synthetic 88
leader_trait_hive_mind Auth hive mind.png Hive Mind 91
Trait brainslugged.png Brain Slug Host 242
leader_trait_ruler_machine_intelligence 121
leader_trait_flexible_programming 122
leader_trait_rigid_programming 123
leader_trait_newboot 124
leader_trait_unstable_code_base 133

List of anomalies

Used with the add_anomaly command to spawn anomalies.

Anomaly category Possible outcomes
vultaum_1_cat Precursor artifact special project
vultaum_2_cat Precursor artifact special project
vultaum_3_cat Precursor artifact special project
vultaum_4_cat Precursor artifact special project
yuht_1_cat Precursor artifact special project
yuht_2_cat Precursor artifact special project
yuht_3_cat Precursor artifact special project
yuht_4_cat Precursor artifact special project
league_1_cat Precursor artifact special project
league_2_cat Precursor artifact special project
league_3_cat Precursor artifact special project
league_4_cat Precursor artifact special project
irassian_1_cat Precursor artifact special project
irassian_2_cat Precursor artifact special project
irassian_3_cat Precursor artifact special project
irassian_4_cat Precursor artifact special project
cybrex_1_cat Precursor artifact special project
cybrex_2_cat Precursor artifact special project
cybrex_3_cat Precursor artifact special project
cybrex_4_cat Precursor artifact special project
Anomaly category Possible outcomes
debris_asteroid_category 1
collision_asteroid_category 1
station_asteroid_category 1
life_asteroid_category 1
moon_gasgiant_category 1
life_gasgiant_category 1
storms_gasgiant_category 1
cargo_gasgiant_category 1
asteroid_uninhabitable_category 1
solar_uninhabitable_category 1
life_toxic_category 1
life_frozen_category 1
life_barren_category 1
station_uninhabitable_category 1
battle_uninhabitable_category 1
shipyard_uninhabitable_category 1
writing_uninhabitable_category 1
beacon_uninhabitable_category 1
mountain_uninhabitable_category 1
object_uninhabitable_category 1
signal_gasgiant_category 1
ship_gasgiant_category 1
terminal_gasgiant_category 1
Anomaly category Possible outcomes
crashed_ship_asteroid_category 2
origin_asteroid_category 2
emissions_asteroid_category 2
hatch_asteroid_category 2
object_gasgiant_category 2
aerostat_gasgiant_category 2
debris_gasgiant_category 2
impact_uninhabitable_category 2
signal_uninhabitable_category 2
inhabited_toxic_category 2
Anomaly category Possible outcomes
energy_uninhabitable_category 3
sol_wasteland_category 1
terraforming_candidate_category 1
living_metal_category 1

List of major events

Used with the event command to start an event.

ID Event Notes Required selection
anomaly.95 Voyager 1 Can start the Solar Coordinates event if the Sol system exists somewhere in the galaxy Ship or Starbase
anomaly.186 Limbo With the right technology and AI policies you can resurrect them either as a new colony or as a new empire Ship or Starbase
anomaly.3040 Pirate Exiles Option to get two pirate raiders Ship or Starbase
anomaly.3085 The Prince Event with small but permanent diplomatic effects Ship or Starbase
anomaly.4045 Echoes from the Deep Option to gain the Improved Working Environment edict and positive modifiers Ship or Starbase
anomaly.4081 Abandoned Sensor Array Grants the Extensive Sensor Searches edict Ship or Starbase
anomaly.4105 Fumes Lie Thick Option to gain the Improved Energy Initiative edict Ship or Starbase
anomaly.4136 Translating Settlers' Texts Grants Master's Teachings: The Greater Good edict None
anomaly.4141 Translating Explorers' Texts Grants Master's Teachings: Philosophical Mindset edict None
anomaly.4151 Translating Traders' Texts Grants Master's Teachings: Diplomatic Trust edict None
anomaly.4166 Translating Warriors' Texts Grants Master's Teachings: Warring States edict None
anomaly.5001 Gas Giant Transmission Ship or Starbase
colony.50 Subterranean Civilization Colony
colony.3005 The Doorway Colony
colony.3006 A Dimension of Suffering Modifies the Dimensional Portal Job Colony
colony.3007 High-energy Dimension Modifies the Dimensional Portal Job Colony
colony.3008 The Null Void Modifies the Dimensional Portal Job Colony
colony.3009 Mirror Mirror Modifies the Dimensional Portal Job Colony
colony_mod.2 Titanic Life The effect of your choice is picked at random Colony
country.1 Sublight Exploration Probes None
country.50 Habitable Worlds Survey None
country.53 Alien Specimen Procurement None
country.200 Radical Cult None
country.250 The Hunt for the Hyacinth None
country.1000 Wanderlust: Rogue Scientist None
country.1100 Mass Extinction Through the Ages None
crisis.199 Prethoryn Scourge Immediately spawns Prethoryn invaders. Use "crisis.10" to initiate the crisis' natural progression None
crisis.50 Rise of the Sentinels Doesn't require the crisis but will add its sound effects None
crisis.1000 The Unbidden None
crisis.1100 The Aberrant Doesn't require the Unbidden None
crisis.1200 The Vehement Requires the Unbidden None
crisis.2000 The Contingency Skips the Ghost Signal events. Use "crisis.2005" to initiate the crisis' natural progression None
crisis.2400 Cybrex Return Doesn't require the crisis None
fallen_empires_awakening.1 Sleepers Awake Must select a Fallen Empire with the play command beforehand or YOU will awaken None
fallen_empires_tasks.1 A patronizing or machine Fallen Empire sends a random gift None
galactic_features.301 Fallen Empire mothballed fleet Fleet or Starbase
nomad.1 The Nomads Will not spawn if a Sentry Array is completed None
precursor.98 Vultraum Home System Located Spawns the Vultraum Home System None
precursor.598 Yuht Home System Located Spawns the Yuht Home System None
precursor.1098 First League Home System Located Spawns the First League Home System None
precursor.1598 Irassian Home System Located Spawns the Irassian Home System None
precursor.2098 Cybrex Home System Located Spawns the Cybrex Home System None
unrest.4200 Unrest: Revolt Targeted planet's population revolts and attempts to break away. Can be used on other empires. Colony
action.96 Birth of the Galactic Market None
akx.8888 Horizon Signal Fleet or Starbase
leviathans.316 Option to buy the Ministry of Culture None
leviathans.3103 Dreadnought Repaired Fleet or Starbase
war_in_heaven.1000 War in Heaven Will awaken two fallen empires if none awakened None
utopia.3000 Enter the Shroud Works even if still on cooldown None
utopia.3020 Avatar (ship) None
utopia.3021 Avatar (army) None
utopia.3190 The Chosen One None
utopia.3304 Whisperers in the Void Option to form a covenant None
utopia.3305 Composer of Strands Option to form a covenant None
utopia.3306 Eater of Worlds Option to form a covenant None
utopia.3307 Instrument of Desire Option to form a covenant None
utopia.3308 End of the Cycle Option to form a covenant None
utopia.3320 The Reckoning Requires accepting the covenant in the previous event to work properly None
syndaw.1000 Machine Uprising None
fallen_machine_empire.1 Ancient Caretakers Awaken Must select the Ancient Caretakers with the play command beforehand or YOU will awaken None
marauder.85 Mercenaries Become Available Must be triggered multiple times for each Marauder empire None
marauder.500 The Drums of War Must select a Marauder Empire with the play command beforehand or YOU will become the Horde None
distar.172 Neural Symbiosis Option to get the Brain Slug Host trait for some pops and leaders Fleet or Starbase
distar.260 Wild Eukaryotes Creates a pre-sapient species with the Docile Livestock trait on the planet Planet
distar.1001 Paradise Lost Creates a nearby system with the a Gaia World and Iron Age civilization None
distar.2050 Alien Entity Spawns the Enigmatic Cache in the galaxy None
distar.3014 The Nivlac (unfriendly) Creates an empire with a permanent -100 opinion modifier None
distar.3016 The Nivlac (friendly) Creates an empire with a permanent +100 opinion modifier None
distar.5006 The Voidspawn The selected planet is turned into a cracked world from where a Voidspawn hatches Planet
distar.11000 Spawn L-Cluster Spawns a sealed L-Cluser None
distar.13000 The L-Cluster (L-Drake) Doesn't require the L-Cluster but will open every L-Gate as well None
graygoo.1 The L-Cluster (Gray Tempest) Requires the L-Cluster to work None
graygoo.100 The L-Cluster (Dessanu Consonance) Requires the L-Cluster to work None
graygoo.400 A Quiet Stroll Encounter Grey Fleet or Starbase
ancrel.6130 Zarqulan's Chosen Allows colonizing Holy Worlds and gives +150 permanent opinion from Holy Guardians None
ancrel.10004 Arcane Deciphering (Auto-Forge) Unlocks a Fallen Empire building None
ancrel.10005 Arcane Deciphering (Sky-Dome) Unlocks a Fallen Empire building None
ancrel.10006 Arcane Deciphering (Dimensional Fabricator) Unlocks a Fallen Empire building None
ancrel.10007 Arcane Deciphering (Affluence Center) Unlocks a Fallen Empire building None
ancrel.10008 Arcane Deciphering (Nourishment Center) Unlocks a Fallen Empire building None
ancrel.10009 Arcane Deciphering (Class-4 Singularity) Unlocks a Fallen Empire building None
ancrel.10050 Secrets of the Yuht Unlocks the Initiate Yuht Cleansing Process decision None

List of Civics

Used with the effect change_government = { civics = { civic = command combination to replace an empire's civics with the written list. Example: effect change_government = { civics = { civic = civic_efficient_bureaucracy civic = civic_environmentalist civic = civic_functional_architecture civic = civic_mining_guilds } }

Civics incompatible with the current ethics and authority will not be added. However Civic corporate dominion.png Corporate Dominion can be added even if MegaCorp.png MegaCorp is enabled as long as its other requirements are met.

This command combination is notable because it allows an empire to have more than 3 civics.

Civic ID
Civic cutthroat politics.png Cutthroat Politics civic_cutthroat_politics
Civic efficient bureaucracy.png Efficient Bureaucracy civic_efficient_bureaucracy
Civic environmentalist.png Environmentalist civic_environmentalist
Civic functional architecture.png Functional Architecture civic_functional_architecture
Civic mining guilds.png Mining Guilds civic_mining_guilds
Civic agrarian idyll.png Agrarian Idyll civic_agrarian_idyll
Civic aristocratic elite.png Aristocratic Elite civic_aristocratic_elite
Civic barbaric despoilers.png Barbaric Despoilers civic_barbaric_despoilers
Civic beacon of liberty.png Beacon of Liberty civic_beacon_of_liberty
Civic byzantine bureaucracy.png Byzantine Bureaucracy civic_byzantine_bureaucracy
Civic citizen service.png Citizen Service civic_citizen_service
Civic corporate dominion.png Corporate Dominion civic_corporate_dominion
Civic corvee system.png Corvee System civic_corvee_system
Civic distinguished admiralty.png Distinguished Admiralty civic_distinguished_admiralty
Civic exalted priesthood.png Exalted Priesthood civic_exalted_priesthood
Civic fanatic purifiers.png Fanatic Purifiers civic_fanatic_purifiers
Civic feudal realm.png Feudal Society civic_feudal_realm
Civic free haven.png Free Haven civic_free_haven
Civic idealistic foundation.png Idealistic Foundation civic_idealistic_foundation
Civic imperial cult.png Imperial Cult civic_imperial_cult
Civic inwards perfection.png Inwards Perfection civic_inwards_perfection
Origins mechanist.png Mechanist civic_mechanists
Civic merchant guilds.png Merchant Guilds civic_merchant_guilds
Civic meritocracy.png Meritocracy civic_meritocracy
Civic nationalistic zeal.png Nationalistic Zeal civic_nationalistic_zeal
Civic parliamentary system.png Parliamentary System civic_parliamentary_system
Civic philosopher king.png Philosopher King civic_philosopher_king
Civic police state.png Police State civic_police_state
Civic shadow council.png Shadow Council civic_shadow_council
Civic shared burdens.png Shared Burdens civic_shared_burden
Civic slaver guilds.png Slaver Guilds civic_slaver_guilds
Civic technocracy.png Technocracy civic_technocracy
Civic warrior culture.png Warrior Culture civic_warrior_culture
Civic ID
Civic ascetic.png Ascetic civic_hive_ascetic
Civic divided attention.png Divided Attention civic_hive_divided_attention
Civic natural neural network.png Natural Neural Network civic_hive_natural_neural_network
Civic one mind.png One Mind civic_hive_one_mind
Civic pooled knowledge.png Pooled Knowledge civic_hive_pooled_knowledge
Civic strength of legions.png Strength of Legions civic_hive_strength_of_legions
Civic subspace ephapse.png Subspace Ephapse civic_hive_subspace_ephapse
Civic subsumed will.png Subsumed Will civic_hive_subsumed_will
Civic devouring swarm.png Devouring Swarm civic_hive_devouring_swarm
Civic machine builder.png Constructobot civic_machine_builder
Civic machine delegated functions.png Delegated Functions civic_machine_delegated_functions
Civic machine factory overclock.png Factory Overclocking civic_machine_factory_overclock
Civic machine introspective.png Introspective civic_machine_introspective
Civic machine ota updates.png OTA Updates civic_machine_ota_updates
Civic machine predictive analysis.png Static Research Analysis civic_machine_predictive_analysis
Civic machine replication.png Rapid Replicator civic_machine_replication
Civic machine rockbreakers.png Rockbreakers civic_machine_rockbreakers
Civic machine unitary cohesion.png Unitary Cohesion civic_machine_unitary_cohesion
Civic machine warbots.png Warbots civic_machine_warbots
Civic machine zero-waste protocols.png Zero-Waste Protocols civic_machine_zero_waste_protocols
Civic machine terminator.png Determined Exterminator civic_machine_terminator
Civic machine assimilator.png Driven Assimilator civic_machine_assimilator
Civic machine servitor.png Rogue Servitor civic_machine_servitor
Civic ID
Civic brand loyalty.png Brand Loyalty civic_brand_loyalty
Civic franchising.png Franchising civic_franchising
Civic free traders.png Free Traders civic_free_traders
Civic media conglomerate.png Media Conglomerate civic_media_conglomerate
Civic private prospectors.png Private Prospectors civic_private_prospectors
Civic ruthless competition.png Ruthless Competition civic_ruthless_competition
Civic trading posts.png Trading Posts civic_trading_posts
Civic gospel of the masses.png Gospel of the Masses civic_gospel_of_the_masses
Civic indentured assets.png Indentured Assets civic_indentured_assets
Civic naval contractors.png Naval Contractors civic_naval_contractors
Civic private military companies.png Private Military Companies civic_private_military_companies
Civic criminal heritage.png Criminal Heritage civic_criminal_heritage

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