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This article is for the PC version of Stellaris only.

Construction is the act of building structures away from a planet' surface. Constructions are built by ships specialized for this kind of task. Each construction has prerequisites that have to be met before it can be built.

Constructions are primarily built using alloys and impose a steady drain on an empire's income of energy credits. Over-extension of constructions beyond the empire's ability to pay for them is tempting, since station-constructing is a major source of an empire's resource income, but it can also spiral into potentially game-ruining debt.

Construction ship

A construction ship is an unarmed civilian vessel specializing in constructing structures orbiting a celestial object and does not require any leader to function. They hold automated robotic drones that are assigned in building the orbiting structure. Every empire (not pre-sentients or primitives) starts the game with and are all able to build construction ships.

Construction ships are small compared to military ships thus it is defenseless against aggressors and will seek to escape confrontations from hostile forces by default. They are automatically fitted with the latest ship technology without the need to return to the nearest starbase for retrofitting. They are only allowed to construct structures within the borders of the empire with the exception of Outposts.


Main article: Starbase

An outpost is an orbital structure that is built within the orbit of a star in an unclaimed system. Once it is built the star system will be considered part of the territory of the empire that built the outpost. It costs 100 Alloys.png alloys and 75 Influence.png influence (per hyperlane segment from nearest owned system) to build and has an upkeep of 1 Energy.png energy per month.

The primary purpose of an outpost is for territorial expansion which includes preparation for colonization and resource gathering. Outposts have minimal defenses therefore they can be easily conquered by military fleets with large power. Outposts can be upgraded to starbases that provides additional defense and capabilities that a normal outpost does not.

Orbital stations

Mining station

A mining station is an orbital station with the primary purpose of mining (or extracting) the resource that exists within the celestial object. Raw resources such as Energy.png energy, Minerals.png minerals and Alloys.png alloys can be extracted without technology prerequisite, while the strategic resources require a technology to be researched before they can be mined.

Each mining station costs 100 Minerals.png minerals and have an upkeep of 1 Energy.png energy per month with the exception of mining stations built on celestial objects that produces Energy.png energy resource. Military fleets will not target mining stations unless told to, but pirate and marauder fleets will always target them.

Research station

Research stations can be built around planets, stars and asteroids that generate the materials necessary for the advancement of Physics Research physics, Society research society and Engineering research engineering. Some anomalies, when successfully investigated, reveal scientific potential at a celestial object that previously lacked it. Each research station cost 100 Minerals.png minerals to construct and have an upkeep of 1 Energy.png energy per month.

Military fleets will also not target research stations, but hostile fleets will.


Main article: Megastructures

Megastructures are enormous building projects that require large amounts of resources, but also provide enormous benefits. The construction options for the various megastructures are unlocked by selecting the relevant ascension perks. In most cases an empire can only build or obtain one of each megastructures, the exceptions being habitats, ring worlds and gateways.


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