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This article is timeless and should be accurate for any version of the game.
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Developer diaries are articles, sometimes accompanied by videos, published by Paradox to describe the game design in detail.

First Contact

All developer diaries about the First Contact story pack and patch 3.7 (aka Canis Minor).

Patch 3.7 (Canis Minor)
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 A Message from Minamar Specialized Industries Teaser for patch and DLC 2023-01-12
2 Announcing First Contact Announcement of First Contact story pack 2023-01-17
3 The Vision of First Contact A summary of some features and why First Contact story pack comes out 2023-01-19
4 Broken Shackles Introducing a new origin (Broken Shackles) 2023-01-26
5 Observation and Awareness Observation events and interactions with pre-FTL civilisations in First Contact story pack 2023-02-02
6 Fear and Archaeotechs in First Contact A new origin (Fear of the Dark) and changes to archaeological mechanics 2023-02-09
7 The Art of MSI Art development of MSI (Minamar Specialized Industries) in First Contact story pack 2023-02-16
8 Payback and Insights A new origin (Payback) and Insight technologies 2023-02-23
9 Hide and Seek Cloaking & counter-cloaking systems and new low-tech civics 2023-03-02
10 We Have Contact (3.7.2 'Canis Minor' Patch Notes) Preliminary changelog and new achievements for 3.7 2023-03-09
11 First Contact is Out, What’s Next? Post-launch support for 3.7 and First Contact story pack 2023-03-23


All developer diaries about the Toxoids species pack, patch 3.5 (aka Fornax), and patch 3.6 (aka Orion).

Patch 3.6 (Orion)
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Digging a Grave, and Galactic Matters Tiyanki Graveyard and new galaxy shapes coming in 3.6 2022-09-29
2 Traditional Results (of Summer Experiments) Rework of ascension paths 2022-10-06
3 Ready…? Fight! Fleet combat rebalance and the 3.6 "Orion" Open Beta 2022-10-13
4 The Pact is Signed and Spoken Changes to Covenants and Psionic Ascension, more Accessibility Features, and an Open Beta changelog 2022-10-20
5 A Peek into the Future New UI elements and a partial list of changes coming in the next update to the 3.6 "Orion" Open beta 2022-10-27
6 Copy November 1st Update to the 3.6 "Orion" Open Beta 2022-11-01
7 Bless Thy Soul Holy Covenant federation type 2022-11-10
8 Death is the Beginning Cordyceptic Drones civic and reanimated leviathans 2022-11-17
9 The Hunt is On (Stellaris 3.6 ‘Orion’ Patch Notes) 3.6 Patch Notes 2022-11-23
10 Release the Hounds Post-launch support for 3.6 "Orion" 2022-12-01
11 3.6.1, Holiday Beta, and More 3.6.1 patch notes, 3.7 open beta, 2022 ModJam 2022-12-08
12 A Look Back at 2022 Retrospective on Stellaris development over 2022 2022-12-15
Patch 3.5 (Fornax)
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 It Belongs in a Mega-Art Installation! Relic balance changes 2022-07-07
2 Summer Culture Rework of culture workers 2022-07-21
3 Challenge Accepted New difficulty settings, species pack achievements 2022-08-18
4 Ringworlds, Reliquaries, Relics, and More Preview of outliner section for megastructures, accessibility improvements, changes to Caravaneer reliquary purchases, more species pack achievements, further relic balance changes 2022-08-25
5 Announcing Toxoids Announcement of Toxoids species pack 2022-09-01
6 Damn the Consequences Overview of Overtuned origin, new species traits, new civics, and new Detox ascension perk 2022-09-06
7 The Art of Toxoid Clothing Toxoid portraits designs, especially their clothing designs 2022-09-08
8 Rise a Knight! Overview of the other new origin (Knights of the Toxic God) 2022-09-13
9 3.5 'Fornax' Patch Notes, AI, Performance, and Modding 3.5 Changelog, as well as details on improvements coming to AI, Performance, and Modding in the 3.5 "Fornax" Update 2022-09-15
10 Toxoids are Among Us, What's Next? (Plus a Transcript!) 3.5.2 hotfix, future plans about 3.6 "Orion", and September 19th Discord Q&A Transcript 2022-09-22


All developer diaries about the Overlord expansion, and patch 3.4 (aka Cepheus).

Patch 3.4 (Cepheus)
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 We have a Situation Explanation and walk-through of the upcoming Situations system and its scope 2022-03-10
2 Announcing Overlord Announcement of the Overlord expansion pack and vassalization mechanic overhaul 2022-03-17
3 New Ways to Rule Review of negotiation of terms for vassals, spending vassal loyalty, and a glance at Overlord holdings 2022-03-24
4 Special Prospects A look at the Prospectorium​ specialist vassal empire and a glance at new origin icons with their names 2022-03-31
5 New Friends Reveal of three new enclaves (Salvagers, Shroudwalkers, and Mercenary), the Bulwark specialist vassal empire, more Overlord holdings, the Imperial Fiefdom civic 2022-04-07
6 Elevating Civilization Walk through of Orbital Rings and their new starbase buildings, Quantum Catapult megastructure, the Scholarium​ specialist vassal empire, more specialist holdings, and new Galactic Community resolutions 2022-04-14
7 All Roads Lead to Deneb IIb Discussion on the Hyper Relays and their function as well as potential benefit to creating a network of them. Reveal of achievement icons, new flag background colors, symbols, and patterns. 2022-04-21
8 Artificial and Automated Intelligence Update on the AI refinements and Sector automation from the Custodian team to 3.4 and the Subterranean Origin reveal. 2022-04-28
9 Three in One 3.4 'Cepheus' Patch Notes and more! Patch notes, modability changes, and the Progenitor Hive Origin reveal. 2022-05-05
10 3.4.3 'Cepheus' Patch Released (Checksum 9d15)... What's Next? Future plans about 3.4.3 and 3.4.4 2022-05-19
11 Overlord Q&A May 5th Discord Q&A transcript 2022-05-26
12 Making a Station Overview of art development with Salvagers enclave station as example 2022-06-02
13 Summer is Coming... Overview of various developers' summer experiments 2022-06-09
14 3.4.4 ‘Cepheus’ Information Patch notes for 3.4.4 2022-06-16


All developer diaries about the Aquatics Species Pack, patch 3.2 (aka Herbert), and patch 3.3 (aka Libra).

Patch 3.3 (Libra)
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Aquatics and 3.2 are out, now what? Update on Custodian priorities post patch. 2021-11-25
2 AI feedback and future plans Planned goals for AI updates in 3.3 . 2021-12-02
3 Happy Holidays and thanks for all the fish Review of 2021 Stellaris releases. Holiday hiatus announced until January 13th 2022. 2021-12-09
4 Reworking Unity, Part One Planned changes to unity generation and administrative capacity in 3.3.x. 2022-01-13
5 Ascensions, Betas, and More Quick overview of the new Planetary Ascension tiers, unity generation, and Permanent Employment megacorp civic. Dev Clash announced, and 3.3 Beta release. 2022-01-20
6 AI++ Further improvements to AI performance in 3.3 2022-01-27
7 Scripting Improvements in 3.3 Scripting changes & improvements 2022-02-03
8 Unity Open Beta and the Dev Clash Unity Open Beta changelogs, and the Dev Clash Season 3 2022-02-10
9 3.3 'Libra' Patch Notes and Release Date Announcement Patch notes for 3.3.1 2022-02-17
10 3.3 'Libra' is out, now what? Patch notes for 3.3.2, and some planned goals for influence, espionage and Idyllic Bloom in 3.4 2022-02-24
11 A Time for Change Announcement of the change of game director from Daniel Moregard to Stephen Muray 2022-03-03
Patch 3.2 (Herbert)
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Custodians & Next Steps Update on the future patches: 3.2 planned for November and 3.3 for February 2021-09-30
2 Looking after the AI Improvements to AI economic script 2021-10-07
3 New Content & Features in 3.2 New Pompous Purists civic, new options for anomalies, events for terraformation and a fix for AI terraforming 2021-10-14
4 Aquatics Species Pack Announcement of the new species pack - Aquatics Species Pack 2021-10-21
5 The Art of Aquatics Ships & the Drake A look at how the Aquatics Species Pack ships and the Aquatic Dragon were developed 2021-10-28
6 Aquatics Portraits and Art Preview and design process of the Aquatic Species Pack portraits and animations 2021-11-04
7 3.2 Balance Changes and Performance Improvements Improvements to balance and performance 2021-11-11
8 Aquatics & 3.2 'Herbert' Patch Notes Patch notes for the 3.2 update. 2021-11-18


All developer diaries about the Nemesis expansion, patch 3.0 (aka Dick) and patch 3.1 (aka Lem).

Patch 3.1 (Lem)
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Announcing “The Custodians” initiative and the free Lem Update Announcement of the division of the Stellaris team into a maintaining team and an expansions team as well as a look at future update processes. 2021-06-03
2 Gameplay themes & Balancing considerations Broad overview of direction for Species pack gameplay themes, future balancing changes, and Unity & Empire sprawl brainstorming. 2021-06-10
3 Changes to Necroids Content in the Lem Update Discussion of updates that will be found regarding the Necroids, Necroid Hiveminds, Death Cults, and Reanimated Armies. 2021-06-17
4 Custodians Feedback and Q&A Transcript Solicited feedback and Community Feedback review and the Discord Q&A transcript. 2021-07-01
5 Plantoids Gameplay Post break review of three new traits and two new civics for plantoids in the Lem update. 2021-08-05
6 Selectable Traditions Select-able traditions discussion as well as an overview of changes to existing traditions and three new traditions coming in the Lem update. 2021-08-12
7 Additions to Humanoids Species Pack Dev diary provided new information on the three new civics (masterful crafters, pleasure seekers, and clone army) added to the Humanoids species pack. 2021-08-19
8 Balance and Quality of Life Improvements Balance notes on changes to Void Dwellers and Shattered Rings. QoL notes on Ecumenopolises and other assorted items. Additional information on Civic balance changes. 2021-08-26
9 Moddability Updates in Lem An in depth dev diary on new changes to modding including variable changes, sprite sheets, randomness being actually random, and modder early access request. 2021-09-02
10 Release Date and Patch Notes for the 3.1 Lem Update Patch notes for the 3.1 Lem update and announcement of release date on September 14 2021. 2021-09-09
11 Lem is out, what now? Transcript of the Q&A with developers and new wallpapers 2021-09-16
12 3.1.2 "Lem" Patch Update Patch notes for the 3.1.2 update 2021-09-23
Patch 3.0 (Dick)
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Leading Economic Indicators A new district and reworked building slots 2020-11-05
2 And Yet It Moves Discussion on experimental rework of colony automation and pop resettlement 2020-11-12
3 Perfectly Balanced, As All Things Should Be... Rework of population growth, changes to buildings and districts due to this as well as updates from the two previous Development diaries 2020-11-19
4 Signal Discovered A look at the updated first contact mechanics 2020-11-26
5 Intel Introduction to the concepts and basic mechanics of Intel 2020-12-03
6 Happy Holidays & Help Stellaris Espionage announcement and open job positions 2020-12-17
7 [REDACTED] Introduction to the concepts and basic mechanics of Spy Networks 2021-01-14
8 Operations and Assets A look on spy Operations and Assets 2021-01-21
9 Provocations Discussion on operations of an aggressive nature 2021-01-28
10 Become the Crisis Announcement of Nemesis and preview of the player-controlled crisis 2021-02-04
11 The Custodian Custodian, their diplomatic options and ships 2021-02-11
12 Galactic Imperium The creation and effects of a Galactic Imperium 2021-02-18
13 Nemesis Ship Set & Art Direction Discussion on the ship art and design process 2021-02-25
14 VFX in Nemesis A look at the VFX of Nemesis 2021-03-04
15 Scripting Language and Moddability Improvements Changes to the scripting language/modding in 3.0 2021-03-11
16 Announcing the 3.0 'Dick' Update Announcement of the 3.0 (Philip K. Dick patch) version of Stellaris and some changes to announced features 2021-03-18
17 Directing Nemesis Daniel Moregård discusses the challenges in creating and balancing systems in Nemesis 2021-03-25
18 Challenging Origins April Fools' Day joke 2021-04-01
19 Nemesis patch notes Patch notes for version 3.0 2021-04-08
20 Nemesis - Attack of the Patch Notes Patch notes for version 3.0.1 2021-04-14
21 A post-Nemesis address Addressing issues and complaints with version 3.0 'Dick' 2021-04-22
22 3.0.3 Beta Updates Highlighting changes planned in version 3.0.3 and that is currently available in the beta branch 2021-05-06


All developer diaries about the Necroids Species Pack and patch 2.8 (aka Butler).

Patch 2.8 (Butler)
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Threading and Loading Times Discussion on threading in Stellaris and startup time improvements 2020-08-27
2 The Perils of Scripting and How to Avoid Them How to write scripts to interact with the game. The best practices for mod creators. 2020-09-03
3 Memory Allocation Here, a new civic to remember us by. 2020-09-10
4 Fwd: Notice of Termination On the topic of Death Cults and their sacrificial edicts. 2020-09-17
5 Announcing Necroids Announcement of the Necroids species pack. 2020-09-24
6 Necroid Ships & the Art Process A walkthrough of the design process for a species ship set focusing on Necroids. 2020-10-01
7 Post-mortem A reveal of the Necrophage origin and mechanics as well as additional details on Reanimated Armies 2020-10-08
8 Necroid Characters & the Art process A look at how the Necroids Species Pack characters/portraits were developed 2020-10-15
9 Necroids 2.8 Patch Notes & Update Patch notes for 2.8 2020-10-22


All developer diaries about the Federations expansion, patch 2.6 (aka Verne) and patch 2.7 (aka Wells).

Patch 2.7 (Wells)
No. Title and Link Description Date
18 Federations is out, now what? A mention of Tiyanki improvements in the May update. 2020-03-26
19 Space Fauna Space creatures tweaks and resolutions related to them. 2020-04-03
20 Habitat Tiers Upcoming changes to habitats, their districts, buildings and tech. 2020-04-09
21 Edict Rework A subject dear to the hearts of many galactic rulers - namely Edicts! 2020-04-23
22 Federal improvements (UI and more!) Improvements to federations for the upcoming free update! 2020-04-30
23 4th Anniversary & 2.7 'Wells' Update A look at the space journey Stellaris had over the past years. 2020-05-07
24 DLC Visibility Experiment Experimentation on how DLC is shown in game. 2020-05-14
25 Dev Diary Summer Hiatus The Swedish summer downtime is upon us 2020-06-26
Patch 2.6 (Verne)
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Empire Sprawl & Administrative Capacity Changes that aim to give a more important role to Empire Sprawl 2019-08-29
2 Origins New dedicated background stories for your empire, derived from Civics 2019-09-26
3 Federation rework Types, Perks, Laws and Internal mechanics of Federations 2019-10-31
4 Galactic Community A look to its creation, Resolutions, Diplomatic weight, Favors, Galactic Council and Focus 2019-11-07
5 Origins Full Reveal A list of all 18 Origins that will be present at the release 2019-11-14
6 Development Update An update on performance and AI development and a tentative release window for Federation 2019-11-21
7 New Diplomatic Features Envoys, Diplomacy interface, Diplomatic Stances and Favors 2019-11-28
8 Juggernaut & Mega Shipyard New Spaceship and Megastructure 2019-12-05
9 Summary of the Year 2019 2019 journey retrospective and changes in Stellaris Dev team composition 2019-12-12
10 Ready for 2020! Polish progress update and information about upcoming Q&A sessions 2020-01-16
11 Federation Q&A Q&A sessions about the Federation rework 2020-01-23
12 Galactic Community Q&A Q&A sessions about the Galactic Community 2020-01-30
13 Diplomacy Q&A Q&A sessions about General Diplomacy, Diplomatic stances, Diplomatic Weight, Diplomatic Relations and Envoys 2020-02-06
14 Origins Q&A Q&A related to Origins events, civics and Fallen Empires' Origins 2020-02-13
15 Performance and other technical issues Summary of causes of performance issues and a demonstration of the improvement. 2020-02-20
16 Reworking the AI A look at the AI mechanics and plans to improve it. 2020-03-05
17 Federations is soon upon us! (with patch notes) Patch notes for 2.6. 2020-03-12


The developer diary about the Lithoids Species Pack and patch 2.5 (aka Shelley).

Patch 2.5 (Shelley)
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Things That Rock Announcement of the Lithoids Species Pack, preview of Lithoid species portraits and ships, introduction to Lithoid species mechanics, and patch notes for version 2.5. 2019-10-24

Ancient Relics

All developer diaries about the Ancient Relics story pack, patch 2.3 (aka Wolfe), and patch 2.4 (aka Lee).

Patch 2.4 (Lee)
No. Title and Link Description Date
11 Summer Experimentation Useful experimentation that didn't make it 2019-08-15
12 UX Design Behind-the-scenes of the UI 2019-09-12
13 The 2.4 "Lee" patch The new paradox launcher comes to Stellaris 2019-10-09
Patch 2.3 (Wolfe)
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Sectors The future of the sector system 2019-03-28
2 Changes to megastructures Rework of Galactic Wonders ascension perk and megastructures now require a research component 2019-04-11
3 Megastructures, Habitats and Minor Artifacts Rework of Habitats, Ringworlds, megastructure construction changes and introducing Minor Artifacts 2019-04-18
4 Archaeology A new dimension to anomalies and express narrative in a more evolving and controlled manner 2019-04-25
5 The Baol and The Zroni Precursor: changes and new ones 2019-05-02
6 An update on Sectors & Designations Details of new sector and designation system for planet automation 2019-05-09
7 Relics & Relic Worlds Relics, Relic Worlds, Relic UI and User Experience 2019-05-16
8 Technical improvements 64 bit, Performance improvement and AI 2019-05-23
9 2.3 "Wolfe" Patch Notes An early peek at the 2.3 'Wolfe' patch notes 2019-05-30
10 2.3.3 beta patch A beta patch for the summer 2019-07-04


All developer diaries about the MegaCorp expansion and patch 2.2 (aka Le Guin).

Patch 2.2 (Le Guin)
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 New Economy System A new economic back-end implemented for 2.2 -- the birth of economic templates and economic units. 2018-08-09
2 Planetary Rework (part 1 of 4) Planetary reworks, involving changes to deposits and buildings and the addition of districts. 2018-08-16
3 Planetary Rework (part 2 of 4) Planetary reworks, involving changes to jobs, strata and unemployment, housing, growth and migration. 2018-08-23
4 Planetary Rework (part 3 of 4) Planetary reworks, involving changes to Stability, Happiness and Crime. 2018-08-30
5 Planetary Rework (part 4 of 4) Planetary reworks, relating to gestalt consciousnesses and habitats. 2018-09-06
6 The Galactic Market Addition of a galactic market, internal markets, and changes to trader enclaves 2018-09-13
7 Sectors and Factions Sector Rework and Faction Happiness Rework 2018-09-20
8 Trade Value and Trade Routes Introduction of trade value, trade routes and the associated piracy rework 2018-09-27
9 Decisions and Planetary Bombardment Rework of planetary edicts into decisions and changes to planetary bombardments 2018-10-04
10 Tradition Updates Updated traditions for the new mechanics and tradition type 2018-10-11
11 New and Changed Technologies in Le Guin Updated economic & planetary building technologies 2018-10-18
12 MegaCorporations Titular feature of MegaCorp: MegaCorporations 2018-10-25
13 Ecumenopolis and Megastructures New megastructures and constructable planet types in MegaCorp 2018-11-01
14 The Caravaneers Travelling caraveneers & deals in MegaCorp 2018-11-08
15 Slave Market, and more! Slave market, Unity Ambitions & Mandates 2018-11-15
16 Script changes and modding in 2.2 Script changes & modding 2018-11-22
17 2.2 'Le Guin' patch notes An early peek at the 2.2 'Le Guin' patch notes 2018-11-29
18 Updates, holidays, and the future Changes in leadership, holidays, and beta patch. 2018-12-20
19 We're back Back from holidays, bugs, and patches. 2019-01-09
20 Dnote's Inferno The where and how -- the ins-and-outs of the product management team by Bevan aka "Dnote". 2019-01-17
21 2.2.x post-launch patch A highlight of some of the bigger things that may change in the definitive 2.2.x post-launch support period 2019-01-24
22 2.2.x post-launch patch v2 Updates about the final 2.2.x post-launch patch, minor changes to modifiers and interface 2019-02-14
23 Exploring the Future Update on patch 2.2.6 and a discussion on the future direction of the game and tentative features to be added 2019-02-28

Distant Stars

All developer diaries about the Distant Stars story pack and patch 2.1 (aka Niven).

Patch 2.1 (Niven)
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Anomaly Rework & Expanded Exploration Anomaly research changes, hyperlane clusters, and new types of star-systems. 2018-04-19
2 The L-Cluster Heavily modified mysterious gateways leading to an unknown cluster of stars located outside the galaxy 2018-04-26
3 New Anomalies, Systems and Leviathans New event chains to follow on the galactic grand road 2018-05-03
4 Space Creatures, Strategic Resources and Experimental Subspace Navigation Changes to Space Creatures encounters, Strategic Resource discovery and exploitation, and addition of Experimental Subspace Navigation 2018-05-10
5 2.1 Anomaly Modding A glimpse of some of the under-the-hood-changes coming for modders 2018-05-17
6 Niven Post-Launch Support Extended period of post-launch support with a rolling beta patch 2018-05-24
7 Niven Post-Launch Support (part 2) Improving performance and increasing L-cluster variety 2018-05-31
8 Niven Post-Launch Support (part 3) Further performance improvement, renaming factions, and extra-pretty screenshots mode. 2018-06-07
9 Niven Post-Launch Support (part 4) The second rolling beta to start soon with improvements to be tested over the summer 2018-06-21


All developer diaries about the Apocalypse expansion and patch 2.0 (aka Cherryh).

Patch 2.0 (Cherryh)
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Starbases Major mechanics rework to affect: border growth, space stations & planetary spaceports, ship construction and more. 2017-10-26
2 FTL Rework and Galactic Terrain Consolidating FTL, expanding on them, and using them to "build" a galactic terrain. 2017-11-02
3 War, Peace and Claims Warfare overhaul: casus belli, wargoals, war exhaustion, starbase/system occupation, and peace negotiations. 2017-11-09
4 Ascension Perks & Surveying in Cherryh Adding basic version of ascension perks to the base game. Replacing the existing surveying and star chart system. 2017-11-16
5 Doomstacks and Ship Design Breaking down the doomstack issue into its component problems, and some upcoming changes to the ship designer. 2017-11-30
6 Tech Progression in Cherryh Changes to technology progression in the 2.0 "Cherryh" update 2017-12-07
7 Fleet Manager Adding of a new Fleet Manager interface 2017-12-14
8 Ground Combat & Army Rework Ground Combat & Army Rework 2017-12-21
9 Titans and Planet Destroyers An announcement of the Apocalypse expansion and reveal of the first features in it 2018-01-11
10 Marauders, Pirates and the Horde Pirate rework in Cherryh and a Horde mid-game crisis in Apocalypse 2018-01-18
11 Edicts, Campaigns and Unity Ambitions Expanding on edicts - the addition of campaigns and unity ambitions. 2018-01-25
12 Civic/Ascension Perks Changes and Additions Expanding on changes to Ascension Perks and Civics. 2018-02-01
13 Cherryh Feature Roundup Quality of Life features and other minor changes in the coming 2.0 'Cherryh' update. 2018-02-08
14 2.0 "Cherryh" patch notes Ramping up for release: patch notes, achievements and new music. 2018-02-15
15 2.0.2 patch notes and the Road Ahead for Cherryh A rolling 2.0.2 beta and larger than normal amount of dev time for post-apocalypse support. 2018-03-01
16 The Post-Apocalypse Revisiting the list of long-term goals for Stellaris 2018-03-08
17 2.0 Post-Release Support (part 1) Player feedback and changes coming to War Exhaustion and forced Status Quo. 2018-03-15
18 2.0 Post-Release Support (part 2) Still in full post-release support with more details on the coming 2.0.2 patch. 2018-03-22
19 Creation and Beyond Audio Director Björn Iversen says goodbye 2018-04-05

Synthetic Dawn

All developer diaries about the Synthetic Dawn story pack, patch 1.8 (aka Čapek) and patch 1.9 (aka Boulle).

Patch 1.9 (Boulle)
No. Title and Link Description Date
19 Humanoids Species Pack A new species pack straight from the artists with additional VIR content. 2017-11-22
20 Tech Progression in Cherryh The release of the Humanoids Species Pack and patch 1.9. 2017-12-07
Patch 1.8 (Čapek)
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Crises & The Contingency Improvements done on the crises front with a major revision of the AI uprising crisis 2017-06-01
2 The Čapek Update Changes and improvements to Habitability and Terraforming coming in 1.8 2017-06-15
3 Genemodding Templates Changes coming to genetic modification in the 1.8 Čapek update 2017-06-22
4 Fallen Machine Empire Tweaks to fallen empires in 1.8 along with a new synthetic-type fallen empire in the upcoming story pack 2017-06-29
5 Hive Mind & Tradition Improvements Added flavor improvements for Hive-Minds/Devouring Swarms along with traditions flavor changes 2017-07-06
6 Ethics Voice Packs New voice-over sets for VIR the trusted in-game friendly advisor 2017-07-13
7 Robomodding & Robot Changes Unique robotic traits, robot template modding and related assortment of robo-changes in the works 2017-07-20
8 Ship Component & Balance Changes Changes to ship design and combat behavior rework 2017-07-27
9 Machine Empires Synthetic Dawn Story Pack & new kinds of robotic empires 2017-08-03
10 Machine Uprisings Machine Uprisings feature in the Synthetic Dawn story pack 2017-08-10
11 Synthetic Dawn Music Andreas Waldetoft, the in-house composer, on the new tracks for synths included in the upcoming story pack 2017-08-17
12 Čapek Feature Roundup (part 1) A round-up of some minor changes and reworks coming in the 1.8 Čapek update 2017-08-24
13 Čapek Feature Roundup (part 2) A continuation of the feature round-up in the 1.8 Čapek update 2017-08-31
14 Decadence and Ascension Changes Awakened empires will now become decadent with time/power and requested changes to ascension paths 2017-09-07
15 Čapek/Synthetic Dawn Patch Notes Changelog for the 1.8 "Čapek" update 2017-09-14
16 1.8 Post-Release Support Update of the beta branch status and current patch notes of patch 1.8.2 2017-10-05
17 1.8 Post-Release Support (part 2) Wrapping up of 1.8 soon and moving on to 1.9 2017-10-12
18 Official Sound Track The Stellaris soundtrack DLC is changed to include all previously released tracks as well as all future track releases 2017-10-19


All developer diaries about the Utopia expansion, patch 1.5 (aka Banks) and patch 1.6 (aka Adams).

Patch 1.6 (Adams)
No. Title and Link Description Date
15 Introductions and Farewells Rikard Åslund (Zoft), master of dad-jokes, passes the project lead torch to newcomer Jamie Wood (Jamor) 2017-04-13
16 Beyond Utopia Revisiting the old priorities list and the future beyond Utopia 2017-04-20
17 The Adams Update (part 1) Ruined megastructures, split taxes sectors, sector stockpiles and new art assets in 1.6 Adams 2017-04-27
18 The Adams Update (part 2) Devouring Swarm civic for Hive Minds, terraforming enhancements, and full patch notes. 2017-05-04
Patch 1.5 (Banks)
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Ethics Rework Reworked empire and pop ethics, as well as a new outlook on factions 2016-12-08
2 Unity and Traditions Banks 1.5 will introduce new mechanics 2016-12-15
3 Ascension Perks The new Ascension mechanic and its following 'species endgame' paths coming in Banks 2017-01-12
4 Species Rights Changes to pops: species rights/obligations, new degrees of slavery and purging, refugees, core worlds and more. 2017-01-19
5 Habitats Your new home above your home 2017-01-26
6 Megastructures Megastructures: the headline feature of the Utopia expansion. 2017-02-02
7 Psionics and The Shroud Psionic Ascension Path 2017-02-09
8 Indoctrination, Unrest and Faction Interactions Wiz goes into details on indoctrinating pre-FTL species, new unrest system for factions and ways to interact with them 2017-02-16
9 Government, Civics and Hive Minds Banks focus on internal politics warrants a government rework 2017-02-23
10 Synthetic and Biological Ascension A closer look at ascension paths 2017-03-02
11 Minor Features and Tweaks Empire-wide Food, Terraforming Candidate anomaly, War Demand cost reducing, UI improvements 2017-03-09
12 The Music of Utopia Andreas Waldetoft composed some new music 2017-03-16
13 Graphics & Interface in Banks Changes to the map in Banks 2017-03-23
14 Update 1.5 Banks Patch Notes Full Patch Notes 2017-03-30


All developer diaries about the Leviathans story pack, patch 1.3 (aka Heinlein) and patch 1.4 (aka Kennedy).

Patch 1.4 (Kennedy)
No. Title and Link Description Date
12 The Journey Ahead Current status and general plan for the future 2016-10-27
13 Extradimensionals and Precursors Kennedy update news - precursors and extradimensionals 2016-11-03
14 New Achievements Kennedy hails with 32 new achievements 2016-11-10
Patch 1.3 (Heinlein)
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Back in Action Focusing on addressing community feedback in Heinlein 2016-08-01
2 Heinlein Patch (part 1) Auto-explore, rally points, expansion planner, strategic resource rework 2016-08-08
3 Heinlein Patch (part 2) Ship roles and weapon re-balance 2016-08-15
4 Heinlein Patch (part 3) Changes to planet habitability and federations/alliances, sector improvements and more galaxy setup options 2016-08-22
5 The Fallen Changes to Fallen Empires in Heinlein, and also "The War in Heaven" events 2016-08-29
6 Space Creature Rework Grounding space creatures to a regional 'nexus' and expansion of space piracy 2016-09-06
7 Ship Balance More details on ship roles and weapon re-balance 2016-09-12
8 Enclaves Enclaves coming in Stellaris: Leviathans 2016-09-19
9 The Guardians The Guardians are the headline feature of Stellaris: Leviathans 2016-09-29
10 Roar! And Boom! A look at the sound and music of Leviathans 2016-10-06
11 Graphics & Portraits New graphics and portraits coming in Heinlein and Leviathans 2016-10-13

Post-release patches

All developer diaries about the post-release patches, patch 1.1 (aka Clarke) and patch 1.2 (aka Asimov).

Patch 1.2 (Asimov)
No. Title and Link Description Date
4 Asimov Patch (part 1) Diplomacy improvements, border access and embassies 2016-06-14
5 Asimov Patch (part 2) Better looking battles, map modes, nomad fleets, slave factions, new wargoals, diplomatic incidents 2016-06-20
6 New Skyboxes Variation added to the universe with the introduction of new Skyboxes 2016-06-27
Patch 1.1 (Clarke)
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 The Maiden Voyage Paradox's plans for the next three Stellaris patches 2016-05-16
2 Clarke Patch UI, AI and empire builder improvements, balance changes, bug fixes 2016-05-24
3 QA in Space A little light on QA work 2016-05-30

Base game

All developer diaries about Stellaris (base game).

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 The Vision Design goals 2015-09-21
2 Art Vision Artistic choices 2015-09-28
3 Galaxy Generation How galaxies are generated 2015-10-05
4 Means of Travel About FTL propulsion 2015-10-12
5 Empires and Species What sets species apart 2015-10-19
6 Rulers and Leaders Role that characters play 2015-10-26
7 Science Ships, Surveys and Anomalies Science ships and events 2015-11-02
8 The Situation Log and Special Projects Event journal 2015-11-09
9 Planets & Resources Planetary differences, resource collection methods 2015-11-16
10 The Spaceport and rare resources Spaceport upgrades and rare resource use 2015-11-23
11 Research & Technology The hidden, semi-random tech tree 2015-11-30
12 Policies & Edicts Empire-wide policies, temporary edicts 2015-12-07
13 Primitive Civilizations Study, enlighten, or infiltrate the natives 2015-12-14
14 Uplifting and Subspecies Uplift and tailor pre-sentients, alter your own people 2015-12-21
15 Fallen Empires Powerful, isolationist AI empires 2016-01-04
16 Colony Events Events to set your planets apart 2016-01-11
17 Ship Designer Choose a design's sections, and fill their weapon and utility slots 2016-01-18
18 Fleet Combat Weapon/defense types, hands-off combat, and emergency FTL 2016-01-25
19 Diplomacy & Trade Trade negotiations and subject types 2016-02-01
20 War and peace War goals and war score 2016-02-08
21 Administrative Sectors Few directly managed planets, AI-managed sectors 2016-02-15
22 Alliances and Federations Multilateral alliances and closely cooperating federations 2016-02-22
23 Multiplayer 32-player multiplayer and enhanced stability 2016-02-29
24 AI Unique personalities, threat assessments, AI budgeting 2016-03-07
25 Reverse Engineering and Unique Technologies Studying debris 2016-03-14
26 Migration, Slavery & Purges Policies concerning Migration, Slavery and Purges 2016-03-21
27 Music & Sound The soundtrack and sound design of Stellaris 2016-03-28
28 Project Lead speaks The project lead of Stellaris, Rikard "Zoft" Åslund speaks 2016-04-04
29 Pop Factions & Elections About populations (pops), factions and elections 2016-04-11
30 Late Game Crises About late game crises 2016-04-18
31 Modding (Scripting Anomalies) About modding in general, and scripting anomalies in particular 2016-04-25
32 Modding (Art) About modding art, with a focus on characters and ship modding 2016-05-02


Developer video diaries and developer's let's play sessions on the various expansions.

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Tour of the Galaxy Stellaris pre-order trailer recounting the game's features 2016-04-14
2 Leviathans - 1.3 Heinlein patch Anders "cKnoor" Carlsson drags Daniel "Grekulf" Moregård and Aziz Faghihinejad to go over the 1.3 (Heinlein) patch 2016-09-29
3 Leviathans - Feature Spotlight Martin "Wiz" Anward, Stellaris' game director, explains the new additions coming to the game in Leviathans 2016-10-17
4 EGX Rezzed - Utopia build ideas Daniel "Grekulf" Moregård shows some of his favorite builds to use Utopia 2017-03-30
5 EGX Rezzed - Alexis Kennedy Anders "cKnoor" Carlsson sits down with Alexis Kennedy to talk about his work on Horizon Signal for Stellaris 2017-04-01
6 Utopia - Feature Spotlight Martin "Wiz" Anward goes over the features in the coming Stellaris expansion Utopia 2017-04-03
7 Utopia - 1.6 Adams patch Wiz and cKnoor on the balance/bug-fix patch in the pipelines for Stellaris 2017-04-20
8 Tutorial - Colonization Martin "Wiz" Anward takes the place of your loyal advisor to instruct you on the process of colonization 2017-04-21
9 Design Corner #01 Martin Anward and & Daniel Moregård, Stellaris' game director and game designer, go through some of the design challenges with Stellaris and ideas of what might happen next: FTL, borders, combat, crises and more. 2017-04-27
10 Gamescom 2017 - Stellaris Q&A Daniel "Grekulf" Moregård and Susie respond to users inquires in Gamescom 2017 2017-08-23
11 Synthetic Dawn - Feature Spotlight Martin "Wiz" Anward breaks down the feature list of the upcoming "Synthetic Dawn" story pack 2017-09-06
12 Design Corner #02 Martin Anward and Daniel Moregård, Stellaris' game director and game designer, expand on the latest border and FTL rework as well as detailing what possibilities open up through them. 2017-11-02
13 Apocalypse - First Look Wiz and Blondie, with a first look at Stellaris' 2nd expansion Apocalypse. 2018-01-11
14 Apocalypse - Q&A A Q&A on Apocalypse and the 2.0 Cherryh patch with Wiz and Blondie. 2018-01-29
15 Apocalypse - Feature Spotlight Daniel "Grekulf" Moregård details the focus points of the coming Stellaris expansion Apocalypse 2018-02-15
16 Distant Stars - First Look Wiz and Blondie, with a sneak peek at Stellaris' 3rd story pack Distant Stars. 2018-04-23
17 Distant Stars - Feature Spotlight Daniel "Grekulf" Moregård with a break-down of the Distant Stars story pack features 2018-05-19
18 PDXCon 2018 - After the Apocalypse Martin "Wiz" Anward talks about the future of Stellaris at PDXCON 2018 2018-05-20
19 Design Corner #03 Martin Anward and Daniel Moregård, Stellaris' game director and game designer, with details and a Q&A section about planetary rework planned coming in patch 2.2 (aka "Le Guin") 2018-09-06
20 MegaCorp - First Look Wiz and Blondie, Unveiling Stellaris' 3rd expansion, which focuses on economy, MegaCorp. 2018-10-24
Let's Plays
No. Title and Link Description Start date End date
1 All hail Blorg, Space Friends Pre-release LP's of Stellaris by Martin "Wiz" Anward and Anders "cKnoor" Carlsson 2016-03-17 2016-05-26
2 Blorg Cinematic Universe Multiplayer event of Stellaris in London where devs and youtubers fight for dominance 2016-05-03 2016-05-04
3 Community Galaxy A new galaxy populated with community created species 2016-06-09 2016-08-04
4 Community Galaxy - The Rad A galaxy populated with community created species (and plantoids) 2016-08-11 2016-09-22
5 Cute Co-Op A new galaxy showcasing patch 1.3 (Heinlein) and the Leviathans story pack 2016-10-06 2016-12-08
6 Starcrossed Starfish Two sub-species, evil and good, vying for supremacy in an extra hot code preview of patch 1.4/Utopia 2017-02-02 2017-03-23
7 Devouring Flock Martin teaches Susie (new Stellaris community manager) how to play Stellaris while simultaneously checking out the Devouring Swarm Hivemind! 2017-06-15 2017-08-10
8 RoBLORG Martin and Susie show off the upcoming Synthetic Dawn story pack by playing as a machine empire! 2017-08-03 2017-09-14
9 Artificial Alliance Organics have been inefficient for too long. It's time to integrate them. 2017-09-28 2017-11-09
10 Stellaris for Beginners Let's learn how to play Stellaris! 2017-10-12 2017-12-14
11 Orcs vs. Dwarves Let's deepdive into Stellaris: Apocalypse with an age-old strife. 2018-01-18 2018-03-01
12 Distant Stars In this new discovery-themed pack, players will uncover new anomalies and storylines, and encounter strange new beings in the uncharted depths of space. 2018-04-27 2018-06-21