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Resources are used for various purposes in the game. There are a range of different resources with different in-game impact.

Basic resources

Standard resources are gained principally from planets. On a habitable planet, assigning a population unit to a tile can result in resource production dependent on the tile and any buildings present. On uninhabited worlds, and also stars and other features, orbital stations can give access to resources without requiring population. The standard resources are:

Energy.png Energy Credits

Energy is described as the game's analogy for money. Some construction and upgrades require Energy expenditure, but also importantly almost all buildings and units come with a monthly Energy maintenance

Minerals.png Minerals

Minerals are the principal building resource. They are mostly gained by constructing Mining Networks on planets or Mining Stations in orbitof uncolonized worlds. They are used for constructing almost any unit or building. Another important use of minerals is fleet maintenance.

Influence.png Influence

Influence is a diplomatic and political resource. Influence gain remains largely the same throughout the game, however it can be increased by declaring other empires as rivals and by upgrading planetary capitals to the highest level.[1] It is spent on, among other things: Conducting diplomacy, recruiting leaders, influencing elections, changing policies, issuing edicts, changing government type and resettlement. Frontier outposts also require influence to operate. Being in an alliance costs 3 influence each month.

Food.png Food

Food is a local resource for each inhabited star system. Surplus food results in population growth. If there is insufficient food, POPs will starve and become unhappy.


Research is gained from planets in a similar manner to normal resources. It is automatically used to improve technology. There are three types of research, each corresponding to the technology type they are applied to.

Physics Research Physics

Society research Society

Engineering research Engineering

Strategic resources

Strategic resources are rare resources that can be found throughout the galaxy. They have an unusual and useful behaviour when processed. Each strategic resource can be used for either a special building or a spaceport module, and their effects can range from financial to destructive. Certain technologies are needed to reveal and process strategic resources. They can also be traded with other empires, and may take an important role in diplomacy. Due to their rarity and potency, strategic resources may lead to tensions with rival empires which might try to acquire them by force.

Resource Required Technology Effect Description
Betharian Stone[2] Betharian Refining Allows: Betharian Power Plant (Energy.png 6) These rare stones have been deposited on many worlds through meteor strikes. They burn very slowly and are very efficient energy sources.
Engos Vapor[3] Engos Vapor Refining A naturally occurring stimulant that helps all forms of life adapt and evolve. It can also be used as a very potent conductor for energy weapons.[4]
Garanthium Ore[2] Garanthium Mining Ship Armor: +25% This ore is several times stronger than diamond and is useful in the construction of ship armor.
Pitharan Dust[3] Research Station Happiness: +10% This fine dust is a natural occuring stimulant found on some worlds. It has a calming effect on most beings, and can be used as a non-violent way of pacifying hostile individuals.
Satramene Gas Satramene Refining This gas is a natural occuring stimulant found on some worlds. It has a calming effect on most beings, and can be used as a non-violent way of pacifying hostile individuals.
Taldar Crystals
Zro Zro Distillation
  • Accuracy: +5%
  • Warp Speed: +20%
  • Sensor Range: +100%
An extremely rare aerosol of exotic particles. It has been deposited on a number of worlds through meteor impacts, but its true origin is a mystery. If ingested by psionically-gifted individuals, Zro acts as a very potent (and addictive) drug that enhances psi abilities.


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