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#REDIRECT [[Edicts]]
'''Edicts''' are temporary or instant-effect modifiers the player or AI may choose to apply to one of their planets (in the case of planetary edicts) or their entire empire (in the case of empire-wide ones), usually in exchange for a cost in [[Energy Credits]] or [[Influence]]. Most edicts are unavailable at the beginning of the game, and must be unlocked by researching specific technologies.<ref name=devdiary>[[forum:895923|Stellaris Dev Diary #12 - Policies & Edicts]]</ref> Empire-wide edicts can be enabled for a monthly [[Influence]] cost.<ref name=borg1>[https://youtu.be/shoiYDp7EEA?t=34m52s All hail Blorg, Space Friends #01]</ref>
== List of empire-wide edicts ==
This is an incomplete list of empire-wide edicts, based on pre-release footage of the game.
{| class="wikitable"
! Name !! Monthly cost !! Effect
| Information Quarantine<ref name=borg1 /> || 1 [[Influence]] || -10% Ethics Divergence
== References ==
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